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Shanghai Mishaps: The Oceania Chronicles

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SHANGHAI MISHAPS: The Oceania Chronicles

I was in the middle of managing in the Cook Islands with Tupapa where I had early success, and then a few years of nothing. I enjoyed it, but as someone pointed out there was no continental competition to fight for, it was just the league title and a not-so-worthwhile cup competition. I've decided to change this as in real life the OFC have introduced a preliminary round called the OFC Cup which includes the league winners of the 4 weakest Oceania nations competiting for a chance to play in the O-League.

I've also created league systems for all the top leagues of each 11 nations (except Tonga, sadly couldn't find any information on that league), so I will be using just these 10 leagues and managing my way around the Oceania islands with success, hopefully.

I've also created the U20's competition for the Oceania region, along with qualifying, plus the Polynesia and Melanesia Cups. I know they're actually defunct now but I wanted a competition where New Zealand couldn't win, just so the other countries had some happiness for once.

I will be starting unemployed with Sunday League reputation, nationality is English with Welsh 2nd nationality.

Leagues loaded

American Samoa

Cook Islands


New Caledonia

New Zealand

Papua New Guinea


Solomon Islands



Extra competitions

O-League Preliminary

OFC U-20 Championship

Polynesia Cup

Melanesia Cup

There's a plethora of clubs to choose from, getting a job will be no problem. Will stick it on holiday and will accept the first job giving to me.

Career so far

Season | Club     | Nation          | Position | Cup        | Notes                        |
2011   | Arorangi | Cook Islands    | 5/7      | Semi Final |                              |
2012   | Arorangi | Cook Islands    | 2/7      | Semi Final | Resigned at end of season    |

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CHAPTER ONE: Arorangi (Cook Islands)

Just when I wanted to travel around, I end up back in the place I started before - the Cook Islands. However, this time, I'm approached by Arorangi with an amateur contract. I gladly accept, have a look at the team and I like what I see, sure some 2nd choices aren't great but hopefully I won't need to use them too much. Knowing the Oceania market though, these players will quickly find a new team to play for (I haven't implemented a transfer window this time).

We hail from the district of Matavera and play our home games at the Matavera School Grounds (bring your own chair).

Also, another I've noticed is for the first season, FM picks the best teams from each nation to compete in the O-League so unfortunately New Zealand is represented by Wellington Phoenix, but this only happens for the first tournament.

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Interesting career! :) Never seen one in the South Pacific. Enjoy :)

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Hope to see you in Vanuatu at some point as had a good save game as manager of the national team a while back

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Looking forward to this. Good luck fella.

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Good luck in the Cook Islands.

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Good luck with this! Always wanted to do a save in Oceania, but I don't think I'd have the patience with the amateur set up :D

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Good luck with the Cook Islands, I, myself had a 10 year stint in Vanuatu and Fiji.

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13.08.2011 (League)

Arorangi 1-1 Takuvaine

A frustrating first half was dogged by injuries to striker Niko Vogel and full back Aloisi Tua, but a positive 10 minutes from the break as Don Hallin storms in to the box to finish a one-on-one. The visitors pull one back in the second half through Ioane Victor who was picked out with a lofted ball up field, beating the offside trap.

MotM: Eugene Tatuava 7.4 (Takuvaine)

Att: 136

24.08.2011 (League)

Arorangi 4-0 Tupapa

A tremendous result against a decent Tupapa side; 4 goals, 4 scorers. Centre back Brett Gibson opens the scoring heading home a corner 18 minutes in, and 10 minutes later Andrew Teokotai pokes the ball in from six yards. In to the second half, Alan Newnham adds a third at 69 minutes and to finish it off, Tupapa gift us the fourth with an own goal from keeper Teira Ioane. A brilliant game, and a good start to the season so far.

MotM: Andrew Teokotai 9.1 (Arorangi)

Att: 133

17.09.2011 (League)

Arorangi 2-0 Matavera

New signing Tuka Tisam scores a brace in the second half of his debut to secure all 3 points against Matavera, his second goal coming from a superb run from the half way line.

MotM: Tuka Tisam 8.8 (Arorangi)

Att: 141

21.09.2011 (League)

Nikao 0-0 Arorangi

Our first away game of the season and it's everyones favourite kind of game: bore draw. We do hit the woodwork late on, but fail to capitalize against a very lacklustre Nikao.

MotM: Tokari Nooroa 7.6 (Arorangi)

Att: 131

30.09.2011 (League)

Takuvaine 0-2 Arorangi

Our second time playing Takuvaine this season and I'm looking to go one better than a draw. My team don't convince me we're up for it as Takuvaine constantly attack our goal, but we break away and win a penalty in the 24th minute which is converted by Victor Teao. Completely against the run of play but we're in the lead. The first of the half is dull but we come out of the blocks fast in the second half and put Tauvaine on the back foot. However, they break away and score but it's disallowed for offside, and then John Pareanga seals it for us, scoring in the 5th minute of injury time with a sublime volley from a free kick.

MotM: John Pareanga 8.1 (Arorangi)

Att: 125

05.10.2011 (League)

Titikaveka 0-1 Arorangi

Third away game in a row, and our fifth clean sheet in a row. It's not a thrilling game at all, there's a fair few shots but not many on target, but luckily we only need one to snatch victory. Raymond Newnham scores the goal and we're top of the table, 2 points clear with a game in hand on 2nd place Nikao.

MotM: John Pareanga 7.3 (Arorangi)

Att: 125

11.10.2011 (League)

Avatiu 2-0 Arorangi

This game was always going to be tough, Avatiu are league favourites, plus they represented Cook Islands in the O-League preliminaries and won the group, but lost the playoff narrowly. I regretably change to a 4-3-3 formation (usually play 4-4-2), though we manage to keep it goalless at half time, Ngatuaine Mani and Moetaua Toru punish my change of tactics and we suffer our first loss of the season.

MotM: Ngatuaine Mani 7.6 (Avatiu)

Att: 120

14.10.2011 (League)

Arorangi 2-4 Titikaveka

This was a bit of a shock result to be honest. I was expecting to win this game, maybe not be a lot but I was optimistic in leaving with 3 points, and if they wanted to battle, then I'd give them hell. But, it seems my team were not up for this game at all, and are in danger of throwing away the title challenge. Losing to Avatiu obviously took a hit on their confidence and we let in an early goal 9 minutes in. Don Hallin puts us level not long after but they're awarded a penalty before half time and we go in 2-1 down. They then put another 2 in soon after the break and now we've got 3 goals to score just to catch up. This was a mountain on too big of a scale, and we can only manage one goal thanks to Paul Luiz van Eijk. I call a team meeting after and tell them this is not the team I started the season with, but the reaction was not a good one, and I can say with certainty that I'd be surprised if we win any of the 4 remaining league games this season.

MotM: Don Hallin 7.9 (Arorangi)

Att: 109

21.10.2011 (League)

Tupapa 2-1 Arorangi

If one word was to describe how I felt after this result, it would be 'gutted'. Told the lads to just enjoy themselves which eased the pressure on them, and they responded brilliantly. We peppered their goal early on with shots and managed to win a penalty. Alan Newnham stepped up to the task but hit the post, regained possession of the loose ball and proceeded to set up John Pareanga who put us ahead. Spirits were lifted and we came in at half time with a few smiles on our faces and went back out with determination to put last weeks game behind us and win today. However, something went wrong and I can't quite put my finger on it. Tupapa kept finding these sly openings in our defence and took advantage on the 56th minute with Junior Puroku beating our keeper. And then the table really turned when Brett Gibson scored an own goal minutes from the end and gifted the 3 points to Tupapa. It was an undeserved loss and a blow to the lads who had worked hard.

MotM: John Pareanga 7.3 (Arorangi)

Att: 104

09.11.2011 (League)

Arorangi 1-1 Nikao

Another game, another missed penalty. A cracking start from my side, scoring after 15 seconds through Niko Vogel, but late on in the second half, Alan Newnham gets sent off for us and it's that challenge which results in Nikao scoring, bringing it square and with us a man down. We win yet another penalty a few minutes later but Niko Vogel blazes it over, and then goes on to miss an absolute sitter. A disappointing performance in all honesty.

MotM: Michael Mouauri 7.8 (Arorangi)

Att: 93

25.11.2011 (League)

Matavera 1-1 Arorangi

An absolute must win game that was not won. Well, I did say we wouldn't win again, didn't I? With Avatiu 4 points clear, we had to win this and pray Avatiu did not win, after all we play them on the last game of the season. Again, it's another game where we take the lead by half time but fail to do anything in the second half. James Nand scores on his return from injury but Tuaine Manavaroa punishes us just after half time, Matavera seem content with the draw. I may just sack everyone.

MotM: James Nand 7.7 (Arorangi)

Att: 135

02.12.2011 (League)

Arorangi 0-1 Avatiu

Avatiu wanted to win this to confirm their status as league champions. I did want to spoil their party but that wasn't going to happen. Moetaua Toru scores their only goal as they cement their place in the O-League preliminaries. The only thing to mention for us is Itu Taeru got injured 4 minutes in to his debut for the club.

MotM: Moetaua Toru 7.4 (Avatiu)

Att: 136



2 - Don Hallin, John Pareanga, Tuka Tisam


3 - Alan Newnham


3 - John Pareanga

15.12.2011 (Cup Semi Final)

Arorangi 1-3 Titikaveka

We're given a bye straight in to the semi-finals, so we're going to make the most of it, yeah? No. There's a saying - "One step forwards, two steps back", but it's more like "One goal scored, concede more due to idiot defenders and cheating opposition". Yet yet yet again, we take the lead, this time it was midfielder Andrew Cocker in the 56th minute, but Porter Pokura equalises. Ok, that's fine, I can handle that, but they then injure Victor Teao when I have no more subs left and then they score. And then they injure Tuka Tisam, and then they score. And then just to be the utter cretins they are, they injure Ngatuaine Ngere, a player they've been trying to sign all season. And the manager wants to be my friend? There's a part of my body I'm willing to let you kiss but it sure ain't my lips. A miserable ending to a miserable season.

MotM: Porter Pokura 7.5 (Titikaveka)

Att: 77


Let me know what you think of the layout, all feedback welcome. I may try out a few different layouts over the seasons.

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Only 7 in the league! Makes for tough competition :) And I like the layout, especially how you present each match.

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17.08.2012 (League)

Arorangi 3-1 Takuvaine

A great start to the season, an early goal from Paul Luiz van Eijk put us ahead but Takuvaine came back through Nga Sila not long after. However, the same guy scored an own goal for us and then Alan Newnham shot the visitors down with a powerful strike just after the break.

MotM: Alan Newnham 7.7 (Arorangi)

Att: 156

24.08.2012 (League)

Nikao 1-3 Arorangi

Another 3-1 victory, this time against a surprisingly weak Nikao team. John Pareanga, a much sought after player during the off-season, snuck behind the defence as a free kick was whipped in, he took on a half volley and powered it in. Of course, it wouldn't be Arorangi if we didn't let in a few minutes later, David Maggie claiming the equaliser. Niko Vogel put us back in the lead at 55 minutes, and Tuka Tisam left the home defence in his dust as he sprinted down the field to slot home easily.

MotM: Niko Vogel 8.2 (Arorangi)

Att: 104

29.08.2012 (League)

Arorangi 1-1 Avatiu

This was a game I wanted to grab by both hands and hold high from the reach of Avatiu, the league champions. We piled on the pressure and felt unlucky we had gone in still goalless and level at the break, but Tuka Tisam scored his second of the season at the 66th minute mark. Unfortunately, Maara Kaukura brought it back to square one 11 minutes later. I felt slightly aggrieved as I didn't even notice this happened and thought we won the match. Still, 7 points out of a possible 9, sounds very similar to last season.

MotM: Tuka Tisam 7.2 (Arorangi)

Att: 142

05.09.2012 (League)

Matavera 1-1 Arorangi

A very disappointing result as again we dominate from the start but are failing to convert some of the many chances we are handed on a plate. Tuka Tisam scores yet again, 5 minutes before half time so we go in with heads high, but Matavera find it easy to divide our defence apart and claw one back through Gustav Tatuava. The game stays that way but with majority possession and more shots on goal, this was a game that should've been put to bed really.

MotM: Tuka Tisam 7.2 (Arorangi)

Att: 129

15.09.2012 (League)

Arorangi 1-0 Titikaveka

A game that was always going to be tough to win, and one that seemed impossible at the same time we had two goals disallowed in the first half and Titikaveka had one disallowed. The winning goal came 10 minutes from time, Niko Vogel scoring with a header from a corner.

MotM: Niko Vogel 7.3 (Arorangi)

Att: 142

28.09.2012 (League)

Tupapa 0-2 Arorangi

Brilliantly won by my team, Niko Vogel scoring his 3rd goal of the season to put us ahead before Tuka Tisam converts a penalty in the second half. We're now half way through the season with 6 games played, won 4 drawn 2 lost 0. We're 5 points ahead of 3rd place Titikaveka and only 2 behind Avatiu (who will be playing in the O-League after they won every game in the preliminaries and beat New Caledonian team Hienghene Sport in the play-off, a positive for Cook Islands football).

MotM: Alan Newnham 8.0 (Arorangi)

Att: 120

05.10.2012 (League)

Arorangi 1-1 Nikao

It's been a problem for us ever since I took over, we'll score comfortably but there seems to be a price to pay for leading, and we can't afford it, and so we concede. Again(!), we take the lead early, this time it only takes 5 minutes for Niko Vogel to score. I have a somewhat love/hate relationship with this guy, he can score important goals but he misses absolute sitters, if he can just focus and put them away, we could easily 2 or 3 up by the end of the match. John Kaukura scores for Nikao on 21 minutes and that's how it remains; a very stale game for a stalemate.

MotM: Poka Pauka 7.3 (Nikao)

Att: 134

19.10.2012 (League)

Takuvaine 2-0 Arorangi

I can tell we're getting in to the latter half of the season because we're playing worse than usual. I don't care much to explain anything and we should have lost by more.

MotM: Anthony Parakoti 7.7 (Takuvaine)

Att: 143

26.10.2012 (League)

Avatiu 1-2 Arorangi

A beautiful beautiful result! We start the game 3 points behind league leaders Avatiu, but it remained deadlocked until just before half time when we were saved by a certain cocker, Andrew Cocker. The midfielder got on the end of Kazna Rangi cross at the far post, taking it on the half volley beautifully. It didn't take too long after half-time for Avatiu to bring it square, Albert Oti with a good solo goal. Only a few minutes later we won a corner, Taku Samuel whips it in and Brett Gibson gets on the end of it with a header, and what a goal! It puts us ahead and it stays that way, we're now top, level on points but a superior goal difference by 1.

MotM: Brett Gibson 7.6 (Arorangi)

Att: 159

09.11.2012 (League)

Arorangi 1-1 Matavera

Not a brilliant result from a team chasing the title. Never looked up to the task, but Tuka Tisam put us ahead before Maru Ngatama won a point for Matavera.

MotM: Tuka Tisam 7.2 (Arorangi)

Att: 142

14.11.2012 (League)

Titikaveka 1-5 Arorangi

Wow! Absolutely stunned. 3-0 up by half time, the team showed me what they can do, and it was a sight to behold. Don Hallin scored a hat-trick, including a penalty, plus Tuka Tisam added to his already impressive total and Victor Teao scored on his first game of the season. Let's hope it's not too late, Avatiu are still 2 points ahead and we've both only 1 game to play. Avatiu play before us, so I hope 6th place Nikao can cause an upset, or at least draw against them, and then we play 7th place Tupapa a week later.

MotM: Don Hallin 9.6 (Arorangi)

Att: 111

07.12.2012 (League)

Arorangi 1-1 Tupapa

With nothing to play for, this game was just one last match to play of the season, one last hoorah, one last gulp of the warm ale, one last bite of last night's pizza found on the garden patio. With several key players injured from international duty (Niko Vogel, Tuka Tisam), and Paul Luiz van Eijk signing for Avatiu mid-week, I couldn't see us getting many goals today. We only managed to gain a point today through an own goal, a performance the complete polar opposite from last week.

MotM: Ben Marsters 7.3 (Tupapa)

Att: 128



6 - Tuka Tisam


4 - Tuka Tisam


2 - Tuka Tisam, Niko Vogel

12.12.2012 (National Cup Quarter Final)

Avatiu 0-0p Arorangi

We couldn't have got a tougher tie, league champions and O-League participants, so I didn't take this game very seriously at all. I was happy for it to be goalless at half time, let alone full time and at the end of extra time. As I wasn't taking this game seriously, I stuck on my best player from our U20's (who won their league by the way), and he was great! He injured one of their players, an ex-player of ours, and scored the winning penalty! You will be a star one day, Nga Tou.

MotM: Tokari Nooroa 7.6 (Arorangi)

Att: 102

20.12.2012 (National Cup Semi Final)

Arorangi 0-1 Takuvaine

It was an undeserved win for Takuvaine who had one shot on goal all game, and that was the penalty that Anonga Tisam scored. Though my lads didn't put in a great performance in the first half, they came out again firing on all cylinders, but just didn't have that killer instinct to pull it back. Nonetheless, I didn't expect to be here, and can only sympathise with my players. Up yours Takuvaine.

MotM: Anthony Parakoti 7.1 (Takuvaine)

Att: 104




I just fancied a change, and don't think I could take Arorangi to the top of the table any time soon, Avatiu have that extra something about them. Tends to be a few jobs available in Fiji!

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Good luck on wherever you end up :thup:

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My new team is AS Temanava in Tahiti. The only thing with the Tahiti league (and New Caledonia) is it has relegation, and I've taken over the team with 4 league games to go and we're in the relegation zone, so my work is cut out for me! The league splits in to 2 after 10 games, with the top group splitting in to 7 teams and the bottom group in to 4 teams.

The contract...


The squad...


The situation...


The games...


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Four matches left, but the points each team has shows a very tight league from 7th all the way down. Safety should be possible :)

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A fair few breaks in between games as well :confused:.

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