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FM 12... Its all about the Silverware!

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After my last game died thanks to the Harddrive and no backup, I played with friends until my elimination from the WC so I'm back here :)

Since I'm sick of my friends kicking my Arse when we played in South America and Asia, I'm back in Europe.

To start I loaded these leagues:

Top Flight Leagues









Northern Ireland







All Leagues






Started out as an American Manager named Biff Schmidt. I applied for jobs starting in February 2012. I was offered the US 23 and under post when I applied and declined it. Surprised they'd accept my application being a Sunday League Footballer.

Then I saw 2 positions open The first one is Sporting Villanueva Promesas who is in the Spanish Second division B4.

Here is their Offer.

Here is their Team.

And their Division Standing

They have the worst team in the League, I have a bit of cash suddenly to spend on a team that has lost all 26 games, scored 4 goals and conceded 96. With 12 games left I can't do it, doubt anyone could honestly do it, so I've delayed it hoping the other club offers me a contract... which they thankfully did

Regensburg offered me a decent contract for 2 years.

Regensburg have a decent Squad.

And its a lot more realistic to save them from relegation

I'm accepting their offer and finishing up the season hopefully saving them from relegation.

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Ouch! That is a humbling result!

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@Cerud yep but at least I managed to stay out of relegation, hopefully the takeover either happens or not, either way, I gotta get players in now or else I'm screwed for the new season.

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Regensburg - German Third Division 2011-12

I took over the team before the 3-3-2012 match with Wehen... here is our fixture results. We started strong but injuries were killing us and at the end of the season we barely survived relegation. We have many players who want too much money and bring too little to the team that many people will get released from the club on free transfers.

Finances - We're in the red and not much to show for it

Season tickets went from 2117 to 2095 :(

Our start of the season expectations for staying in the league gives us some money to play with.

Next up mid 2012-2013 results with my newly built team.

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Regensburg - German Third Division 2012-2013 Mid Season Results

Finances are dire, we need promotion!

German Third Division - After a rough start to the season we have fought ourselves into the 5th position! We scored the most goals in the Division and have given up way too many goals unfortunately!

Past Positions - Hoping to continue the rise to #1.

Our fixture list - We've done well, gotta shore up the defenses more, otherwise I'm thrilled

Transfer List - got rid of the same number of players I brought in, except made a profit selling some players, but not enough! Better quality AND more expensive.

The Squad - We're stronger now then last year, but need more to compete in the Second Division IF we get promoted.

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Regensburg - German Third Division 2012-2013 End of Season Results

League Table - We fought our way to second place, lost it, but held to 3rd, won the playoffs and got promoted!

Past Postions in the League - We did bad at first, new players were learning the system and team meld slowly but surely.

Fixtures - The new years brought in a lot of friendlies, which we did well with many of them being from higher level teams. Once we got back into league play we won 8 out of 9 to start the second half of the season, before losing 3 in a row. Against Osnabruck we lost 7-0 marking our low point. We rebounded with 2 wins, and some mixed results and finished enough to push a relagation playoff vs Aue. Away we tied 0-0, and at home we won 2-1 to win our promotion to the Second Division!

Finances - 2.5 million bank loan, almost -6 million cash... we need money now!

The Squad - We strengthened it to get promoted, and now we need to strengthen it to solidify ourselves in the Second Divison.

Transfers - Sold the old players and got in new ones, going to continue the trend. Hopefully there will be some deals to be had.

Key Players

Admir Aganovic - The 26 year old Bosnian Striker was our TOP goal scorer in 32 appearances he made 16 goals, 2 for 2 in penalty kicks, had 6 assists, with 2 MOM performances. He's under long term contract and hopefully can perform in the 2nd Division.

Frank Loning - is our 31 year old German Striker, who played in 39 matches scoring 115 goals, 2 for 2 in penalties, 7 assists with 2 MOM performances. Was hoping for a little more, on paper he's our strongest striker.

Mahmut Temur - is our 23 year old turkish midfielder/striker. He can play 2 positions depending on need and performs well. In 24 appearances he scored 13 goals, 10 assists with 3 MOM performances. He has bit more to learn, but is a midfield force.

Nicolas Feldhahn - The 26 year old German is our best player stat wise. He's our most expensive player at 9,750/wk . In 38 matches he scored twice, had 11 assists. I hope for more assists and goals from him next season.

Andre Laurito - The 29 year old German defender is our best defender, he played in 36 matches, scored 4, with 4 assists, and 5 MOM performances. One of the few hold overs from before my reign as manager.

The Future

Simple - build a stronger team before the new season, get a new contract beyond this season, and not get relegated.

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Definitely did it the hard way but what's important was you did it.

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Regensburg - German Second Division 2013-2014 First Half Season Results

I am the 2012-2013 Manager of the Year in the Third Division of German Football!

I signed a new contract, 3 years 10k/week, my first contract was 2 years 2,500/week not a bad raise.

We only lost 5.5 million...

Season Tickets sales went from 2095 to 3142!

Agonovic is the first player on my team to represent his country Bosnia!

Fixtures - We didn't do too bad 6 wins, 11 ties and 2 losses in the League. First round of the German cup we played Berliner SC and beat them 4-0... then we got stuck with Schalke in the second round and lost 3-0. Towards the end of the season we were getting better. My ambitious team is able to still eek out a lot of ties to end matches, they keep on impressing!

Second Division Table - We're solidly been midtable for most of the season... between 7th and 12th places.

Werder Bremen is now our parent club, and they've decided on loaning us their young goalie. I hope they do then I can sell my second goalie and hopefully get a few new players.

First half of season transfer list... Its nearly empty due to raise increases due to us gaining promotion... in fact we were in the red 20k per week over our allotted budget. I asked for more and nearly break even so i could resign 2 good players whose contracts run out in the summer. In January I hope to sell off 6 players and maybe get 1-2 great new ones. My team is 27 players, after trading 1 and have 3 others retire from last years team is hurting us. We also only have 4 strikers, and need 3 of them on the field matchday... hopefully our loser players and unhappy fetch us some space to get some impact players.

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Congrats on the promotion and manager award! :)

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@Cerud thanks, not bad for finishing third lol

@Deltablue doing a lot better then expected... I'm pleased I'm not battling against relegation. Got smacked around by Hertha Berlin 7-0... they don't belong in the Second Division. Their salary expenditure is 4x mine... currently in third place, 5 points ahead of me.

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Regensburg - German Second Division 2013-2014 Year End Results

German Second Division - We got third place, we had to play a second playoff in 2 years.

Past Positions in the Second Division - We solidified 3rd place with 1 match to go at the end of the season.

The Fixtures - After the Christmas Break we started out a little slow. Then slammed Union Berlin 6-0, continued winning until the end of March. Then we hit a snag, with 2 ties and yet another loss to Hertha Berlin, but thankfully we bounced back with 4 more wins to hit the playoffs!

The Promotion Playoff

We had to first play Hamburg away, then the second leg at home. The first leg was critical for success.

1st Leg - We had to rely on counter attacks to score... which led us to the first goal, however Hamburg finally broke us down in the 39th making it 1-1. In the 56th we got a goal off the Hamburg defender, we almost got the win, but in the 90th they tied it with a long range shot. We went to the second match ahead due to away goals 2-2.

2nd Leg - In the biggest audience in the clubs history 11,500 people watched us score the first goal in the 9th minute... Hamburg tried hard but thankfully didn't score until the 87th minute! We would of won due to away goals but Klalka put away the winning goal in the 93rd minute winning us Promotion to the First Division!

1.4 million kit sponsorship deal!

Finance - We have a good deal of debt, but we have 8 million in cash, and will make an additional 15 million from TV broadcasts alone, so things are looking up!

Season Expectations - Obviously I'm going to just try and survive the division first, we'll see what happens.

I came up in a few discussions to take over other clubs but no offers were made, PSG and Liverpool were the best among them.

I can Scout the world now for the best players.

I had a 10k/wk contract and now they upped it to 25k/week for 5 years.

The Squad - The group of over achievers that did magnificient things, hopefully some are able to be sold too make way for better players, and we need a bit more depth.

Transfers - We'll finally be bringing in some new blood to shake things up!

Key Players

Bjorn Bussmann - Is our 23 year old German Goal Keeper. Not sure if he's the real deal but he's gotten us this far. He played in 38 matches letting in 49 goals, got 10 clean sheets with 1 MOM honor. If we find another uber keeper his job might be gone.

Mahmut Temur - Is our best striker, the 24 year old Turkish Striker is striking on all cylinders this season in 31 appearances he scored 20 goals, made 4/5 penalty kicks, had 9 assists with 5 MOM appearances. Without him we wouldn't be in the top division.

Admir Aganovic - Our Bosnian Striker is 27 years old has played 4 matches for his national team, the only one we have representing a country, and at the world cup as well! In 36 matches he scored 12 goals, made 9 assists with 3 MOM performances. Not sure how he'll be in the top division, but guess is he's moving on sooner then later.

Frank Loening - Our 32 year old striker is slowly getting older and sooner then later will be unfit to play at this level. In 32 matches he scored 11 goals, 0/1 in penalties, got 5 assists and 4 MOM performances. With 8 yellows and 1 red he's losing his appeal.

Selcuk Alibaz - Our 24 year old midfielder is our godsend, he's gotten things done when victory was needed. In 30 appearances he scored 7 goals, scored a penalty kick, got 7 assists with 1 MOM performance. His attributes aren't so good but damn he's gotten the job done so far!

Andre Laurito - It needs to be said for the 2nd year in a row, he's the Fan's Player of the Year. He was also named to the Second Division Team of the Year! In terms of playing, he's the best we have! He's our 30 year old German defender who played in 37 matches, scoring 7 goals, 1 assist and 4 MOM performances! I'll need him to perform a little more at this level, if he fails to perform, we're going have bad times in defense.

The Future

Before the new season starts we'll have a new Assistant Manager and will reveal who won the World Cup. The focus will be picking reinforcements for the team who can shine at this level for as cheap as possible.

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Nice climb up the table in securing promotion!

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Regensburg First Division 2014-2015 Results - Christmas Break

12 million profit for last year.

Season Ticket sales go from 3142 to 4869.

First Division Table. - Currently in 12th place, was at one point 5th. I do think we won't get relegated as Aachen and 1860 munich are pretty much staying on the bottom.

The Fixtures - The fixtures tell the story. First off the German Cup we played Neuhausen and won easily, second round was against Hoffenheim, we went 1-1 into extra time... in the last 10 minutes we scored 3 times t get to the third round against second division Duisburg that we won 3-1 too. Quarterfinal is against Dortmund and we have a 25% change of winning that one. Our league run was going great until we met FC Bayern and got thrashed 6-0... we lost the next 3 matches 2 of which were also top 3 like Bayern and we lost all the confidence we had. Now though we're rebuilding our Morale and by the restart I hope we can get some good results.

Our new players when morale is high, are doing well. I'm trying to unload a few players during the break to maybe bring in 1-2 new players to shore us up.

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The money in the German First Division is absolutely ridiculous, regardless of where you finish I'm sure you get over £10mil in prize money. A couple of years up there and your debts should be long gone.

Congrats on the quick rise as well. I loved the time I spent in Germany on my save.

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@deltablue indeed can't complain

@Paolo it is crazy, I'm enjoying the top flight, its tough and damn is the morale killing me at times, but I'm managing to hold on. Money from TV alone is 15 million throughout the season.

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I just want to win everything in Germany, and hopefully get a stadium in my name and then go off somewhere else.

Hope you do get that stadium :) Are you Favoured Personnel yet?

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Unfortunately taking them from 3rd to 1st division in 2 seasons doesn't make one Favored Personnel yet. Also Unfortunately we rent our stadium so I doubt we can add on, and we're at like 89% Capacity now... next season I see us selling out.

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Regensburg First Division 2014-2015 Full Season Results

In order to maximize what we did, I opted to change my season expectations to mid table finish, it enabled us to buy 2 more players to shore up the midfield.

German First Division - We finished 14th which isn't bad considering how bad we were played. We made the Quarter Finals of the German Cup but Dortmund destroyed us 6-0.

Past Positions in the League - As one can see, our performances just dropped after the 12th week, with not much hope of coming back.

The Squad - Is improved over last year, quite a few lost souls of football found their way here to fight for me. We have a ways to go until we can consistantly fight with the big boys, its just a matter of time while we claw up the table.

The Fixtures - Tell the story, a lot of losses by 1 goal, but no real blowout other then Dortmund in the German Cup.

The Transfers - 9 new players, sold 1, 4 on loan... looking to get rid of more but its not happening yet. Will definitely be bring more in.

Finances - 24 million in the bank

Key Players

Gergely Rudolf - Is our hungarian Striker, 30 years old, is still listed as a member of the national team, just hasn't played for it since joing us. He's our best performing Striker. In 36 matches he got us 15 goals, 2 for 2 on penalties, 7 assists, and 3 MOM performances. I think its the best we're getting out of him in a season.

Andre Schembri - is our 28 year old Striker from Malta, yes Malta. He's a Maltese international who in 5 matches scored a goal and an assist for his country. For us he's played in 35 matches, scoring 12 goals with 7 assists and 4 MOM performances. I don't think he can do any better then that.

Admir Aganovic - Only striker from last season to be a starter, our 28 year old Bosnian Striker played 4 times for his country scoring no goals. For us he played 34 times, got 10 goals, with 8 assists and 1 MOM performance. I think its his last season as a starter.

Rui Sampaio - Our top midfielder by far, in both attributes and performance. From Portugal, 27 years old. Played 35 times for us, scoring 3 goals with 7 assists. I think there's more to come from him, I'm looking forward to seeing him up his game.

Stefan Buck - Is our 34 year old defender from Germany, he has the best average rating of all our players at 6.94. He played in 36 matches scoring 4 goals, 4 assists, and 1 MOM performance. Only 2 yellow cards as well. I think he has 2-3 seasons left in him to play well.

Heinz Muller - He's our 36 year old German keeper. What skews his numbers is that playing only 3 in the back makes for a lot more goals. In 37 matches he conceded 69 goals with 4 clean sheets and 1 MOM performance. Not sure if I can find another decent goalie with better stats that I can afford at this point, but time will tell.

Retirement Update

Frank Loening - Our Striker of 3 years is retiring after being deemed not good enough to start. Frank was a champion, and not a whiner. The 33 year old played in 3 matches and scored his final goal at home in the final match of the season. Now thats class. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.

Next Steps

Getting better players and staff is the key. Its not rocket science. The more money we get in the quicker things will get.

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Regensburg First Division 2015-2016 Update & Results - Christmas Break

At the beginning of the Season Hertha Berlin wanted me, Got denied.

Canada then wanted me after the Gold Cup, got denied.

Venezuela then wanted me, no hope of WC atm with them, got denied.

And towards the end of 2015 Wolfsburg came, and got shafted too.

I'll take a national team job thats interesting and has potential, right now those are limited.

Start of season expectations - we are comfortable with a mid table finish as a result.

We added 1770 seats before the start of the season, a nice new terrace. We're at 99% sell out capacity, I don't dare ask for a new stadium, they deny my requests for better training facilities lol

Season ticket sales went from 4859 to 5764!

German First Division Table - We're in seventh right now, at one point we were 2nd. We lost Bayern 1-0 and everything crashed and burned for the moment.

Past Positions - up then doooooown.

Fixtures - We started off great, still going well we have losses to just Bayern, Dortmund, Hoffenheim, Stuttgart, and Koln, not bad. We're still in the German Cup took out Unterhacting of the second division, then killed Hannover 4-2 in the second round, it got tight with Freiburg taking us to extra time when we finally got 3 goals in... We meet Wolfsburg in the Quarter finals who we beat in the regular league match already this season so we could hit our first Semi finals in the cup.

Otherwise we dump the 3-4-3 formation and went back to old reliable 4-3-3 which will be fully implemented next season.

And we changed our expectations from mid table to top half... got some nice potential new players to add. I did get some youngsters pre season that will be stars. Its shaping up for next seasons European adventures to unfold.

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At least you finished safe in the league :) Now it's the time to grow.

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Regensburg First Division 2015-2016 Full Season Results

Nothing much on the Managerial front other then Columbia asking me if I wanted to coach them and I denied them.

German First Division - We earned a respectable 5th place, the media predicted 17th...

First Division Past Positions... like a roller coaster

The Fixtures - The new year friendlies went well and then we went into a 4 game losing streak before picking ourselves up from that to start kicking some arse. After our quartfinal defeat to Wolfsburg in the German Cup followed be a loss in the League to Wolfsburg we didn't lose anymore matches for the final 12 matchs of the season. Granted there was a period we tied 5 in a row. But its all good, we got to our next goal, a spot in the Europa Cup.

Europa Cup - We'll enter in the $th Qualifying Round which shouldn't be hard to get to the Knockout Stage.

Finances - 25 Million in the bank.

Stadium expansion - 5,900 seats for 11.5 Million

The Transfers - Most action we've seen so far. We got a striker Marcus Berg for too much money and he doesn't get the job done... everyone else is a bargain. Selling wise we got offers for our young goalkeeper who we used in the first season and got 2 million, and an argentinian midfielder was sold for 2 million after complaining of lack of playing time. Overall it was a great season for transfers, 4 in particular are now key players for the future.

The Squad - Still maintained the top salary at 20k/week overall the squad is stronger then ever with a lot people playing for spots. We'll be seeing a lot of players off as their contracts are expiring from the first season in charge, will be letting go a lot of the players that got us to the First Division. Of almost 20 players who are out of contract in about a year, we renewed 3 contracts since they were content being backup. We have 4 retirements from some back ups we got this season when we had a few injuries but nothing to worry about.

5 of our New Players are heading to the European Championships.

Key Players

Gergely Rudolf - Tried to replace him but the 31 Year old Hungarian Striker kept coming back for more. In 29 matches he scored 12 goals, 1/1 in Penalty kicks, had 6 assists and 1 MOM performance. He even played once for the Hungarian National Team. will make a good back up striker if he doesn't whine his way to a transfer.

Milan Orsula - has been getting the attention of some big clubs. The 20 year old Slovakian striker is a bargain, Manchester United wanted him for a Wayne Rooney replacement. He played in 36 matches, scored 8 goals, 1 for 1 in Penalty kicks and had 4 assists. He's the future of our Strikeforce. He played 3 times for his National team and scored 0.

Milos Ilko - Is also part of the future Strikeforce for our club. He's another 20 year old Slovakian striker. He's isn't as highly rated as our other one, but now I can see he's going be damn good as well. In 26 matches he scored 8 goals, with a penalty kick taken and missed, 4 assists and 2 MOM performances.

Now we just need to get a great center forward to complement these both.

Andre Schembri - Is the honorable mention for strikers now. Our 30 year old Maltese striker played 23 times, scored 7 goals, had 9 assists (the most of anyone) and 2 MOM performances. He's a good player but I think he'll be down the pecking order if we fulfill our dream of a big center forward. He also represented his country 6 times and didn't score or assist.

Abeiku Quansah - is our best midfielder over all. He's our 25 year old Ghanian midfielder who finally picked up his first cap. In 35 matches he scored twice with 8 assists. I think he'll be around awhile he gets the job done in the midfield.

Leonidas Ioannou - is our best defender. He's 20 years old from Greece and has the highest estimated value of anyone on the team at 6.25 million. We've had a 15 million dollar bid from Lyon as our top bid. He's the future of our defence. With 37 appearances he scored 4 goals with 2 assists and 5 MOM performances. He also has our highest rating on the team at 7.29. He'll be around a long time.

Stefano Kunchev - Our 25 year old Bulgarian Goalie is now our top goal keeper. In 38 matches he let in 45 goals with 12 clean sheets and 4 MOM performances. So far so good for him. He's the best goal keeper we've not sure if he can handle Europe as well. We'll see, but he's solid and averaged 6.99 rating is damn good IMHO.

Upcoming Season

1) Get a damn good playmaker for midfield.

2) Get a damn good Central Striker

3) Get 2 back up goalkeepers since they're both retiring.

4) Fill up holes/strengthen positions with remaining capital.

5) Qualify again for Europe as minimum goal, do well in Europe.

6) Win

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Regensburg First Division 2016-2017 Update & Results - Christmas Break

2016 European Champions - Turkey!

Leonidas Ioannou is the Fans Player of the Year

Start of Season Expectations - Chose qualifying for the Europa Cup...

Season Ticket sales went from 5764 to 7500

Preseason Match vs Manchester United... won 3-0

Europa Cup Draw - Seville!

First Leg - At home was a stunning brutal display of soccer where scoring didn't happen till Sevilla scored in the 88th minute and we tied it up in the 92nd minute. Our best defender got a red card as well. 1-1 was the final score.

Second Leg - First competitive meaningful match outside of Germany EVER for the club was a disasterous 5-0 loss at Sevilla which ended our European dreams for now.

5900 seats added!

2016 Fixtures - Preseason was great, we defeated both Manchester United and Manchester City Reserve Teams. In the German Cup we won in Penalties over Braunschweig in the first round, In the Second round it went to Penalties again against Hoffenheim. In the 3rd round we played Stuttgart and won 4-3. We got 10 ties in the first half of the season. We only lost to Dortmund and Koln.

First Division Table - Currently 10th Place Most players have chatted with me about losing faith in me and that we're underperforming. Its getting annoying. Our huge signing has been a disappointment, and our 2nd biggest acquisition is doing alright but I expected better nonetheless. Few potential acquisitions.

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Tough beat in the Europa League, but like you said, it's your first foray into European football. You'll be back :)

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Regensburg First Division 2016-2017 Season Results

During the second half of the season South Africa wanted to hire me, but didn't seem worth the time from my standpoint.

Real Sporting of Spain wanted me come to their club for a 20% wage cut, worthless team... 1.7 million in transfer funds and their total wage budget is less then mine... of course I turned it down.

First Division Results - Got 3rd place and into the Champions League on a very strong second half of the season.

Past Positions - as can be seen we fought our way close to the top.

The Fixtures - Our January friendlies were a disaster. When it counted though we got going with a nice 5-1 win over Hannover. Then a 4-1 win over Frankfurt saw us into the Semi Finals of the German Cup. Then in the league our successes were dimmed a bit with a 1-1 tie with Dortmund, and a 2-0 loss to Koln. Our German Cup Semifinal was played against 2nd Division Aachen, we played with our secondary squad as I wanted our primary squad fresh for Bayern... we beat Aachen in Penalties and lost to Bayern 2-1. Then we went on a 9 game winning streak that ended with a 3-3 tie to Stuttgart, and losing in the German Cup final to Bayern 1-0.

The Finances - 37 million in the bank!

The Squad - Stronger then ever, got a good number of youngsters in to form the basis of our future dynasty. More will come in to solidify the team but I am estatic with their development.

The Transfers - The real Significant moves into the club was our new playmaker Tercisio, our new striker Oscar Coronel, our new Goal Keeper Antonio Mirante, and Portuguese soccer legend Pepe came in on a free transfer. Going out wass Marcus Berg who left for just about double then what we bought him for last year. And Rui Sampaio was sold for 2.8 million as we had too many midfielders to justify him staying. We'll be continuing to strengthen the team.

Key Players

Antonio Mirante - is our new 33 year old Italian Striker we got on a free transfer from Parma. He's a stop gap measure until we get an uber keeper. For now he's getting the job done, he'll be with us at least 2 years more. May try to keep him until he retires. He made 29 appearances, conceded 31 goals, with 8 clean sheets and 2 MOM performances. 1 or 2 more seasons with him, unless a star goal keeper suddenly becomes affordable in the meantime.

Leondias Ioannou - Our best defender. The 21 year old Greek god of defense is now estimated to be valued at 9.5 Million which is the most on the team. He made 40 appearances for the team with 2 goals, 1 assist and 5 MOM performances. Did get 6 yellows and a Red card, but otherwise couldn't be happier withe young greek!

Pepe - The Portuguese legendary defender is 34 and came over on a free transfer. He played in 21 matches, scored twice with 2 assists. He averaged a 7.00 which I can live with, He started off slow but has really paired up nicely to dominate the central fullback positions.

Tarcisio - Is our new playmaker, the 19 year old Brazilian was brought in for 4 million from Internacional. He played for us 35 times, scored 3 goals, had 12 assists with 2 MOM performances. He'll get a lot better and I can't wait to see how well he develops.

Gergelry Rudolf - Our 32 year old striker wants to leave and doesn't want to be a back up player. We'll see how much we get for him, I'm hoping he'll see the light and stay. He played in 24 matches, scored 8 goals with 2 assists. His red card pissed me off at the time, but hey he's a decent player who knows the system, hopefully we can keep him.

Milos Ilko - Is one of our 21 year old Slovakian stikers who in my opinion isn't living up to his potential so far. Even Slovakia had used him as a substitute 7 times and he did nothing with it. For us he played 38 times, scored 9 goals, 11 assists, and 2 MOM performances. I see him getting better still just thought he'd be a little better at least.

Oscar Coronel - Our 22 year old Argentinian is our newest Striker. At 6'6" 205 pounds he's built like a tank. First half of the season he scored 1 goal. Since January he scored 20. In 36 appearances he scored 21 goals with 8 assists and 5 MOM performances. He's going to lead us to the German League Title, German Cup, and of course the Champions League, its just a matter of time.

Milan Orsula

Winner of the German Striker of the Year Award

Orsula our 2nd Slovakian striker is 21 years old and is acknowledged by the German 1st Division as the Striker of the Year. In 32 appearances he scored 12 times, 3/3 on Penalties, had the most assists on the team with 13, and 3 MOM performances. Orsula was the guy to get the job done when everyone else failed to score or to get the killer pass to Coronel.

Upcoming season

Going to strengthen the Team, we'll see what good talent is out there and decide. Hopefully the Champions League draw won't be bad and we can at least get to the Group Phase.

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Congrats on the Champions League :)

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2017-18 Champions League Update - Best Placed Playoffs!

In Leg 1 we traveled to Portugal to play FC Porto. We were given next to no hope to win

In the 19th Minute their Icelandic Striker scored the first goal, things were quiet until Coronel hit the ball off their defender tieing the match right in extra time in the first half. Second half we got an early corner and Leonida Ioannou scored with the header to take the lead early in the second half. 20 minutes later an awesome free kick tied it up again thanks to the Icelandic International. Then 18 minutes Carlos Forseca scored in a lame counter attack to make it 3-2... but in the 4th minute of extra time in what seemed an impoossible play Milos Ilko got the tieing goal with a lob to the corner making the game end at 3-3.

In the second leg things started off well enough. A lame tackle on Coronel led to our penalty kick in the 27th minute which he converted to take the lead. What happened the rest of the match resembled more of an Ice Hockey match then a soccer match. 2 of our players ended up with dead legs (thankfully nothing serious). Both sides had their share of cards and in the bout we won 1-0.... and in Aggregate we advance to the group stage 4-3.

Our Champions League Draw

Manchester City is going to be tough.

Althetic Bilbao we can get results from I noticed they are a bit shaky from observing their matches.

Rubin Kazan we can win both games if we're smart about chances.

We entered the big time, and its going to test the smallest squad I've had since day one.

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Regensburg First Division 2017-2018 Christmas Update

Season Ticket sales are at 8402 now, last season was 7500.

Stuttgart offered me a Job, I turned them down.

We are now the 93rd richest club at $57 million

We are ranked the 147th club in Europe.

Our board of directors payed off all our Debt.

Milan Orsula is the Fan's Player of the Year.

Start of Season Expectations - I chose Champions League Qualification as the minimum target, I may have to bump it to title challenge...

German First Division - A solid second place at this point. Not sure if taking out Dortmund is possible but we'll try.

Champions League Group C - Will post results in the full year, but we did get second place in the Group but we're going to face Barcelona next. Huge accomplishment, will post the Barcelona matches results.

Great times for the club, the Champions League matches make us play better domestically too which is great for confidence. Lots of whiners. 2 strikers got raises, and backup players want first team action... .etc... either way we'll manage. Progress is being made.

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Congrats on qualification in the Champions League!

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