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Youth Intake 5 - 2018/2019

I had a bit of a gamble and asked for another junior coaching increase - now it's exceptional... not sure it paid off.


I'm a bit disappointed to be honest. I didn't bother signing the players with under 3.5 stars, as I don't think they'll ever be good enough. Frear will go straight into the first team, but unless he develops quickly he'll be behind Western (YP13) for now. Burnell and Slocombe look promising, but I'm pretty well covered at the DR and MR positions now.


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Season 5 - 2018/2019


*Sorry about that, bit excited


League Table - League Positions

I thought we'd had a promising season last time round, and that showed. Started off in brilliant form, and genuinely deserved top spot when we made it on game 16. We lost our heads a bit after that and fell away, losing and drawing some very easy games. After that blip though we got it together, and at the end of the season we had 8 wins in 9 games. Sutton Utd, obligingly, didn't get a single win in their final 8.

We struggled past Chelmsford in the first play-off game, but thoroughly beat them away from home. Tonbridge then outplayed us in the final, but crucially we got the goals - either side of half-time. They threatened a late comeback, but by the 91st minute it was far too late for them, and we'd won. Were we lucky? Absolutely. I'm not complaining though.

FA Cup - No screenshot as FM has decided not to filter the matches. Given how well we were playing in the league, I put the reserves out away at the Isthmian's Kingstonian. 2 of them decided to get sent off, and they let in 2 goals as well. So that was fairly shortlived.

FA Trophy - Beat Wealdstone away from home fairly comprehensively, and then scraped past a pretty pathetic Bideford team in the first round. BSP team Dover took the reserves apart though, with 3 goals in the first half. Western (YP13) came back with a second half goal, but that was it.


Finances - Fairly embarrassing losses this year... over £400k in total. If we don't pick up some income soon, bankruptcy won't be far off.

Facilities - Junior coaching is up to exceptional level for a brief period before the youth intake. I want to bring it back down again now, but apparently the board thinks that £50k a month will be a good move for next season. Hmm.



Blakey was our player of the season in 2014/15, now he's the worst in the full squad. The assistant manager ratings have been flying all over the place in the last season or two, showing how poor previous stars like Blakey, Court and Loxton now are. Virtually all of the quality is in the youth players now - Hornby being the main exception.

Nathan Haley (YP1) - Still not quite developing as I'm hoping he will. A very solid season, but virtually stood still.

Tadhg McCormack (YP2) - Reliable, but nowhere close to the new boys like Blunt and Greenwood. Decent when needed.

Mike Greenwood (YP3) - Fantastic season from Greenwood. He suffered some torn knee ligaments that spoiled the end, but otherwise was one of the first names on the teamsheet.

Ethan Blunt (YP4) - Anything Greenwood does, Blunt tends to replicate. He really is developing into a fine player.

Kenneth Adu (YP5) - Nowhere near as good as last season, hoping he'll pick it up again next time round - he's far and away my best LB.

Junior Cochrane (YP6) - Spent a lot of time on the bench this year, couldn't keep up with Greenwood and Blunt. Very reliable when called upon though.

Daniel Hopper (YP7) - I tipped him for a cracking season last time round, and he was very good, but not great. This year though, he got 26 goals - most of the time playing alone up top.

Harold Radcliffe (YP8) - Has really made the ML position his own - fantastic season.

Harry Bryan (YP9) - Still really under Radcliffe's shadow, barely played this time round. He is improving, but only slowly.

Ricky Benson (YP10) - Didn't play well, but he was only used as a backup. At 18 though, he doesn't have a great excuse of inexperience - not in this team.

Thomas Pryce (YP11) - Reasonable start as a backup - he could easily make the MR position his own next season if he picks up the pace a little.

John Carey (YP12) - He has been slowly improving for a while now, and I couldn't wait for an excuse to get rid of the whining Cameron Gregg. Not bad, but could improve more.

Geoff Western (YP13) - 3 goals in 21 appearances. I know he's a backup, but he needs to play better to keep his place.

Jermaine Frear (YP14) - Instrumental in the promotion race, he scored 4 goals in 10 games after joining the team. His ability led me to move to a 4-4-2, so he'll get a lot of opportunities next year. The pressure is on Western to keep up.

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Congrats on promotion! The BSP has got to be the highest league that Dorchester has ever played in :)

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Youth Intake 6 - 2019/2020


Tubbs should go straight into the first team squad, albeit as a backup. Bance and Clark will probably go into the reserves for now, unlikely to make the first XI yet.

As usual, I'm planning to sign everyone with 3.5 stars or more.


Glad to get another youth with good natural fitness and stamina - getting young players to put in the required number of performances has been one of my biggest problems so far.

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Season 6 - 2019/2020


League Table - League Positions

Had a flying start to the season, but it was always going to run out of steam - we were nowhere close to the calibre of the top teams. We had a fairly serious tumble after that, but pulled it together again towards the end as the players recovered from their exertions in the cup.

FA Cup - The reserves stuffed Fleet 6-1 away from home, and then we were lucky enough to draw League 1 Charlton at home. Frear (YP14) gave us the lead in the 73rd minute, and we clearly outplayed Charlton, but they scored their only shot on target of the game in the 90th minute to take it to a replay. Unsurprisingly, we struggled at the Valley, but Hopper's (YP7) 7th minute goal turned out to be the only one of the match. Tonbridge in the BSS provided little resistance as Hopper (YP7) grabbed a hat-trick, along with 2 from Western (YP13) and one from Wearne - the 6-3 victory set a new goals record for the club.

That took us to the 3rd round, where we were lucky enough to draw Spurs, at home. We set a new club record attendance, a full house of 5,009, and they saw perhaps the most one-sided match of their lives. Spurs, including the likes of Modric, Henderson and Falcao hit us with 20 shots, and despite our attempts to counter attack we managed just a single one. Somehow they managed to hit the woodwork 4 times, and we escaped with a memorable draw.

The return leg was a massacre waiting to happen. Spurs went 2-0 up in the first half, but McCormack (YP2) scored a header from a corner to take it to 2-1. They immediately pegged us back through a harsh own goal, but Hopper (YP7) replied almost immediately to make it 3-2. 10 minutes later, Hopper was released and had a one-on-one opportunity against a 38 year old Gomes - with the chance to send us level, he sent it wide of the goal. With 10 minutes to go, I threw everybody forwards in a desperate attempt to equalise, and Spurs got 2 more goals through Olivier Giroud. It's unbelievable how close we came to getting a result, thanks in most part to a combination of youth team and reserve team players on the part of Spurs, but nonetheless a huge achievement for a BSP team.

FA Trophy - An easy away game at Clevedon for the reserves resulted in a 4-1 victory in the 1st Round. Worcester in the BSN were similarly poor, succumbing quietly to a 2-0 defeat. Gloucester in the 3rd Round should have been an easy game, playing averagely in the BSS, but instead they stuffed us 4-1. I still don't know how that happened.


Finances - The away game at Spurs netted us around £500k alone, giving us some vitally needed cash. We're still in a very precarious situation though.

Facilities - Board refused to improve the training facilities even with the Spurs money, and given the losses I'm anticipating I'm inclined to agree with them.



Another season of huge development. Players at the bottom like Hornby and Loxton are still first team players, but their year-on-year relative decline to the new youth stars is unbelievable. Given their colossal wage packets, I might start to let them go - depends whether they're prepared to negotiate more reasonable contracts for the upcoming season - they certainly don't deserve what they're on any more given their performances.

Nathan Haley (YP1) - Best season yet with a few goals and assists along the way. For the first time, he wasn't an essential part of the first XI which perhaps took the pressure off him a bit.

Tadhg McCormack (YP2) - I keep receiving coach reports saying he's improving dramatically. In reality, he had a woeful season.

Mike Greenwood (YP3) - No goals sadly, but played reasonably well. Easily first choice though, he's got nothing to worry about.

Ethan Blunt (YP4) - Fantastic season for Blunt, making a huge 50 appearances from a total of 55 games and keeping consistent form right the way through.

Kenneth Adu (YP5) - Another average season. Last year he was guaranteed first spot, now he has a fair few knocking at the door behind him.

Junior Cochrane (YP6) - Played surprisingly well when needed, despite not being first choice. I may give him some more opportunities next year.

Daniel Hopper (YP7) - Another brilliant season from Hopper. He matched last season's tally of 26 goals, and increased his assists from 4 to 14. With 44 appearances, he was involved in almost a goal a game.

Harold Radcliffe (YP8) - Matched last season's excellent performances, and became not just my best ML, but also my best MC. Definitely a late bloomer, I'm really hoping he keeps a it up.

Harry Bryan (YP9) - Another decidedly average season. 6 appearances in total, and he didn't exactly shine outside of one cup match.

Ricky Benson (YP10) - Played 18 matches on the right wing this season, and did pretty well. I tended to opt for Pryce (YP11) instead, but Benson is keeping up the pressure.

Thomas Pryce (YP11) - Picked up the pace as I was hoping - I put 1st choice Thornton in the reserves to give Pryce a chance to shine, and he did exactly that.

John Carey (YP12) - According to ratings, he had an awful season. I don't really buy it though, I think he did reasonably well considering circumstances.

Geoff Western (YP13) - Great season by comparison, with 14 goals in 32 starts. Not mindblowing stuff, for sure, but he's becoming a capable partner to Hopper.

Jermaine Frear (YP14) - 9 goals in 26 starts, he never quite achieved last season's amazing heights, but then I never expected him to. Very solid start.

Carmine Tubbs (YP15) - Late joiner to the party, he hasn't yet played. Will get opportunities next year though.

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Congrats on a well deserved promotion- held your own in the BSP too :thup:

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Good 1st season in the BSP. But Fleetwood's really fallen!

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Congrats on a well deserved promotion- held your own in the BSP too :thup:
Good first season up now you're finally there.

Yeah, very pleased with it. Not sure whether I'll be able to build on it but I hope so!

Good 1st season in the BSP. But Fleetwood's really fallen!

They've got huge debts at the moment, they were promoted in 2016 and expanded their stadium, but since then it's been a bit of a disaster - thinking they might have overextended themselves. Not doing well in BSN this season either.


As for this season, I've not got a lot of time at the moment, struggling to get time in so I'm planning to do some mini-updates for a bit, more of a match-by-match than a season-by-season.

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League Table

September 2020

Dorchester 1 - 1 Basingstoke

Tough match against 6th-placed Basingstoke, but we started really well, pummeling their goal and getting 3 great chances. McCormack (YP2) smashed it in from close range after a corner, but Hopper (YP7) up front missed some great opportunities, and we paid the price.

Crawley 2 - 0 - Dorchester

Another difficult match - Crawley sat in 2nd place only by goal difference. That really showed, as we barely got a look in and had McCormack (YP2) sent off late on. Not looking good at the moment - only 1 point outside relegation.

Dorchester 2 - 0 Cheltenham

Good challenge, with Cheltenham just above us in the league. We had the upper hand throughout, wasn't sure we'd break through but eventually Western (YP13) broke through and slotted past the keeper, before Wearne secured the victory 4 minutes into injury time.

October 2020

Port Vale 3 - 3 Dorchester

Started off with a lot of possession, but Port Vale had the chances and put us 2-0 behind. Asked the team to attack, and results were great, Haley (YP1) pegging them back to 2-1, a first goal for Tubbs (YP15) pegging them back to 3-2, and a late goal from Blunt (YP4) grabbing the well deserved draw. Need some more wins though, only 2 points clear.

Dorchester 1 - 1 Barnsley

Really should've won this game, wrongly disallowed goal didn't help. Hopper (YP7) eventually got us the goal we needed to draw though, leaving us 17th in the league.

Altrincham 4 - 2 Dorchester

2 own goals gave us little chance of victory, despite goals from both Frear (YP14) and Hopper (YP7), and Hornby was ruled out for 3 months. He's not as instrumental as he was a couple of seasons back, but he's still my 4th best CM - a big loss.

Dorchester 2 - 1 Torquay

Torquay are having an awful season, in receivership and leaking goals incessantly. So of course we let in an early goal and did it the hard way, but eventually Hopper (YP7) and Western (YP13) rescued the game for us.

Dorchester 6 - 4 Poole Town (FA Cup 4th Qualifying Round)

Put out the reserves against the minnows, and what a match! Went 3-0 up through young striker Baverstock, Cochrane (YP6) and Loxton, only to be pegged back to 3-2. Baverstock struck again, then Poole Town pegged us back again to 4-3. Frear (YP14) grabbed a quickfire double, and then one final goal from Poole Town gave us a 6-4 victory.

Dorchester 1 - 0 Alfreton

Totally overpowered Alfreton - Hopper (YP7) missed a penalty, but Western (YP13) ensured we got the right result. We need more wins like this, gets us 4 points clear.

League Table

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November 2020

Accrington 0 - 1 Dorchester

Thankfully Accrington missed a penalty, so the 7th minute goal by Hopper (YP7) gave us the victory we needed - up to 13th place.

Truro 3 - 1 Dorchester

Kept the game relatively even at 1-1 thanks to a goal from Hopper (YP7), but we were robbed by a late goal and lost another when we pushed back. Not too surprising after our good run, hopefully just a short blip.

Wycombe 0 - 1 Dorchester (FA Cup 1st Round)

League 1 Wycombe were really tough draw for this round. We set up as normal, and had a really great first half, that Western (YP13) capitalised on. Wycombe pushed us back in the second half, but they didn't get through.

Dorchester 0 - 1 Hayes and Yeading

Great performance, rubbish finishing.

Linked with the League 2 Scunthorpe United job... would be a tempting opportunity if I wasn't on this challenge, just came out of admin and really struggling.

Eastleigh 3 - 4 Dorchester

I hate playing Eastleigh. This made a rare change! Radcliffe (YP8), Baverstock, and Hopper (YP7) scored to make it 3-3 until the 95th minute when Blunt (YP4) slammed home a winner. Need more Eastleigh matches like this!

Dorchester 1 - 2 Barrow (FA Cup 2nd Round)

League 2 Barrow this time round. Was a very close match, but they're having a good season. Tubbs (YP15) scored in the 85th minute, but there was nothing more in it.

December 2020

Dorchester 5 - 1 Gainsborough

2 goals from each of Western (YP13) and McCormack (YP2) and 1 from Burnell gave us a huge victory against the relegation candidates, keeping us on track for a mid-table finish.

Aldershot 2 - 0 Dorchester

Aldershot are leading the league at the moment, expected a stuffing. Not bad, but we never looked like we had a chance.

In other news, we're seriously struggling with jadedness, and Adu (YP5) and Loxton have requested transfers. Loxton because I'm not playing him, and Adu because of a daft bug where he wants a new contract, but won't discuss one.

Dorchester 2 - 1 Basingstoke (FA Trophy 1st Round)

A gutsy performance by a strong Basingstoke side, but they played a really high line and gave us a huge number of opportunities on the break. As ever, we struggled to put them away, but Wearne and Blunt (YP4) put us 2-0 up after just 22 minutes and the game never looked in doubt.

Dorchester 1 - 2 Grimsby

Grimsby are having an awful season, and their best player is an inept striker who can't score. We just never got going and I couldn't coax us into any kind of performance. Frear (YP14) got one back very late on, but it wasn't enough.

Corby 6 - 2 Dorchester

Pathetic. Hopper (YP7) scored from a lucky penalty, and Western (YP13) pulled one back in the second half, but when we were 4-0 down after 23 minutes we stood little chance. I ripped into the team, so hopefully they'll respond next time round.

Boston 2 - 1 Dorchester

Boston are a good team, playing well, but it's yet another game where we never got started. 1 shot on target all game, and Blunt (YP4) scored it, but even a draw would've been generous.

League Table

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A tough season. Looking good for survival. Hope you can move up the standings a bit.

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A tough season. Looking good for survival. Hope you can move up the standings a bit.

Given January and February, it's definitely going to be a question of survival, but I'm still optimistic about it!


Two new inductees to the full squad based on their performances so far:

Ross Burnell (YP16) - he has played Ricky Benson (YP10) out of the team so far.


Greg Williams (YP17) - he's now our best LB along with Adu (YP5) and gets a lot of games deputising for him and the centre-backs.


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January 2021

Oldham 1 - 0 Dorchester

Better, but no goals. We're now one point clear of Oldham, who are in the relegation places, so we really need to win the 2 games in hand.

Dorchester 1 - 1 Havant & Waterlooville FA Trophy 2nd Round

For the first time in a while, we had the upperhand throughout a match, but failed to properly capitalise on it. Western (YP13) equalised after the 34th minute, but Hopper was incredibly disappointing.

Havant & Waterlooville 1 - 3 Dorchester FA Trophy 2nd Round Replay

We played even better than the first round despite being away from home. Loads of opportunities, and centre-back Blunt (YP4) was deadly from close range, and Hopper (YP7) finally got a goal.

Dorchester 0 - 2 Welling

Even match, but terrible performances up front from Hopper (YP7) and Frear (YP14). Given Hopper's quality, he's disappointing me a little. Performances are on a par with previous seasons, but I keep expecting him to push on and he's been so inconsistent.

Dorchester 0 - 1 Bury

Even game, but no quality in the finishing (as ever). Slipped into the relegation spots now, and I'm not seeing much cause for optimism right now.

Tonbridge 0 - 1 Dorchester

Rare appearance by former star Denny Loxton and he grabbed the all important goal. Thankfully, it's pulled us out of the relegation spots again. This may be a long scrap to the end.

February 2021

Dorchester 0 - 1 Telford

Another level game, another crap performance from the front men. If Telford get a point from either of their games in hand, they'll overtake us and send us into the relegation spots.

Dorchester 0 - 1 Crawley FA Trophy 3rd Round

Same thing again. I'm going to have a look at changing tactics, might switch to a more possession-based game as all I'm seeing at the moment are long balls into space up front, that Hopper can't convert.

Basingstoke 4 - 1 Dorchester

We were 12-1 to win this game, and it showed. However, we played far better than the last few games, matching them on possession and shots. Tubbs (YP15) scored a close range effort after the keeper spilled an effort from Hopper, but Basingstoke were lethal in front of goal. Back into the relegation spots, but hopefully not for long if our improvement is down to the new tactic.

Dorchester 0 - 0 Crawley

Very tough game against league leaders Crawley. Again, no win, but again, a fantastic performance - we actually outplayed Crawley in every aspect and deserved a win. It will come.

Cheltenham 0 - 0 Dorchester

Cheltenham sat in 19th, one place ahead of us. Big game. They had a player sent off in the 20th minute for a two-footed challenge, and we got chance after chance but failed to capitalise. Really disappointed.

Dorchester 2 - 0 Dartford

Always used to be my bogey team in the BSS. This time though, Javlon Campbell had a r ubbish game, which was pleasant. Greenwood (YP3) nodded home just after half-time from a free-kick, and soon after Frear (YP14) poked it past the keeper from close range. The first time in a while we've grabbed a win from a evenly-matched game, and long may it continue.

Dorchester 1 - 1 Port Vale

Had more than enough chances to seal this game, but no luck. Hopper (YP7) scored a great goal on the half-volley, so hopefully he's back amongst the goals, but otherwise a disappointing result.

League Table

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Youth Intake 7 - 2020/2021


Reasonable depth in terms of potential, but none of these guys are anywhere near the first team. If Hopkinson develops quickly then he might be able to get a place in the first XI next season when I let some of the older CMs leave.


A young Nathan Haley (YP1). But then he's not exactly old, at 20.

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March 2021

Barnsley 1 - 2 Dorchester

Barnsley are competing for the playoffs, so I didn't expect too much. Tubbs (YP15) slammed home our first just before half time, and then Western (YP13) grabbed another in the second half, with an assist from MotM Hopper, who seems to have benefitted tremendously from the new tactics.

Linked with Leyton Orient in League 2 now, another club with huge debts and in freefall.

Dorchester 0 - 2 Altrincham

Another big side in 2nd-placed Altrincham.

Western (YP13) missed a penalty early on, and screwed up two great chances after that. Really wish Hopper was fit enough to start every game. We improved a lot after half time, but never really looked like scoring.

Torquay 3 - 3 Dorchester

Hopper fluffed two fantastic chances in the first half, but McCormack (YP2) headed in from a corner, and Bryan (YP9) scrambled home just before half time, after some scrappy defending in the box from Torquay. On both occasions though, we were eventually pegged back.

Tubbs had a goal wrongly disallowed, and then Greenwood made an uncharacteristic error, heading past Carey in the Dorchester goal. 3-2 down, we threw everyone forward, and Callum Fleming fired home from 25 yards - his first goal for the club in only his 9th senior appearance. Sadly I didn't get the opportunity to rip into the referee in the press conference.

Dorchester 1 - 0 Accrington

Hopper (YP7) broke free early on and slotted home neatly to give us the lead. Accrington were probably the better team, and we're still not looking remotely confident, but as long as the wins keep coming I'm happy.

Alfreton 3 - 0 Dorchester

Rubbish, really rubbish. We had the bulk of the possession, and a reasonable number of shots but never looked like were going to get a result here.

Dorchester 2 - 1 Truro

Frear (YP14) got us off to a great start, but when Truro restarted the match, McCormack and Carey screwed up at the back and Truro scored without us touching the ball. Blunt (YP4) scored yet another headed goal from a free-kick (9 for the season now), giving us a vital win.

April 2021

Hayes & Yeading 1 - 0 Dorchester

Always likely to be a tough game with H&Y pushing for the playoffs. I thought we had a chance of levelling the game on a few occasions, but it never came.

And again, another bizarre job... I'm heavily linked with the L2 Yeovil job. Insecure, but no debts, and no risk of relegation. They should be aiming a lot higher than my calibre!

Dorchester 0 - 2 Eastleigh

Only managed 2 shots on target all game - with Hopper on the pitch I think we'd have had a much better chance but he's really struggling with fitness at the moment.

Gainsborough 1 - 3 Dorchester

Hopper (YP7) showed early on what we'd been missing against Eastleigh, coolly slotting his 15th goal of the season past the Gainsborough keeper early on. Haley (YP1) curled a beautiful free-kick into the top-corner just after half-time, and although Gainsborough grabbed a lucky goal shortly afterwards, we continued to pummel them and, and Williams (YP17) ensured the win with a great header from a corner - his first goal of the season.

Dorchester 1 - 0 Aldershot

We needed a single point to all-but ensure safety, and everybody was well aware of it.

We pushed hard throughout for a goal, but the Aldershot keeper was in fine form. Then, in the 65th minute, Hopper (YP7) swivelled on the penalty spot and fired the ball into the top corner, giving us a well-deserved victory, and most importantly of all, safety.

Dorchester have secured BSP football for the 2021/22 season.

Grimsby 3 - 0 Dorchester

I took the opportunity to try out some of the players on the fringes against already-relegated Grimsby, but I wasn't expecting Grimsby to score after just 1 minute, or indeed Blackburn's former youngster Jamie Maclaren to score a hat-trick. Oh well, I gave them a chance.

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Season 7 - 2020/21


League Table - League Positions - Safety, but not much more. Not sure how we can push on from here to be honest.

FA Cup - Cracking game against Poole Town, followed by a great win against Wycombe. Pity we couldn't follow it up against Barrow, but we did well.

FA Trophy - A decent run, and there's no shame in losing to Crawley, BSP winners .


Finances - Could be in real trouble next season...




Lots of depth available as players come through the ranks, and next season will see the departure of nearly all of the old "non (YP)" players. Hornby and Loxton barely got a game, and will almost certainly leave. Only Wearne and Court will remain, who both came up through the ranks at Dorchester. I'm concerned though that without turning professional the players just don't have sufficient time to hone their skills and reach their potential. Improvements have been painfully slow with some of the kids, especially Kenneth Adu (YP5) who after his 4th full season of playing is still a long way from his potential.

Nathan Haley (YP1) - Still very reliable, but not great. His strength is still at DM, and he just isn't retraining to DC or MC at any appreciable speed.

Tadhg McCormack (YP2) - Definitely a deputy, decidedly average for a second season in a row. Not sure he'll ever make his potential.

Mike Greenwood (YP3) - Better than last season, I'm hoping he'll keep improving - he's already first choice with little competition though.

Ethan Blunt (YP4) - Easily my best player. Crystal Palace are sniffing around, hope they don't snatch him given our financial issues.

Kenneth Adu (YP5) - Really starting to tail away, and has lost his place in the team to Williams (YP17). Hopefully that will spur him on.

Junior Cochrane (YP6) - Had a really poor season, nowhere near the first team as things stand, but the potential is still there.

Daniel Hopper (YP7) - In the running for BSP's player of the season, now a club legend - what can you say? I still think he can do better, but a cracking season from Hopper - as usual.

Harold Radcliffe (YP8) - Not a great season, after a fantastic breakthrough. He's secured the ML berth, but needs someone to challenge him.

Harry Bryan (YP9) - And this should be the man to challenge Radcliffe. Still struggling to make his mark despite a lot of opportunities.

Ricky Benson (YP10) - Only 5 appearances, he's fallen way down the pecking order. I could see him leaving in a year or two unless something amazing happens.

Thomas Pryce (YP11) - Beating out Benson for worst player of the season, an average rating of 6.17 over 3 appearances. There's no real quality in the MR spot so he has the opportunity, but I've preferred to use Tubbs so far and he's given me no reason to doubt my choice.

John Carey (YP12) - Typical season from Carey, probably harshly judged by FM's ratings.

Geoff Western (YP13) - Not an awful season, 9 goals in 34 starts, but he should be doing better given his speed and determination. Always being second-fiddle to Hopper probably doesn't help.

Jermaine Frear (YP14) - 3rd choice striker isn't an easy position to fill, but he did a decent job in his first 2 seasons in the first XI. Maybe it's more a reflection of the team's performance than his own failures though.

Carmine Tubbs (YP15) - Not great. He's mainly playing at MR at the moment, given how useless Benson and Pryce are, so hopefully one of them will start to push themselves soon.

Ross Burnell (YP16) - Another contender for the MR position (4 now in the squad), average season.

Greg Williams (YP17) - A slow starter, this is Williams 3rd full season at the club. 23 performances, and he's not been great, but there's a lot of room for improvement and he'll keep getting opportunities.

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It's a steady progression. Good job on staying up :thup:

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Just keep it steady for now.
It's a steady progression. Good job on staying up :thup:

Cheers :)

It has been a good start to the season, thankfully!

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August 2021

Tonbridge 1 - 1 Dorchester

Hopper (YP7) broke the offside trap and finished tidily from outside the area as the Tonbridge keeper came flying out. We conceded a scrappy goal, which took the shine off it a bit, but a solid start to the season.

Dorchester 0 - 2 Altrincham

Altrincham look like they mean business this season. We actually managed 12 shots, 2 more than Altrincham, but every single one missed the target. Already looking like mid-table might be our best hope.

Welling 0 - 3 Dorchester

It didn't take long, Williams (YP17) scrambling home from a Hopper free-kick in the 17th minute. We suffered bad injuries, with both Wearne and Haley (YP1) having to leave the midfield, and Frear (YP14) made an excellent case for a place up-front, rifling a half-volley in off the post from 25 yards. Hopper (YP7) got in on the act too, slotting home from a fantastic Greenwood (YP3) cross.

Dorchester 2 - 0 Oldham

Hopper (YP7) is having a sensational start to the season - he picked the ball up on the outside of the area, and with one touch eluded the defender, and then hit a curling shot away from the keeper into the corner of the net. He's playing with confidence, and too right. Western (YP13) also grabbed his first of the season, sending a looping header over the Oldham keeper late in the game.

Cheltenham 1 - 0 Dorchester

Conceded a poor goal, and despite us pushing forward, we couldn't score. Western (YP13) missed a gilt-edged opportunity after some great work by Hopper, so back to earth with a bump after a couple of goods results. Hopefully we'll pick ourselves up quickly.

Dorchester 1 - 1 Bury

Bury had a poor start to the season, but got off to a great start against us with a headed goal in the 12th minute. Burnell (YP16) secured a result for us in the 74th minute, but we really could've won this game with ease.

September 2021

Basingstoke 1 - 0 Dorchester

Still a very good side, I didn't expect much against Basingstoke. We were pretty resilient, and Basingstoke's goal had more than a touch of class about it. Pity we couldn't put any of our good chances away, but there you go.

Dorchester 2 - 1 Harrogate

Harrogate scrambled home an early opener, but Western (YP13) did terrifically to shrug off a challenge on the edge of the box and score the equaliser, and after half time Harrogate obligingly put one past their own keeper. Not pretty, but we'll take it.

Port Vale 2 - 1 Dorchester

We had control of the match, but Port Vale hit us with a sucker-punch at the end of the first half. Western (YP13) equalised for us after half-time, and Hopper slammed a sitter into the crossbar from the 6-yard line, and ineveitably Port Vale retook the lead. Could so easily have been a Dorchester win - need more composure.

Dorchester 2 - 0 Telford

Tubbs (YP15) scrambled home an unlikely opener, and Hopper (YP7) followed it up with a mazy run in the box and inch-perfect finish. We're certainly inconsistent, but the wins are beginning to add up.

Dorchester 1 - 0 Eastleigh

McCormack (YP2) opened the scoring after just 3 minutes with an excellent diving header, but despite some horrendous defensive mix-ups by Eastleigh there were no more goals. I think we've broken our fear of Eastleigh now!

October 2021

Alfreton 2 - 2 Dorchester

5 minutes in, Western (YP13) slid in hard on a defender in the opposition penalty area, took control of the ball, and rifled it past the keeper. Striker Shaun Jeffers got two goals either of half-time though to give Alfreton the lead. As we pushed forward though, Radcliffe (YP8) threaded a great shot between keeper and post to level the game - a decent result away at a good side.

Dorchester 1 - 1 Dartford

I always hate playing Dartford. Campbell and Garrod always seem to have great games up front, and typically Garrod scored just before half-time. We pulled one back through Radcliffe (YP8), but it was too little, too late to get a win. Not a bad result though.

Forest Green 1 - 3 Dorchester

Hopper (YP7) scored his 75th league goal in his 163rd league appearance - not a bad stat for a 20 year old. Forest Green equalised, but Hopper (YP7) popped up again to re-establish our lead. Some great work on the right wing from substitute Jake Bance allowed - who other - Hopper (YP7) to complete his hat-trick, and secure a great win away from home.

Dorchester 0 - 1 Hayes & Yeading

Hayes & Yeading totally outplayed us, but through some excellent defending we remained unscathed. Our chances were scarce, although Hopper did hit the bar from outside the area. I would have been pleased with a draw, but 2 minutes into injury time they bundled home a lucky winner. Fair result, but harsh.

Dorchester 1 - 1 Northampton

Northampton opened the scoring early on, but Williams (YP17) sneaked a header under the bar to put us back on even terms. We should have won it, but some spectacular misses including Tubbs hitting the post with an open goal ahead of him.

Havant & Waterlooville 0 - 0 Dorchester FA Cup 4th Qualifying Round

Nothing happened. No, really. Nothing. Could've done without a replay, but there you go.

League Table

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November 2021

Dorchester 1 - 0 Havant & Waterlooville (FA Cup 4th Qualifying Round Replay)

Good finish by Tubbs (YP15) to break the deadlock in another incredibly close match, setting up a real challenge away at League 1 Wrexham.

Barnsley 2 - 0 Dorchester

Barnsley are a strong side, 2nd placed last season. I don't mind the loss, but losing Hopper for 4 weeks is really tough.

Gloucester 1 - 1 Dorchester

Western (YP13) got us off to a great start in Hopper's absence, but Gloucester equalised in the 35th minute and we had nothing more to give.

Wrexham 3 - 0 Dorchester (FA Cup 1st Round)

Wrexham's centreback, Jackson, was sent off early on for a two-footed challenge, giving us a chance. Not much of a chance though: we had a few good opportunities, but no Hopper to put them away, and they were on a totally different level.

Dorchester 2 - 2 Boston

Boston scored almost striaght away, but Western (YP13) got us back in the game with a determined run through the box, and Tubbs (YP15) scored a header from a freekick to give us the lead. Just before half time, Boston beat my offside trap and pulled clear to make it 2-2.

York 0 - 1 Dorchester

York were tough opposition, relegated from League 2 last year. Away from home we produced a stunning performance, having the bulk of the play, but didn't score - and lost another striker to injury when Western went off in the 83rd minute. In the 90th minute though, Frear (YP14) scored a great header from the edge of the area, to give us a vital win.

Dorchester 1 - 0 Aldershot

Radcliffe (YP8) got us off to a great start with a great (and uncharacteristic) header, and we kept control for the rest of the game. We're in the running for the playoffs at this point still, only 2 points off, but I'd be happy with midtable.

December 2021

Corby 1 - 1 Dorchester

Hopper was out of sorts following his return from injury, but Wearne hit a fantastic drive from outside the area to get us off to a tremendous start. Corby equalised from a free-kick just after half-time, but we really should've regained the lead - Corby are by no means a good side.

Tooting & Mitcham 2 - 4 Dorchester (FA Trophy 1st Round)

Put out the reserves for this, considering they're in the Isthmian League, and they really put on a performance in the first half. Young striker Baverstock scored two early goals, Pryce (YP11) marked a rare appearance with a goal, and Williams (YP17) put us 4-0 ahead. Sadly they didn't match it in the 2nd half, conceding two goals, but it was a decent result overall.

Dorchester 2 - 1 Darlington

Darlington striker Bowell powered through the defence and gave them an early lead. They gave away a needless penalty soon after though, giving Hopper (YP7) the opportunity to equalise, and then a tidy finish from the edge of the area gave us the lead - now 7th in the league.

Dorchester 3 - 2 Tonbridge

Tonbridge scored a scrappy goal early on, but Hopper (YP7) got us back in the game with a good turn outside the box and a smart finish, and Wearne hit a low drive from outside the area to give us the lead. Immediately after though, Tonbridge hit a curling shot into the top corner. I wasn't sure if we could win the game, but Western (YP13) capitalised on a defensive mix up to poke home from close range, leaving us 1 point from the playoffs.

Altrincham 1 - 2 Dorchester

A very tight first half as expected against the league leaders, but in the second Western (YP13) turned in a fast paced corner to give us the lead, and Hopper (YP7) responded quickest to a rebound off the post and passed it into an empty net. Altrincham got a late goal in lucky circumstances, but we held it together to keep the victory.

League Table

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January 2022

Dorchester 1 - 0 Welling

Off to a great start with two headed goals from Western (YP13) and Williams (YP17). Welling got a goal back in the second half, but we held firm for the victory.

Oldham 2 - 2 Dorchester

Early goal from a corner for Oldham, and another goal soon after. We weren't getting any of the game, so we tried to hit them on the counter and Hopper (YP7) slipped through the defence to score our first. We were unlucky not to grab another goal before half-time, but kept pushing and Hopper (YP7) weaved past a couple of defenders and drilled a fantastic shot past the keeper to level the game. Disappointing, but it could easily have been a loss.

Hayes & Yeading 0 - 0 Dorchester (FA Trophy 2nd Round)

A great performance by Blunt (YP4) kept a clean sheet, but sadly neither Hopper nor Western had their shooting boots on. Was good to see Denny Loxton on the pitch for H&Y, the first Dorchester youth to play for another side, albeit one from before the YP generation.

Dorchester (FA Trophy 2nd Round Replay)

Radcliffe (YP8) scored another great header, and put us in the lead. We conceded a header in the second half, but as always Hopper (YP7) bailed us out with a close-range finish, sending us through to a 3rd round tie at Tonbridge. We hit the woodwork on 4 occasions, so anything other than a win would've been a harsh result.

Bury 1 - 2 Dorchester

Burnell (YP16) took advantage of some great work by Hopper to sneak in from the right wing and coolly slot the ball past the keeper. A well-deserved lead, and Haley (YP1) made it two with a firm header. Bury scored soon after, and we did our best to hold on. Greenwood (YP3) got himself sent off in the 90th minute trying to stop a breakaway, but we kept it together.

Dorchester 2 - 0 Basingstoke

Hopper (YP7) converted an early penalty, and Radcliffe (YP8) made it two after some good wing play by Tubbs (YP15). We totally decimated Basingstoke, with 25 shots to their 3, sending them into 3rd place and sending us top of the table!

February 2022

Harrogate 2 - 0 Dorchester

First loss since Wrexham in November, and we should've done better really. Harrogate aren't a great side, and we had more shots on target. Hopefully it's just a blip, but there are a lot of big games coming thick and fast.

Tonbridge 0 - 1 Dorchester (FA Trophy 3rd Round)

Fleming let fly from 30 yards with a terrific shot to cement his claim for a long-term place in the first XI, and gave us a very winnable next game against Corby.

Dorchester 1 - 0 Cheltenham

Western (YP13) smashed an early shot in from 30 yards, stunning Cheltenham. We didn't get any more goals, but were well in control of the game.

Telford 2 - 0 Dorchester

We looked absolutely shattered, and were totally outplayed by Telford. Still top of the league, but it's going to be a long and tough month.

Dorchester 1 - 2 Port Vale

Deputising for a jaded Hopper, Frear (YP14) latched onto a Tubbs (YP15) header to smash the ball past Vale's keeper. They equalised soon after, and then in a smash-and-grab snatched a winner in the 94th minute.

Eastleigh 1 - 5 Dorchester

Bottom of the league now, having really fallen away in recent years, rivals Eastleigh were the perfect opponents after our bad run of late. Hopper (YP7) ran past two defenders and slotted in our first, and whilst Eastleigh headed home an equaliser, Western (YP13) nodded us back into the lead, and Hopper (YP7) broke free, rounded the keeper and put us 3-1 ahead, then followed it up with another breakaway, and a smart finish to finish with 4 goals.

Dorchester 2 - 0 Corby (FA Trophy 4th Round)

A long time in coming, but in the 75th minute Hopper (YP7) turned on the edge of the area and hit a fantastic shot around the defender and inside the post, and grabbed a second in the 90th minute as Corby pushed forward. Placed booked in the semi-finals.

League Table

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Youth Intake 8 - 2021/2022


Similar to last year - looks like nobody will be walking into the first team from the Youth Candidates any more. Nonetheless, Bond and Ashton should get opportunities next year.



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March 2022

Dorchester 0 - 1 Alfreton

Another close loss in the league, not boding well for our title hopes.

Dartford 2 - 1 Dorchester

Have I ever mentioned how much I despise Dartford? We didn't really get into this game at all, so I pushed everyone forward in the hope that we might get something from it. Blunt (YP4) scored a great header late on, but immediately afterwards that old adversary Javlon Campbell re-established Dartford's lead.

Dorchester 4 - 0 Forest Green

A league game against Forest Green to prepare us for the two FA Trophy Cup games coming up. Frear (YP14) got us off to a great start in Hopper's absence with two clever finishes from 10 yards. Just before half-time, Baverstock danced round an aggressive sliding tackle on the edge of the area and scored our third of the game. Tubbs (YP15) got our 4th of the game late on after a great Radcliffe (YP8) cross.

Dorchester 1 - 0 Forest Green (FA Trophy Semi-Final 1st Leg)

A very close match was only broken in the 72nd minute by a fine low shot from outside the area by Hopper (YP7). Will be a close second leg I suspect, away from home.

Hayes & Yeading 2 - 0 Dorchester

Another defeat where we really didn't turn up. The playoffs are starting to slip out of our grasp just a little, need to pick things up a bit.

Forest Green 2 - 3 Dorchester (FA Trophy Semi-Final 2nd Leg)

Blunt gave away an early penalty, but thankfully Forest Green didn't take the opportunity. Western then set Burnell (YP16) free and he gladly took the opportunity to give us the lead. Then, just before half-time, Baverstock sent a great cross into an obliging Western (YP13) who slid it home. Then, after half-time, exactly the same again, giving Western (YP13) his second of the game. Forest Green caught Carey (YP12) in no-man's land late on, and pulled a goal back, but were still 4-1 down on aggregate. One more came in the 89th minute, but it was too late - Dorchester are through to a final against Harrogate, currently 20th in the BSP.

Dorchester 0 - 0 Gloucester

We played well, but no goal ultimately. For the first time in a long time, we've dropped out of the playoff places. Praying we can get our form back now with no cup games before the end of the league season - but Western is out for 6 weeks.

Northampton 2 - 3 Dorchester

A defensive mixed up allowed Hopper (YP7) to get us off to a great start, and he smashed one in from close range to get us 2-0 up just after half-time. I thought we'd had it when they scored 2 goals in 6 minutes to draw level, but in the 93rd youngster Fleming scored another vital goal from midfield to win the match. We're back in the playoffs again, but Adu (YP5) has played his last game of the season, breaking his toe.

Dorchester 2 - 1 Barnsley

Wearne got us off to a great start, nodding in from a corner in the 39th minute. I thought the game was won when Barnsley had a player sent off in the 73rd minute, but just 5 minutes later they equalised. Hopper (YP7) popped up in the 91st minute to win the game for us, cutting in from the wing and running past 3 defenders before sending a perfect shot in off the Barnsley post.

April 2022

Boston 0 - 1 Dorchester

Struggling again with fitness and injury issues, but Baverstock was able to give us the lead through a first half penalty. Regrettably towards the end of the match, we lost Bryan (YP9) to a groin strain, but thankfully he's not too important to the team. They are mounting up a bit though, 4 injuries and 8 players struggling with jadedness.

Dorchester 1 - 0 York

In a close game of few chances, Frear (YP14) scored the only goal of the game after just 7 minutes from a Radcliffe (YP8) cross. Sadly though, Radcliffe (YP8) was then taken off injured with a broken arm, and will miss the rest of the season. Another one bites the dust.

Aldershot 1 - 3 Dorchester

Aldershot started the game well, but Wearne scored the first goal with a 25 yard drive into the top corner. Aldershot got themselves level before half-time though, and we really struggled to break the deadlock. Somehow Frear (YP14) ghosted through the defence, and pass the ball beyond a hapless keeper, before Burnell won a penalty, converted by a confident Hopper (YP7) to give us a vital victory, sending us back to the top of the table again.

Dorchester 2 - 1 Corby

Corby were already relegated, and shouldn't have provided much of a challenge. We made it really tough for ourselves though - whilst Blunt (YP4) got us off to a great start with a trademark header, Corby equalised just after half-time. We needed a piece of magic, and some beautiful passing play between Haley (YP1), Baverstock and Hopper (YP7) was closed with a simple finish, and we secured a playoff place with one game remaining.

Darlington 2 - 3 Dorchester

We were 2 points clear with a good goal difference, so even a draw against 18th placed Darlington would secure the league title. Darlington opened the scoring, and were probably the better tema on balance. Williams (YP17) drew us level just before half time, but immediately afterwards Tubbs (YP15) gave away a daft penalty, allowing Darlington to retake the lead. Just 3 minutes later though, Tubbs (YP15) was brought down in the Darlington box, allowing Hopper (YP7) to get us back on level terms. Then, to complete his atonement, Tubbs (YP15) completed the comback just 4 minutes later with a well-taken header.

With 82 points, Dorchester secured the Blue Square Premier title.

May 2022

Dorchester 2 - 1 Harrogate (FA Trophy Final)

We had a 3 week break whilst the playoffs proceeded to prepare for the FA Trophy final, and it allowed the players to recover a little.

19,356 expectant fans crammed into Wembley stadium to witness history being made.

We had a goal disallowed in the 4th minute, but kept pressing and eventually it showed, with Harrogate scoring an own goal just after half-time. We couldn't get anything more, and the game went into extra-time.

Shortly after the restart, Tubbs (YP15) got onto a loose ball in the box and poked home to give us a vital lead, and Hopper kept Harrogate on their toes for the rest of the extra time. For the first time in their history, Dorchester win the FA Trophy!

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Season 8 - 2021/22


League Table - League Positions - Really didn't see this coming, started in very average form but had a tremendous run of 14 games without loss from November to January.

FA Cup - Wrexham were really tough opposition - pity we didn't draw a slightly easier team, but it was a good experience.

FA Trophy - Fantastic performances - despite a couple of dodgy games we kept going and winning the final in extra time was sublime.


Finances - Our performances this season meant we managed to make an overall profit - we'll have to hope that continues next season.

Facilities - 1,303 new seats under construction to meet league regulations. Not sure whether we can use the terraces in League 2 games, but I'm hoping that the crowds will fill all of the seats.



I let 3 CMs leave in the end last season, Hornby, Loxton and Court - Court could have stayed, but given the cost and the availability of youngsters, I let him go. Last year's youth star, Hopkinson, stepped up the plate with 31 appearances, and Callum Fleming made 30 appearances, both of them performing acceptably. Hopkinson's talent should make him a future star, but we'll see what happens. Still lots of room for improvement which is promising, and an increasing number of players starting to approach their potential. Hopefully we can turn professional soon.

Nathan Haley (YP1) - Used exclusively as a CM, Haley had a reasonable season and is one of the first names on the teamsheet when fit.

Tadhg McCormack (YP2) - Another poor season for McCormack. He's been left behind by more recent graduates, and I don't think he can make the step up to League 2. We need others to overtake him, the sooner the better.

Mike Greenwood (YP3) - Still improving, I'm quietly pleased with Greenwood's progress.

Ethan Blunt (YP4) - "A leading star for League 1 sides", says it all really. An even better season than last, even if he didn't score too many.

Kenneth Adu (YP5) - Came bursting out of the blocks, perhaps as a result of Williams pushing him. Great season, if blighted by injuries.

Junior Cochrane (YP6) - Decidedly average now. Unless he reduces his wage demands, he might not even be at the club next season.

Daniel Hopper (YP7) - This is more like it! Broke his scoring record, with 28 goals in all competitions this season. Instrumental.

Harold Radcliffe (YP8) - Much better from Radcliffe. He's one of my best midfielders, but he's still got a lot of competition and hopefully they'll keep pushing him to improve.

Harry Bryan (YP9) - Constantly begging for a place in the first team, Bryan has got injured every time I've given him an opportunity. If he's going to make a case for staying at the club, he needs to get a move on.

Ricky Benson (YP10) - 4 appearances, all very average. Benchwarmer at best.

Thomas Pryce (YP11) - Again, only achievement is being slightly worse than Benson. If his salary was any more than £525 per year I'd have let him go by now, but for that price I'll keep him as backup.

John Carey (YP12) - Typical season from Carey, probably harshly judged by FM's ratings.

Geoff Western (YP13) - Still not scoring too many, but at least he got 8 assists this year. Always on the teamsheet when he's fit, but there are a lot of other strikers who want his place.

Jermaine Frear (YP14) - Another average year from Frear. Really need someone else to take over from him and Western alongside Hopper.

Carmine Tubbs (YP15) - Better season from Tubbs, securing the MR position as his own - he's far from the only option though.

Ross Burnell (YP16) - Better season, usually filling in when Tubbs was unavailable.

Greg Williams (YP17) - Great breakthrough season for Williams, making 47 appearances in all competitions at a good standard. Now my 3rd choice CB, a very reliable option.

Marcus Hopkinson (YP18) - The 16 year old has bags of talent, and had a decent season mainly deputising in CM. In a couple of years, he could form part of a great spine with Blunt and Hopper.

Callum Fleming (YP19) - Gently introduced into the team over a few years, this has been his big season. He wasn't brilliant, but wasn't bad either. He's still got room to improve and there are always opportunities in the centre of midfield.

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Just been offered the Watford job, who have been flitting between the Premiership and Championship since 11/12 and are currently in the Premiership. Bizarre.

On the plus side, the board have agreed to purchase the club's stadium which should give us the opportunity to expand more in the future. Attendance in the first game of just under 4,000, so we might need a bigger ground.

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Thanks! And regarding your question - yes, definitely. I've had good fun with moving around in my Müller save on FM12 but it got too easy really - want to make this one more of a challenge. I'm planning to keep this going until I buy FM13, whenever that might be.

Also worth mentioning that we've turned professional, so I'm starting to move all of the players onto full-time contracts where possible.

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Great job on the promotion and Cup!

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Great job on the promotion and Cup!
Well done going up again!

Cheers! This has been going far better than I could possibly have imagined...

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August 2022

Dorchester 4 - 3 Stevenage

Stevenage finished 6th last year, so this was a tough start to the season. They got an early goal, and we lost Hopper to injury. Soon after though, Tubbs (YP15) opened our season's scoring with a firm volley back across the goal. Again though, we were put behind, to a cracking 30 yard drive, and again we came back, Western (YP13) capping a great move. Stevenage hit another drive from outside the area, and we went into the break 3-2 behind. In the 64th minute, Western (YP13) grabbed his second of the match with a tidy finish, and then with the game coming to a close in the 94th minute, Western (YP13) seized on a great Radcliffe cross to complete his hat-trick and win the game. As starts to the season go, they don't get much better than this!

Dorchester 2 - 0 Burton (League Cup 1st Round)

Tough draw against League 1 Burton, but a great start for Frear (YP14) as he scoops a shot from 25 yards over the onrushing keeper. Just after half-time, Burnell (YP16) made an incisive challenge in the area and passed it to Western (YP13) who scored our second of the game.

Tranmere 0 - 1 Dorchester

Another big game against last year's 7th place finishers - we had the upperhand, but it took us until the 58th minute to score through Western (YP13). Another good win, leaving us 3rd in the table.

Dorchester 3 - 3 Preston

Struggled to get into this game, with an early injury to Blunt (YP4). Preston went 2-0 up, before we got a second-half goal through Frear (YP14). Hopkinson (YP18) then gave away a penalty, leaving us 3-1 down. Frear (YP14) got another in the 77th minute, and I thought we'd lost the game until substitute Baverstock broke clear and secured a well-deserved draw.

Coventry 0 - 3 Dorchester

Top of the table Coventry, and many first choice players still recovering from Preston. Western (YP13) poked home a rebound early on to get us off to a terrific start, and shortly afterwards Bryan (YP9) seized upon another rebound to put us 2-0 up and, unbelievably, top of the table. With the end of the game rapidly approaching, Baverstock turned past 2 defenders and fired the ball into the top corner from 25 yards. Terrific win.

Sunderland 3 - 0 Dorchester (League Cup 2nd Round)

Championship Sunderland were a huge step up for us, even though they're a long way from their Premiership era with players like Matt James and an ageing Kieren Westwood, and just under 13,000 in the Stadium of Light. We got off to an awful start, conceding 3 goals in rapid succession. We firmed up the defence, and kept Sunderland out from then onwards, but didn't make many chances as a result. Not a bad result for a League 2 side though.

Dorchester 0 - 2 Crawley

Hard to know why, but we were really overpowered by Crawley in this game, never even got started. Perhaps we're starting to find our level?

September 2022

Lincoln 2 - 4 Dorchester

We conceded an early goal, by Hopper (YP7) came back with his first goal in a good while. Western (YP13) latched onto a through ball and smashed it into the back of the next just before half-time to put us 2-1 up, and then Radcliffe (YP8) slid home our third. Afer half-time, Williams (YP17) prodded home from a smart corner to the front post. Lincoln grabbed a late headed goal, but we held firm to win.

Dorchester 0 - 1 Crystal Palace

A close game, but we had the upper hand. Couldn't convert chances into goals though - Hopper is still misfiring. Really need him to get back on form if we're going to maintain our early season form.

Gillingham 2 - 2 Dorchester

A firm header from Blunt (YP4) put us into the lead just after half time, but Gillingham equalised soon after. We got a great goal through sub Fleming (YP19) in the 87th minute, and I thought that was the winner, but they equalised almost straight from the restart.

Dorchester 2 - 1 Hartlepool

Bottom of the table Hartlepool presented a great opportunity to get things back on track. Another near-post header from Williams (YP17) was the perfect start, but we failed to really capitalise. Radcliffe (YP8) finally scored our second just after half time with a simple finish, but McCormack (who was lucky not to get sent off for a last man challenge in the first half), was sent off for a last man challenge, and Hartlepool scored from the resulting freekick. We just about held on for an important victory, keeping us in the playoff positions.

AFC Wimbledon 1 - 0 Dorchester

A tight game with few chances, but Wimbledon opened the scoring from a deep cross. After that, we fought back and pushed them hard, hitting the woodwork 3 times, but Hopper missed the best of our chances and Western had one disallowed. Another defeat, and perhaps reasonable given the quality of our side, but I can't let go of our early form. Really hoping we can resurrect it soon.

Dorchester 2 - 1 Barnet

One of the promotion favourites, I was hoping that Barnet would make the team really step up. Hopper went on a fantastic run, but struck the post in a first half we totally dominated. Early in the second half though, we had a defensive mixup that allowed Barnet to take the lead. Soon after, McCormack (YP2) saw his header from a freekick well saved, and hammered it back past the hapless keeper to gain a valuable equaliser, and in the dying moments of the game, Tubbs (YP15) sent a wonderful deep cross across from the right, allowing Radcliffe (YP8) to plant an easy header into the back of the net. Amazingly, despite our questionable run of late, that win sent us into 2nd place in the table.

October 2022

Yeovil 2 - 1 Dorchester

Told Hopper to buck his ideas up or lose his place in the team... conceded an early goal from a corner and header, and had to pull back and play on the counter attack. Western (YP13) continued his fine run of form, eclipsing Hopper again with a well-taken goal, but Yeovil hit again late on to retake the lead, and despite pushing everybody up we couldn't get another goal.

I'm starting to wonder if Western might become our main man up front - his progress has been startling of late and according to the assistant manager he's now a better player than Hopper. I hope Hopper isn't done though, he feels like such an integral part of this career.

Dorchester 0 - 1 Reading (JPT South 2nd Round)

Reading have really fallen away in recent years - currently languishing in League 1 with heavy debts. Still a much better side than ours though. To my surprise, we dominated early on, but Hopper failed to convert his first half penalty, and then, inevitably, Reading scored a header from a corner - just their 2nd shot of the game. After that, they took control of the game and didn't give us a look in. At least we can focus on the league now.

Dorchester 5 - 0 MK Dons

A winnable match, with MK Dons in the relegation spots. Hopper sent a perfect corner in the middle of the 6-yard box, and Blunt (YP4) scored with a simple header, and then they scored an own goal after some serious pressure in their box. Radcliffe (YP8) made it 3 in quick succession with a lovely curling finish from the left wing. Just to complete the game, Hopper (YP7) got his first goal in a long time, with a typical sidefoot finish, and saw an MK Dons defender sent off for a cynical foul on him. Just near the end of the game, he finished his excellent performance with another goal, a curling effort from outside the area that sneaked by the right hand post. Fingers crossed, he's back on form!

Barrow 2 - 2 Dorchester

Now 3rd placed Barrow, just above us in the table. Tubbs (YP15) scrambled hope a scrappy opener during a period of early domination, which was great - I hate failing to capitalise on a great performance. After that, we got even better, but couldn't prevent Barrow from scoring from a corner, and then again from a really unlucky deflection. Thankfully, Wearne decided to sort things out with a terrific 30 yard drive into the top corner, and we secured a draw. I'd have taken it before the match... not so much after that great first half!

Dorchester 2 - 3 Cambridge

First match in our newly expanded stadium, with a full 2,000 seats, and it was another early promotion face-off. After just 4 minutes, Hopper (YP7) wrong-footed the last defender outside the box, turned him and curved the ball around a sprawling keeper. Cambridge fired a couple of warning shots, but we didn't take note, and they equalised soon afterwards. We held the game at 1-1, but it was always a risk, and in the 80th minute they took the lead. We threw everyone up for the last 10 minutes, and somehow a weak Tubbs (YP15) header sneaked past the Cambridge keeper, but they retook the lead almost immediately. Disappointing loss.

Brentford 1 - 3 Dorchester

Brentford aren't having a great season, and could even go down if things don't pick up. Somehow though, they got off to a much better start, and Greenwood (YP2) gave away a penalty... luckily Brentford missed it. Immediately after, Haley (YP1) had his goal chalked off for a dubious foul. The breakthrough finally came in the second half as Western (YP13) bundled one past an unlucky keeper. Hopper then hit a corner that somehow travelled all the way to the foot of the far post, and Blunt (YP4) obligingly hammered it home. A catalogue of basic errors allowed Brentford to pull one back, and I thought they might get back into the game so I pulled everyone back, but then Hopper (YP7) pulled away from his marker to ensure the win.

Colchester 2 - 6 Dorchester

The referee awarded Colchester a really soft penalty, and they took an early lead. Hopper (YP7) managed to hit our equaliser (and his 100th league goal) after a congested scramble in the box, and soon after gave us the lead with a typically cool finish inside the box. Western (YP13) got in on the act too just before half time, latching onto a mishandled Tubbs (YP15) cross to pass it into the net from close range. Hopper (YP7) completed his hat-trick with a rare header, flicking the ball beyond the keeper's reach, and then scored his 4th of the match with a simple finish inside the box, followed by his 5th - a close-range drive after some pinball in the box. Adu (YP5) conceded an own goal late on, but nothing was going to spoil this party!

League Table

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November 2022

Dorchester 1 - 0 Port Vale

A slick finish from Hopper (YP7) continued his great run of form and got us off to the perfect start. After the exertions at Colchester, we didn't really look too threatening, but it's the win that counts.

MK Dons 1 - 0 Dorchester (FA Cup 1st Round)

We've already beaten MK Dons this year in the league, but the cup is never predictable. Hopper (YP7) missed a penalty early on, and despite dominating the play we struggled to get any good chances after that. Appropriately, MK Dons scored a great goal from outside the area - their only shot on target in the first half. We really shouldn't have lost this game, but if we can keep in the running for promotion I don't mind too much.

Morecambe 0 - 0 Dorchester

Hopper was unlucky to hit the post in the first half, and it was a game of few good chances so that miss probably cost us the game.

December 2022

Dorchester 2 - 1 Ebbsfleet

Hopper (YP7) got back on the scoresheet with a typical well-placed finish. Somehow a low Adu (YP5) cross made it all the way into the 6-yard box, and Burnell (YP16) tapped in his first of the season. Despite having control of the game, we kept gifting Ebbsfleet chances, and had only ourselves to blame when they pulled one back after half-time - thankfully we held on for the rest of the game.

Salisbury 3 - 1 Dorchester

Blunt (YP4) scored the opener from a Haley (YP1) corner, but a Williams (YP17) screw-up in defence allowed Salisbury to equalise. Rather than fighting back, after half-time we messed up a corner, and Salisbury scored on the resulting break. As always, I pushed everyone forward, but this time it just meant we conceded another. We're now out of the automatic promotion places.

Dorchester 2 - 2 Newport County

Some cracking passing play around the edge of the area culminated in a simple tap in for Hopper (YP7), but 13 minutes in Newport were level again. Tubbs (YP15) slammed one home after some pinball in the box, giving us the lead back again, before the game was again levelled through an excellent Newport freekick. I was hoping for another goal in the second-half, but it never came.

Wycombe 2 - 1 Dorchester

Conceded a very early headed goal, and it took us until the 75th minute to get back in the game through Williams (YP17) with a scrappy goal. Almost straight after, a Wycombe shot rebounded off the bar, hit Carey (YP12) in the back of the head, and crossed the line. Inspired.

Stevenage 1 - 2 Dorchester

They're just below us in the table, but huge favourites. Thankfully Radcliffe (YP8) scored in the 6th minute, giving us a great chance of defying the odds. Hopper (YP7) did well to win, and then convert, a penalty just after half-time. Stevenage scored a great goal late on, forcing a pretty desperate close to the game, and we just barely held out.

League Table

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Great job in league play so far :thup:

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January 2023

Preston 4 - 3 Dorchester

The Christmas rush of games hurt our fitness levels, so I had to put out a somewhat inexperienced team. Against my expectations, we took control of the game, but still conceded an early goal. Preston followed up with another soon after, leaving us somewhat dumbstruck. Hopkinson (YP18) was the first to take advantage with a great goal just after half-time, but the young Cypriot Damianou gave away a penalty. Thankfully they missed, and paid the price as Hopper (YP7) got the ball beyond the last defender and never looked back. We didn't track their attacking runs though, and needlessly conceded twice after that. Hopper (YP7) grabbed another in similar style to his first, and I thought he was about to win the game for us when he was sent off for diving. Regrettable end to a great performance.

Dorchester 0 - 1 Tranmere

Again, we were on top, but Tranmere got the goal. Our early season form is quickly unravelling - I really hope we can still make the playoffs but we'll need to get going again soon.

Dorchester 3 - 1 Coventry

Western (YP13) scored two goals in the first 15 minutes, and was immediately followed by Radcliffe (YP8), but we didn't really push on from there. Coventry pulled one back late on, but the victory was already in the bag.

Crawley 1 - 0 Dorchester

Crawley totally overpowered us in the first half, going 1-0 up. We never managed to get back in the game, and we're now out of the playoff places.

Dorchester 0 - 1 Lincoln

Another one we really should have won. Easily the better team, but no goals until the 92nd minute - and of course that was Lincoln's.

February 2023

Crystal Palace 2 - 1 Dorchester

Palace opened the scoring with a firm shot from 20 yards that Carey didn't even move for, for some unknown reason. Blunt (YP4) levelled the game quickly with a typically firm header from a corner. I thought we could get the winner, but instead we conceded again. Just getting worse and worse.

Dorchester 1 - 1 Gillingham

Had a team meeting this week to hopefully end this woeful run. Our response was to let a goal in and be toothless up front. Mind you, we eventually scored - in the 92nd minute through Radclifee (YP8), so maybe they did listen after all.

Hartlepool 3 - 2 Dorchester

Battling against relegation, Hartlepool were an ideal side to get a victory against. We let the first goal in, but Western (YP13) latched onto a long-range pass to get us back in the game. After half-time we should have been going for the win, but instead conceded a sloppy goal. We needed Blunt (YP4) to again bail us out, and again we screwed up, letting Hartlepool score. Stupid, stupid defeat.

Barnet 1 - 1 Dorchester

For what seems like the 50th time this season, we conceded early on, but in the second half, some good work from Hopper allowed Western (YP13) to equalise.

Then we lost Blunt for 2 months to injury. Not sure this can get much worse.

Dorchester 1 - 0 AFC Wimbledon

Thankfully, Wimbledon were sympathetic to our problems. Their left-back began the match with a hilarious back pass straight to Hopper (YP7), who through on goal, didn't think twice and broke his lengthy run without a goal.

League Table

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Youth Intake 9 - 2022/2023


Very small intake this year. All decent potential, but will take a while before any of them can make the first team - last year's combo of Ashton and Bond have made a grand total of 3 substitute appearances between them.


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March 2023

Dorchester 1 - 1 Yeovil

Came flying out of the traps against Yeovil, and Williams (YP17) got us off to a deserved lead with a header from a Haley (YP1) corner. In the second half we slacked off though, and let them back into the game - a draw was a fair result in the end.

MK Dons 1 - 1 Dorchester

Now nailed on for relegation with a points deduction, this was an easy tie. Sadly, my team weren't aware of that and decided to make it really tough. Eventually though, Hopper (YP7) broke the deadlock in the second-half with a typical striker's finish, before we screwed up in defence and allowed them to equalise. Another late goal needlessly conceded.

Dorchester 0 - 3 Barrow

Barrow are challenging for the automatic promotion places, and unlike earlier in the season, we looked like a team out of its depth against the big teams. Conceded 3 goals in the first 20 minutes without even the vaguest semblance of an attacking move. We edged our way back into the game in the second half, playing more defensively, but failed to score.

Cambridge 4 - 0 Dorchester

We slipped up almost straight away and allowed Cambridge to score an easy goal, and then a poor pass in the final third gave Cambridge a great opportunity to break, which they took. Despite having a similar amount of shots and possession to Cambridge, the quality was nowhere near the same, and we conceded another two goals in quick succession at the end of the game.

I'm going to tweak the tactic a bit to reduce the number of long shots and see if that helps.

Dorchester 0 - 0 Colchester

Not a bad performance, although we never really looked like scoring. Greenwood (YP3) was sent off late on for diving to cap another disappointing day.

Dorchester - Brentford

Brentford had the bulk of the chances, and opened the game with a headed goal. Morale was through the floor, and the performance was very disjointed. Only a piece of magic from Hopper (YP7), chipping the keeper from the edge of the area, made this game interesting again. The draw was a travesty from Brentford's point of view, but I'll gladly take it.

April 2023

Dorchester 0 - 0 Morecambe

Not bad, but no cutting edge and no breakthrough.

Port Vale 4 - 0 Dorchester

Did we concede an early goal? No! We conceded two early goals. Blunt should make an appearance in the next game... not sure if I want our form to improve or not - I sincerely hope we aren't that dependent on him.

Ebbsfleet 2 - 0 Dorchester

We held out for 7 minutes against Ebbsfleet. Next season can't come quickly enough. Oh, and what about Blunt, you ask? Well, he scored Ebbsfleet's second, so that was good.

Dorchester 0 - 0 Salisbury

Burnell (YP16) was sent off shortly before Salisbury's Robbie Curtis was sent off. That was the highlight of this awful match really.

Newport County 0 - 1 Dorchester

WE ACTUALLY WON A MATCH! Hopper (YP7) went on a great run past most of Newport's defence and finished neatly, and we kept a clean sheet.

Dorchester 1 - 2 Wycombe

We started incredibly brightly, and looked like we were finally back on form, but couldn't convert that into goals until Adu (YP5) scored a terrific header. For Wycombe. Thankfully, we did respond, and Hopper (YP7) got himself on the scoresheet, but after half-time Wycombe retook the lead with their first shot on target. I really thought we could rescue the game - we had 17 shots vs. 6 for Wycombe, but no such luck.

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Season 9 - 2022/23


League Table - League Positions - A very reasonable season all things considered, but hard to see it that way given how well we started.

FA Cup - Shouldn't have lost to MK Dons. If we'd have been promoted, I wouldn't have minded, but we must do better next year.

League Cup - Great draw away to Sunderland, no regrets here.

Johnstone's Paint Trophy - Tough game at Reading, no shame in losing there.


Finances - We spent £1.6m buying the stadium. Probably a mistake. The 15 year loan could cripple us.

Facilities - Almost doubled our previous average attendance record with 3,761, often filling the stadium. Hopefully we can build on the youth recruitment sooner rather than later.



Some of the older YPs really starting to look bad now - particularly McCormack, Benson and Cochrane down at the bottom there. We're still far too reliant on just a few players though - if anything happens to any of Hopper, Western, Blunt, Williams or Greenwood, we're in big trouble.

Nathan Haley (YP1) - Much like last season. Good player, but never managing to stand out.

Tadhg McCormack (YP2) - An even worse season from McCormack. I might let him go and give Jim Marshall from this year's intake a chance.

Mike Greenwood (YP3) - Still improving, I'm quietly pleased with Greenwood's progress.

Ethan Blunt (YP4) - Blunt's best season according to the stats. Real pity he got injured, but he's still far and away our best player.

Kenneth Adu (YP5) - Back to business for Adu, a really unimpressive season. Last year might have been a good blip, sadly.

Junior Cochrane (YP6) - I'll be looking to get rid of Cochrane at the earliest opportunity. He's just wasting money and blocking opportunities for others.

Daniel Hopper (YP7) - Couple of bad periods contributed to a somewhat disappointing season, but still a vital part of the team.

Harold Radcliffe (YP8) - Still slowly improving, but never as good as I expect him to be.

Harry Bryan (YP9) - If a decent youngster comes through, Bryan's career will be over. So far he's been lucky.

Ricky Benson (YP10) - Another that will be seeing the door this year, if I can manage to kick him through it.

Thomas Pryce (YP11) - On his way out.

John Carey (YP12) - Not a good season at all, but there's still no-one at the club to challenge him.

Geoff Western (YP13) - Good season really - for the first time, I felt like he could step up when Hopper was having a bad run.

Jermaine Frear (YP14) - Just didn't get a look in at all, with Western playing almost all but 2 games this year.

Carmine Tubbs (YP15) - Don't think he's ever going to make it really - he's only in the side because there's nobody else.

Ross Burnell (YP16) - He's got a real chance to take the MR position away from Tubbs, but he didn't do it this season. Maybe next year...

Greg Williams (YP17) - Formed a consistent partnership with Blunt, but sadly not a good one. So many defensive mix-ups were his fault over the course of the year, but I'm hoping it was just a blip.

Marcus Hopkinson (YP18) - Much like his first season, an okay year. I'm prepared to give him time to get settled.

Callum Fleming (YP19) - Still an average backup, but he has the potential to be much more than that.

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Held you own in League 2 fairly well! :thup:

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Held you own in League 2 fairly well! :thup:

Yeah, not bad at all. Thought it might be too much of a step up but we're doing reasonably well.

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August 2023

Dorchester 1 - 1 Preston

Slow start, probably the result of a gruelling set of friendlies against big opponents, but Tubbs (YP15) headed home our first goal of the campaign. We controlled possession for the whole game, but kept giving chances away and it was no surprise when Preston equalised.

Dorchester 2 - 1 West Ham AET (League Cup 1st Round)

Not sure how much you can expect from a game when the opposition's keeper cost over three times as much as your club. Given the fitness issues, I put out a team with a lot of reserve players, and surprisingly we equalled West Ham (relegated from the Premiership last season) for a long time. They got the opening goal after a defensive mix up left 3 of their players versus our keeper, but just after half-time Hopper (YP7) seized on his opportunity to fire one past £3.6m of goalkeeping talent, and we had 3 terrific chances following that, including a great long-range shot from Wearne that hit the post.

We held on through until extra time, and I figured our best chance was to take the game to penalties, so I pulled everyone back and attempted to weather the storm. Imagine my surprise, then, when a free-kick from just beyond the half-way line found an unmarked Blunt (YP4) who did what he does best, burying it beyond the red-faced £3.6m man. Fantastic victory.

Newport County 2 - 3 Dorchester

After 8 seasons of patiently waiting, Frankie Taylor finally made his debut in goal. In the 15th minute, he went off injured. I tried not to laugh. Honest. Newport got the better of the chances, and scored the first of the game. Some great work from Hopper however allowed youngster Charnley to crash home an equaliser on his debut, before Western (YP13) played a great one-two with Fleming (YP19) and smashed the ball into the top corner. Sadly We let Newport County have yet more chances, and they equalised. We screwed up a couple of great chances to win the match, until Hopper (YP7) turned on the edge of the area and belted the ball into the top corner. Brilliant goals, and a brilliant match.

Dorchester 1 - 1 Crystal Palace

We lost Wearne to injury early on, and conceded to a great curling shot from outside the area. We were still in the game though, but I didn't think we'd be able to make the breakthrough. In the 85th minute, who else, Hopper (YP7) scored a great equaliser - a deserved result.

Cambridge 1 - 1 Dorchester

Cambridge had a winger sent off in just the 5th minute, but we gave away a penalty shortly after to give them a foothold. We didn't get many chances, but 2 defenders and keeper collided just before half-time, allowing a grateful Hopper (YP7) to score one of the easiest goals of his career. Despite controlling possession, we couldn't really put them under enough pressure up front.

Dorchester 1 - 2 Norwich (League Cup 2nd Round)

Thanks to our performance against West Ham, we were rewarded with a tie against Wesley Sneijder's Premiership outfit. We held our own early on, but Norwich scored a curling freekick from just outside the area, presenting a huge challenge. Radcliffe (YP8) sent in a deep cross, which was met by the head of Charnley to score his second goal in his second appearance. I thought we'd push them to extra time, and perhaps win the match, but they hit us with a very late, and very harsh goal. Good performance all round though.

September 2023

Dorchester 2 - 1 Scunthorpe

By far the better side, it took a while to get the lead, which came through Tubbs (YP15). The lead didn't last long, but Blunt (YP4) restored it from a corner.

Salisbury 0 - 0 Dorchester (3-4 on penalties) (JPT South 1st Round)

Should have won this game early on, but it went to penalties. Salisbury missed 2, and Fleming won it with our 5th penalty.

Barnet 2 - 2 Dorchester

Thumping start from Haley (YP1) whose shot smashed against the bar and behind the keeper into the back of the net. Barnet equalised, but Greenwood (YP3) re-established the lead in his first start of the season, before we were again pegged back from a corner. Thought we had a winner a couple of times, but spurned great opportunities. Not bad though.

Dorchester 2 - 1 Port Vale

A weird scramble in the box gave us the lead through Fleming (YP19) - no complaints here though! Western (YP13) followed up with another, and it looked comfortable until Blunt (YP4) put one past Carey (YP12). That was it though, a good win.

Morecambe 2 - 1 Dorchester

Not a quality game of football. 2 scrappy goals from Morecambe, followed by one more from Baverstock. Sadly that was it.

Dorchester 3 - 0 Hartlepool

Hopper (YP7) finished from a tight angle after their keeper spilled a shot, and then broke past two defenders to leave himself an easy second goal. Tubbs (YP15) added a third to complete another good victory.

Salisbury 0 - 2 Dorchester

Incisive finish by Hopper (YP7) in the first half, and a half-volley by Hopkinson (YP18) in the second finished the game for us.

October 2023

Dorchester 1 - 3 Rochdale

Had the bulk of the chances, but conceded 2 goals somehow, and a third after half-time. Pulled one back through Fleming (YP19), but it was too late to make a real attempt at a comeback.

Bristol City 2 - 2 Dorchester (2-3 on penalties) (JPT South 2nd Round)

Big match against Bristol City, recently relegated from the Championship. I didn't expect much, and not convinced that winning the JPT would be too valuable, so out trotted the reserves. Western (YP13) opened the scoring, and followed up with a second when Bristol City gave away a penalty. It was a balanced game though, and they deserved their 2 goals to equalise. After some hilarious misses from both sides, we won 3-2.

Yeovil 1 - 1 Dorchester

Yeovil opened the scoring, but Tubbs (YP15) found himself on the end of a cross that was never cleared and levelled the game.

Dorchester 2 - 0 Colchester

Slow start, but dominated. Hopper (YP7) broke away from the defence and passed through the keeper, then Blunt (YP4) scored a typical header.

Barnsley 2 - 4 Dorchester

Barnsley opened the scoring, but Hopper (YP7) levelled, Fleming (YP19) gave us the lead with a misplaced cross, and Tubbs (YP15) grabbed a third with a precise header. Barnsley pulled one back, but Blunt (YP4) scored another header from a freekick.

Dorchester 3 - 0 Stevenage

Hopper (YP7) opened the scoring, followed by Radcliffe (YP8) with his first for the season, and a penalty from Hopper (YP7). Strong performance, and we're only one point from automatic promotion places.

November 2023

Walsall 0 - 2 Dorchester

Hopper (YP7) scored for the 4th game in a row, opening with an exquisite chip, and Walsall doubled our lead with an own goal.

League Table

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November 2023

Dorchester 2 - 0 Wycombe

Western (YP13) opened the scoring after their keeper fumbled it, and Blunt (YP4) grabbed another after a scramble in the box. In the automatic spots now.

Dorchester 1 - 1 Oxford (4-2 on penalties) (JPT South Quarter Final)

Oxford were by far the better team and took the lead early on. Youngster Ashton was quite fatigued, so I brought Western (YP13) on in his place, and he scored within 5 minutes. Penalties again! We scored all 4, and Charnley got to celebrate yet another crucial goal as he hit the winner.

Alfreton 1 - 1 Dorchester (FA Cup 1st Round)

Tubbs (YP15) scored the opener, but somehow BSP Alfreton were much stronger than us and equalised. We were lucky to escape with a draw.

Gillingham 1 - 0 Dorchester

Disappointing defeat, our first in seven league games and we're out of the automatic promotion places.

Dorchester 4 - 1 Alfreton (FA Cup 1st Round Replay)

Alfreton took the lead, and again played out of their skin. I didn't think we'd manage it, but Bryan (YP9) got us level, Hopper (YP7) put us into the lead and then extended it with another goal, before Burnell (YP16) completed a rampant second-half.

December 2023

Dorchester 3 - 0 Tranmere

Western (YP13) got us started, and Radcliffe (YP8) finished a great passing move. After half-time, Hopper (YP7) got in on the act as well to complete a great victory.

Dorchester 0 - 0 Southend (4-2 on penalties) (JPT South Semi Final)

A wild Baverstock challenge left young Ashton up front on his own against the League 1 side. Yet again, we were taking penalties in the JPT, and yet again, we won 4-2.

Portsmouth 0 - 1 Dorchester

Big tie against Paul Ince's Portsmouth, just relegated from the Championship. Very balanced game, but we took the lead through Tubbs (YP15), and held on for the rest of the game.

Brentford 3 - 1 Dorchester

Brentford scored first, but Blunt (YP4) headed us back into the game. We should have gone on to win the game with the chances we had, but instead Brentford took the lead and as we chased the game they scored from a freekick.

Dorchester 0 - 2 Lincoln

Shouldn't have lost this game. I sincerely hope this isn't going to be a repeat of last season's collapse.

Nottm Forest 3 - 1 Dorchester

Forest started the brighter, but we got the first goal through Radcliffe (YP8). Sadly in the second half they turned the game around with two goals, and Blunt got their third with an own goal. Then, as if his day couldn't get any worse, he was sent off for a pointless scything down when he was last man.

Oldham 0 - 2 Dorchester

Great goal from Hopper (YP7) just before half-time, and Tubbs (YP15) grabbed another in the second half - first win in 4 league games.

League Table

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