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Hey was just watching a FM video Champions league final Arsenal vs Alloa which ended a 6-7 win for Alloa (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmwWrwu_IMU&feature=BFa&list=ULHRH8AhPHk7U)

was wondering what is your best matches.

imo, that's anything but amazing. I can't stand people who play the game like that, literally select a starting XI, hit play and just let it go. What's the point? Football management is about guiding your team on the pitch as well as off it. That guy didn't even make any subs, despite his CB having a shocker (5.1) at half-time. I know I might seem miserable but to me it's just incomprehensible how people can 'play' the game like that.

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Sounds like a bit of a tool. Anyone who concedes 6 in any game deserves to lose. Think he had himself a crisis around 5.30.

Credit to him for winning CL with Alloa, but could play the game with a bit more craft and attention instead of just whizzing through it blindly so that he can just post it on youtube.

Anyway, my best games when managing underdogs are when I prevail tactically in the big games, for example a Chelsea stand out vs. Barca. If I'm managing a strong side, I'll want my side to score goals obviously, but I want to dominate possession and strong passing, without the opposition threatening my goal.

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