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I can top that. I'm a Lions fan also. :D

Hey hey hey. We got 3 crap teams (Laffs, Craptors, TFC). I think Toronto is the worst sports city in the universe. :D

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Hey hey hey. We got 3 crap teams (Laffs, Craptors, TFC). I think Toronto is the worst sports city in the universe. :D

Cleveland says hello. ;)

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Hey hey hey. We got 3 crap teams (Laffs, Craptors, TFC). I think Toronto is the worst sports city in the universe. :D

True. You win ;)

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Detroit Arsenal SC - 2012 Season Review - USL Pro-West

Last season the ecstasy, this season the bitter disappointment.

We started well enough in the championship group with 2 wins (including a 3-2 fightback win against table-toppers Des Moines. We were down 2-0 thanks to conceding in the first minute of each half, but went on a tear in the final half-hour), and we found ourselves sitting in 2nd place. Could it be, that we might see consecutive promotions?

Then we were flat and lethargic in our US Open Cup 1st Round game against FC Dallas Reserves, losing 0-3. I don't know if it was that match, or just that I rode the same horses for too long, but we faded down the stretch going 2-3-2 in the final seven matches. A 3-match winless run caused us to slip out of the playoffs, but got back in them with another fightback win (2-4 at LA Misionerios) in the penultimate match of the season.

Our final match was home against Irvine Strikers, sitting one spot ahead of us in 4th place. A draw would be enough to get us into the playoffs as long as Hollywood United didn't win. But we saw a goal go in off one of our central defenders (Chad Dombrowski, who had slid into central defense when Sead Hajrovic decided he didn't want a permanent move to Detroit) and although we kept battering Irvine's door, we couldn't break it down. A 0-1 loss to end the season coupled with a Hollywood United win over Des Moines saw us on the outside of the playoffs by a single point (and some goal difference). A win for America USA pushed us down further, to a final position of 7th.

So a bit of heartbreak at the end. Still, I went into this season just hoping to stay up, so to be in contention for promotion on the final day is a pretty good season in my book. (and oh yeah, Las Vegas went up automatically :mad: )

Cup competitions

No long runs like last season. We couldn't get past USL Pro-East side Long Island in the North American Open Cup 3rd qualifying round. The board wanted to go one round further, but said they understood why we lost. USL Cup wasn't a priority, so I played reserves who got us past Sacramento Gold in the 1st round before falling to Carolina Railhawks in the 2nd round (both playing a level above us in USL Pro). We made another run to the Wolverine Cup final before losing 2-0 to NASL side Michigan Bucks. It would have been nice to win it, but it would have come with qualification to the US Open Cup, and we just can't carry a big squad.


We were bleeding cash during the season, but the $600K prize for finishing 7th has eliminated our losses. We'll probably still post a small loss for the season depending on when the club closes the books. Going professional was very expensive, as our expenditures are more than double last season's, easily dwarfing the respectable increase in turnover (about 25-30% from my squinting at the financial page). The biggest increase in expenditure was the "other" going from about $92,000 to $415,000 (all those trips to the West Coast from Detroit aren't cheap)

The good news is our move up proved popular. We drew an average attendance of 1,749 per game, 8th in USL Pro - West, and tops at about 93% of capacity. We had 6 sellouts; nobody else had more than 1. I would think the board would start looking into a new stadium, but it's possible the finances won't allow that (yet). May just go with price increases.

Next season

I kept it slow turning over the team, but this off-season will see more changes. The remaining part-time players will be allowed to leave (I can't see signing any of them to full-time deals, although some put in decent performances).

I'll probably address the outside backs first, as those are both manned by part-timers at the moment. Maybe I'll give them 1-year deals just to keep some continuity, but their attributes are not much cop. Otherwise, the biggest priority is center back. Alex Ughiove returned from his torn hamstring, only to come down with knee tendonitis about 4 weeks later. He won't be ready to go until about June or July. (that sounds like more than just tendonitis). I'll also need to find a full-time right wing to replace the part-timers, but otherwise we'll be about re-building depth.

Of course, first there's the matter of my contract. It expires in a couple of months and the board haven't offered a new one yet.

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