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cannot install fmh 2012 or get refund

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I downloaded this long awaited app and I cannot install it I have a HTC desire

I tried to download at work via mobile internet and it was saying couldn't complete

So asked for refund and recieved said refund then at later date paid again and tried

to download again this time on the home WiFi and exactly the same problem except this time I

cannot get a refund

I want the app so am a little annoyed it gets to 100 percent then it says it

has failed to download I have nearly 8gb memory so its not that I reset phone cleared

everything I can think of can you help please


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Hi - if it fails when actually downloading from the Google Play store, the error is most likely with the store rather than the game.

Firstly, verify your phone has enough space in the internal memory rather than just on the SD card (I believe Google Play downloads end up there on HTC phones).

Secondly, try going to Settings -> Apps -> Google Play and then clear out all the cache/data and try again.

If that doesn't work, try Settings -> Apps -> Google Play -> Uninstall Updates, then restart your phone (Google Play will have changed back to Market) then try again.

Let me know how you get on with these steps!

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The game should definitely work on a HTC Desire (its 800x480 resolution I believe?).

If you are 100% certain that you have space required for the install then please follow the manual installation instructions given below for the data and you should fine the game will work fine (if not then please obviously let me know).

You will need:

Some sort of File Explorer application

A computer that can communicate with your device over Wi-Fi

The files you need to download should be available from:




(don't worry about the 'informal' nature of that second URL - that file is actually held internally within the apk you downloaded, I just uploaded it there so that you could follow the manual installation - thats why its not on fancy server )

Once you have these two files on a computer (I'd recommend downloading it on one first and then using wireless to transfer them onto your device) follow these instructions please.

(1) Use your file explorer application to create a directory named fmh_data on the root of your SD card.

(2) Unzip the files into that directory recreating their own internal directory structure.

(3) This should leave you with a directory named 'data' inside the fmh_data directory this will contain a LOT of junk about the game. The directories inside 'data' that you should see include: config, database, fonts, formations, icons etc. (if you don't see these then something hasn't been unzipped).

(4) The final step is for you to create two files in the root of the fmh_data directory to tell the game that its already installed - these can be blank files (ie. nothing required inside them and they can simply be blank text files if thats easiest). The names for these two files are .nomedia (the . is important, its a special file, I use it as a marker but it also tells the OS not to scan this directory for images/music) and wvga_installed.txt.

Once this is completed the game should (hopefully) be able to locate the install and by-pass its internal installation procedure, fingers crossed.

Please let me know how things go - but this procedure has worked successfully for the other two people who have reported this sort of issue.

(Sorry for any inconvenience)

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I have the same problem, but after following the instructions above all i get is the message "cannot install onto usb or sd card", i have a HTC Desire, with 340mb free on the sd and 40mb free on internal memory... can you help me, i`m getting desperate to get this working now..

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If this error from the GooglePlay store or the game itself when you first run it? - the instructions above are for if there is a problem within the game, if its the store itself then please follow the guide linked below to rectify the situation:


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Cheers Marc, that did the trick, and it's also the reason you've got a slow reply!

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