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(Need Transfer advice) Avoiding Premier League Relegation - Nottingham Forest

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Hi all!

I was just wondering if anyone could recommend some players for me to sign. I have just taken Nottingham Forest up to the Premier League and now need to avoid relegation. I have signed some player already but I'm stick lacking in a few areas. I'm at the start of my second season with Nottingham Forest. (2012-2013 Season).

1.) I need a striker either on Loan on if Transferring I have 2mil to spare. I'm looking for a pacey striker and not a target man. My ideal would be a cheaper Defoe.

Does anyone have any ideas?

2.) I need a a LM and RM. Looking for Pace and Flair and would like them to be loans.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you in advance!


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Welcome to the boards :)

Two general hints:

- you will find lots of info in the good player forum which may help you.

- if you sign players on 48 months instalments only, you can quadruple your transfer busget as only the instalments which become payable in the current season (i.e. a quarter of them) will be deducted from your budget. If you stay up, there will be no financial hardship in the future, if you go down, you should think of generating 1m extra in transfer revenues to avoid financial difficulties from this construction.

For loans you have to check the loan list. It's difficult to say who may be available.

Also check the transfer list for suitable candidates. With a 2m (8m) budget, you may find good value for your money there.

A good AM RL who may be available for cheap is George Nelson. He is however better as an AM rather than as a M.

Chelsea's Sturridge may well be available on loan. Good pacey striker.

Rangers' Fleck may be a good choice for the left wing.

hth :)

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