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I just had THE most messed up game that I don't know even know what to do about it. I'm asking in general first if this is a known bug if not then I'll post in bug forum

In the first half everything went fine, I'm up 2-0 over tottenham. After 2nd half is when everything messed up.

My RB scored an own goal which should make the score 2-1 BUT instead the game give credit a goal to my LB for my side and I'm up 3-0...

Then Tottenham midfield Sandro scored again, the game description said it's now level! (Which it should be) but... it's still 3-0!

My Striker that had put us up 2-0 complete his hat trick and now the score is 4-0! (so that rules out a bugged out scoring panel since this goal still counted) (it should be:3-2)

Around 70th min Totenham's Salomon Rondon got Red carded. The players on the field acknowledged this, only 9 tottenham outfielder now but game overview never acknowledged this

Around the same time Tottenham that had used all 3 of their subs, made their 4th!!... by this time I don't even bothered checking things out anymore so I don't know if the 4th sub actually happened.

At 82nd min my RW it seems got injured, when I go to tactic to change out my tired player I got message I still have an injured player out there, and I thought I just missed it. So I subbed out my injured RW too except when I go back to match screen there's no '+' injury sign on my RW he looked perfectly fine... (But by the end of the game it is acknowledged as an injury)

88 min Tottenham's Luis Suarez scored and the score is now 4-1 when it should've been 3-3...

It is soooooooooooooooooooo messed up that I don't even know what's actually correct in the 2nd half... /shakeshead

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Save the pkm of the whole match and a save game and post this in the Match Engine sub forum of the Bugs forum

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Frazt: Will do later ty (haven't a clue on how to do that but I'm sure there are instructions on bugs forum :p)

Clarky: I had to keep count of the scores myself since I was worried that by the end of the game the "real" score would come out while looking at the match that... actually I wasn't sure what I'm watching :p, believe me I was very confused myself xD

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