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Chester FC [Ri916's FM 12 Youth Academy Challenge!]

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This career is part of Ri916's FM 12 Youth Academy Challenge!

The basics are take a team promoted to BSN/BSS in the second season and take them as far as you can without buying any players, instead developing your own players. For the full rules of the challenge see the original thread.


Chester hire Johnson as Manager

Local coach Paul Johnson will take the helm at newely promoted Chester FC.

Johnson was quoted as saying "I'm looking forward to returning to the city I was born in, and my goal is to take Chester back to the football league as soon as possible.

Everyone in the city was gutted when Chester City FC was wound up due to the severe financial situation, and the supports trust who own the new club have expressed their desire to develop their own players and not be led down the same path as before."

Last seasons fan's player of the year George Darby backed the appointment and said "The club is definitely moving in the right direction and with Johnson in charge, i'm sure there will be many more trophies to come."

Season 1 Update

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March Update:

Its amazing how long your season can feel when you constantly don't have enough players to make a decent XI.

Finally some much needed depth is going to be added to the squad with my first youth intake

I have been doing ok ish in the league started off really well and was in the top 3 for a while, the squad soon became fatigued and morale has dropped with results going the same way of late. Currently 12th i'm hoping the new youth intake will revitalise the squad and we can get back into the top 6.

I'v been lucky enough to get a youngster with 5 stars CA, here he is..

Stelios Giannitopoulos YP1

Let me know what you think of him, and how you think i should develop him.

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Season 2012-2013


Media Prediction 8th

Final Position 14th

League Table

We got off to a flier winning 7 out of the first 10 league games! But after a while the lack of depth started to catch up and a few injuries, and a few bad results and the team starts to meltdown without a win in the next 10 games.

March came and I was hoping the youth intake would be a shot in the arm and we could turn things around and get back on track for the final run in of the season, but I was unable to stop the rot and ended up finishing a rather disappointing 14th.

During the season i managed to funnel some more finances towards junior coaching, but was unable to convince the board to upgrade the facilities.

Youth Intake

Stelios Giannitopoulos YP1

Already one of the best players at the club, and in such a much needed area made this him a very welcome addition. He ended up playing 7 games scoring once, and i have very high hopes for him next season.


- Playoff Finish

- Develop new youth players into first team regulars

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Welcome to the career forums, pjohnson87! Good luck with the yoth. Seems as though you got a great intake this past year.

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Always good being able to build a strong team from youngsters from the start.

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