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stupidest move ever, but I had to do it

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So this past summer I added a greek team as a feeder club. Immediately, I started gettting emails about some 32 year old nigerian striker on that team. Nearly every day there were messages about somone offering to buy him, the offer being accepted or reject, the contract being unsatisfactory. It was nuts. After four months of this and a couple hundred messages, I decided to buy him myself, him to the shortest possible contract, and, when he arrived, transfer him to my work permit feeder club. It worked. No more messages. I figure it cost my team about $250,000 but it was well worth it.

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I wanted to get the news that was of potential interest--although I admit that there was none--but there could have been. By the way, my work permit feeder club was thrilled to get him and he will be starting there.

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Yeh I have Barcelona as my Favourite Team. And you're bombarded with messages of want away B squad players.

It's a joke. I want to stay subscribed to Barcelona, as for the job position down the line if it becomes available, but also to keep tabs on their results and progressions.

I certainly would never subscribe to "B" squad players moaning about wanting to leave.

I think that message should only come up if it's one of their best players or best youth players - in comparison to your squad.

I.e., if I'm playing league 1 football I might hear a B squad player is looking to get away - but never a player like Messi or Xavi or Adriano.

And if playing as a top team, I wouldn't hear any messages other than their top rated players.

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