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Is there a tried and tested formula for searching for regens in player search or is it just a case of waiting for them to pop up Into your first team? Thanks

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This is a copy and paste from a post a year or two ago..

This method takes alot of time but is very rewarding long term.

At the end of the 1st season do a player search on 0-21 year olds and shortlist every single player. Repeat this for aged 19-25 and all players should now be highlighted green.

Start the new season and week by week repeat searching 0-21 & 19-25 and the regens will be in black. look at them and if they are no good, add them to your shortlist so it turns them green. If they are decent, leave them black or bid.

At end of season shortlist everyone in preparation for the fresh batch of regens.

Note* the 1st seasons shortlisting always is the longest.

This is similar to tylerazevedo's method & credit is to him for giving me idea of using this system, however scouting in this version is not as easier as last years.

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Personally I just use the player search filter, select a range of attributes that are green numbers and then look out for young players in the search results. They're usually playing for teams in the lower leagues. I do this every so often and pick up some excellent bargins who turn out to be class class players.

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I don't really try to find specific regens, rather I use these filters to find players (note, this is for U21 only):

FB - Pace 15 & Tackle 15
CB - Tackle 15 & Heading 15

Ball Winning Midfielder - Tackle 15 & Aggression 15
Deep Lying Playmaker - Tackle 15 & Technique 15
Playmaker - Dribbling 15 & Passing 15
Box2Box - Stamina 15 & Decisions 15
CM - Any other role can function in this role
AM - Movement 15 & Technique 15
Winger - Pace 15 & Technique 15
Inside Forward - Movement 15 & Dribbling 15
Wide Midfielder - Stamina 15 & Technique 15
Defensive Winger - Stamina 15 & Tackling 15

Target Man - Strength 15 & Heading 15
Defensive Forward - Strength 15 & Tackling 10
Poacher - Pace 15 & Technique 15
Advanced Forward - Technique 15 & Movement 15
Deep Lying Forward - Dribbling 15 & Teamwork 15
Complete Forward - Heading 15

Agility, Aerial, Reflexes, Handling & Communication are the key attributes. If you find a U21 guy that has 15+ in all, sign him.

That being said, I also filter by Creativity 15 only as well as Shooting 15 only. Most of the time there are very few with 15+ shooting at a young age, sign all you can afford. Creativity is a little different because there are usually 1-2 pages worth of U21 guys with 15+ Creativity. Creativity is useful at every position, but more so in the midfield than anywhere else. Of course I would never play a guy in the Advanced Playmaker role if he didnt have 15+ Creativity, but that's just me.

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