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FM2012: The Bucket List

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Hello and welcome to my first ever career thread, The Bucket List!

In this Career I will be attempting to achieve a number of things before I retire.

The Story So Far Extract from LFC Magazine

From the early age of 7, young Chika Chika was highlighted as a player of immense talent. He was shown to have great technique and leadership abilities and was instantly recruited into the Liverpool Under 16's. Unfortunately for young Chika, he suffered an injury in a game against Manchester United Under 16's so bad that he would be unable to kick a ball again. This was the day he swore revenge on Sir Alex Ferguson.

However, this was not the end for him as Youth Coach Barry Whitbread pointed out to then manager Rafael Benítez that he showed great tactical knowledge. Chika was then announced as an apprentice coach. He did extremely well in this role and eventually at the age of 19 was given a major role as Under 16's manager then ultimately Under 18's. At the time of his appointment, Kenny Dalglish offered Chika the chance at being his assistant manager, he however politely declined, saying that "I'm honoured but I'm starting something great with these youth players and I'd be fool to leave them now."

On 12th May 2011, Kenny Dalglish shocked the city of Liverpool by announcing that he would not be taking the permanent job at the club. Owners John W. Henry and Thomas C. Werner announced that they would begin to find the perfect candidate. After many unsuccessful applicants, Chika joked saying he'd have the job on a 1 year deal,and with that history was wrote. The owners hired him due to the success he had with the Under 18's and with favourable recommendations from both Kenny and Benítez.

Chika was given little money to spend in the first year due to his lack of experience with transfer funds. Due to this, he started with a very unpopular decision to sell defender Martin Sktrel FC Porto for £12,000,000. With this money Chika had £18,500,000 to spend on improving the squad left by Kenny. He started by bringing in defender Sabastien Bassong from Tottenham for £5,000,000. A transfer that puzzled fans, many question why Chika had sold Sktrel for Tottenham dead weight. Odd transfers continued as he next brought in Pablo Pintos from Gatafe for £2,900,000 to help Coates and Suarez. Jordi Gomez from Wigan for £1.8 Million. And finally, and probably most controversial Landon Donovan from LA Galaxy for £8,750,000. This outraged fans at Chika asking how he could buy a former Everton player. Chika pointed out that he was not the first to switch across the park and that he was too good anyway for Everton. This attack on Everton was redeeming enough for the scouse fans.

Chika's debut season in the Premier League was one to remember, coming only second Manchester City. Liverpool fans loved Chika already. It took until 2013/2014 before he led Liverpool to their first top division title in many years. Praise came from all over the world from manager such as Pep Guardiola who said "What he's done for Liverpool is amazing, bringing through young talent like Raheem Sterling and making world class signings such as Eden Hazard and Hulk have truly earned him that trophy. I'm just worried that they might be a threat to my Champions League Trophy."

And so, as you've probably heard numerous times already, came Chika's best season yet. Chika put Arsene Wenger to shame as he demolished through the Premier League to an undefeated season where he racked up 102 points. If that's not all he also manager to bring the club their 6th Champions League trophy in an amazing win over holder's Barcelona. Chika cheekily tweeted to Guardiola after the match "Problem?".

And just 7 days ago, Chika shook the world by announcing on Soccer AM that he had woke up one morning and thought of an genius Bucket List of things to do before he retired. And 2 days later resigned from his post to begin ticking them off. Cries from Liverpool fans echoed the streets as Chika promised that he would return one day.

The List

~ Win SPL with team that's not Celtic or Rangers.

~ Win BBVA with team that's not Barcalona or Real Madrid.

~ Win Seria A with team that didn't finish in top 3 in the previous season.

~ Win Welsh Top Division.

~ Win MLS.

~ Win World Cup with England.

~ Top Hall of Fame.

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Welcome to Villareal


Jobswapping between me and Mourinho! Looking forward to managing Villareal, I played them in Euro Super Cup and they already have a great team.


Erick Torres and Giuseppe Rossi, excuse the drool... These two will surely destroy La Liga.


I've used my amazing skills with Paint to circle areas I will be improving in January.

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Love the story! :)

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