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Friendlies - the best way!

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We all know that hosting friendlies, especially against big clubs, is a good way to get money, but we also know that for a small club it's practically impossible to have a friendly match accepted by the best clubs around.

Is this the best way to earn money, by playing at home against big clubs? I've read many messages from people saying they normally organise tours away from home. Is this economically convenient? When you try to organise a home friendly, the board gives a prediction of the income, however it says nothing when organising tours, so how can profit be made this way?

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Id like to see the answer to this... Possibly gate receipts and shirt sales?

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Organising tours away from home is only a money-spinner if you have an affiliated club in that country, or if the country is very low-rep and you have a couple of their internationals in your squad (think India, North Korea, China).

If you are a small club it can be difficult to get bigger teams. I'd say start close to the top and work down.

When I started as Leeds I couldn't get Chelsea or Liverpool, or even Villa in my first season, but I did get Celtic to come. Possibly due to the Strachan connection, but hey. Here's how I go:

1st try a mid-range top flight team (eg, Tottenham, Villa)

2nd (if rejected) try a low-rep Prem team (eg, Derby, Birmingham)

3rd try the Old Firm.

4th try mid-range-to-high SPL teams (eg, Hibs, Hearts).

3rd go for higher rep Championship clubs (eg, West Brom, Norwich).

4th go for mid-range Championship clubs ... and so-on.

Obviously, this applies to lower English clubs - adapt it for Spanish etc.

I've also managed to get fairly high-rep European clubs to come play, usually either biggish clubs that were relegated the previous season, or mid-range French clubs. The fans seem to love it.

Also to consider - I've started bringing along a really poor club as my final game, giving 22 men a half each. Usually a mighty win and a timely boost for morale at the start of the season.

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I found that by trying to get clubs that are geographically close to your own club, you have a better chance of getting them to accept your proposal.

If you are a really small club, then even a Championship club (using the English League as an example) would probably be enough to get gate receipts to cover your wages for an entire season.

Certainly worth looking into to help on the finances.

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