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Who Are Ya? [FM2011] Vauxhall/San Marino Edition - Sign Up Thread

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Who Are Ya? Vauxhall/San Marion Edition Sign Up

You will be a player of random ability and position. Once a year you will have the ability, with your world leading coaches, to increase the abilities of your player.

The aim of this sign up is to use your skills and create the best players the World has ever seen.

Each season, you will improve your player based on the number of games your player plays, you will be given ‘coaching points’ to develop your players (Changes made using FMRTE).

The Detail

Starting Club - Vauxhall Motors of the Blue Square Bet North league in England (Lowest Rep starting team - rep of just 100).

All players start as 16 years old, position left random and place of birth is Ellsmere Port along with country of birth as San Marino (lowest European rep side at just 2050).

CA will be 100 and PA will be 200, so some will say you have signed with a club and are half way to becoming a superstar and with the aim of seeing how long it takes for San Marino to climb the ranks and become the number 1 team in the world?

The How

So all I need is your in-game player name.

No cut off for number of players - I will leave the sign up open for 24 hours.

Point To Note

All leagues and divisions will be run, so your player will have the chance to move anywhere in the world.

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