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Adv. Playmaker and low attributes on creativity.

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I've noticed that players with preferred role as adv. playmakers generally got a low (about 3-6) creativity attribute and that seems a bit odd as creativity must be the most important attribute for a playmaker, right? We all want to be Maradona but it does seem a bit strange that a PL player with a creativity of 5 wants to play as a adv. playmaker?

I haven't done any comprehensive research on the matter just yet but it seems to be quite common, especially after when you've finished a couple of season.

There are some other issues preferred role/recommended roll thing.

For an example:

Does Xavi prefer to play as a box to box mid?

Zlatan as a advance forward? He´s a 100% complete forward.

Wesley Sneijder should prefer playing as a adv. forward and not as a central mid.

Llorente as a deep lying forward?

There are a lot of examples and these issues seems to get even bigger as the seasons roll past and the attributes of the players change due to training.

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Hi, thanks for bringing this up. We're always looking to tweak the preferred roles and so I'll use these examples when I get a chance to spend a bit of proper time looking at them.

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