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IOS tactic 2-2-2-2 formation

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Hi guys,

Just wanted to share a formation and tactics that seem to be working well for me at Stevenage in league one at the moment.

This is the formation


2 no nonsense CB's

2 wing backs offering support to the CB's while also getting formation on the overlap to over the wings.(well thats how i see it in my head ;))

2 normal CM's

2 inside forwards cutting in for the pass inside of the shot (again allowing the WB's to overlap)

a target man, and the an advance forward running off him.

These are the tactics


and this is how my season is shaping up.


Created this about 5-6 games into the season after my team really where not finding any kind of rhythm. so decided to go with a fairly attacking formation and have passing triangles all over the pitch. (complemented by the short passing style in the tactics.)

Lost only 2 games using this formation and both I really should have won. created lots of chances but my normally red hot strikers just couldn't finish.

1 in the FA CUP and one in the league.

Most of my goals are shared between my 3 main forwards but they are constantly being rotated and brought off the bench.

Chris Beardsley 40 apps 32 goals

Craig Reid 37 apps 28 goals

Terry Gornell 28 apps 21 goals

with the inside forwards popping up with 8 or so and the midfielders grabbing about the same.

all in all it seems to be working out OK for me so just thought I would share it.

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I've played a season using this formation as Exeter. I scored 116 goals, but conceded 98. How did you play the centre backs? Central or limited defender? I finished a few points away from the playoffs

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