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It's getting pretty annoying for me at the moment because whenever i turn my phone off or the battery dies, when i turn my phone back on my Football Manager doesnt work. It's frustrating because when your on like your 12/13th season and you lose everything you just dont wanna play anymore. Get back to me ASAP please. Thanks

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When you say it 'doesn't work' what do you mean? - I presume the game still starts and I'm guessing the game isn't loading?

If the battery dies then it is possible that the game is unable to complete a save if the operating system isn't giving the game enough time to complete a save, if you find this is the case on your particular OS/device combination then I heavily suggest manually saving using the option 'Main Menu - Options - Save Game'.

It is possible that if you are full powering your phone down then this might also be causing the same issue - tbh its not one that I've intensively investigated personally, I'll check with QA (unfortunately the OS doesn't give a 'content' to the device when its time to 'close' - it just says the application is closing, at that point the game will try and save, if your OS/Device isn't giving enough time for this save to complete all I can suggest is that you ensure you manually save the game before turning the phone off or when the battery runs low (there is an indicator to show this in game) ...).

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This occurs whenever your device powers down? - does your phone behave oddly with any other applications/games as this doesn't sound like a bug in the game tbh, more likely something to do with your device/OS installation.

Would you mind indicating which device and OS you are using and the rough age of the device?

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