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Hi, I'm italian and my english won't be perfect. I'm here because I have a problem with FM12, after Steam install the 12.2.2 patch. Before the last patch, the game was perfect, but after that my team rarely scores and I haven't fun. After the last patch, my players shot a lot and have a big ball possession, but they don't score goal. Look at the image. In this match my team shots 21 times, the Sochaux only 5 times, but my shots are only 4 times on target (19%) and Sochaux shots are 3 times on target (60%). And in all matches it's the same!


I haven't fun, and many other people haven't fun and they don't want to buy FM13 because they hate the game when it's like now!

There is any solution?

Thanks :)

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Of your 21 shots, 12 were long shots. You will always have less chance of hitting the target from a distance just as it is in real life. I'd suggest changing your long shots instruction to rarely. Maybe use the shout 'work ball into box'. You would end up with less shots, but you would have a higher chance of at least hitting the target.

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