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Load Game option not available following "crash"

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Hi, I have a problem where the Load Game option on the man menu is not available. Instead there is a Continue Game button which does nothing, this is what happened...

1) I played a match and manually saved my game

2) I clicked "Close Game" and "Yes" on the subsequent confirmation screen

3) My phone or the app crashed and my phone re-booted, not sure why.

4) Now when I start the app I have no Load Game button.

Does anyone know how I can load my saved game? Clicking the continue game button flashes up a loading progress bar for a split second but doesn't actually load the game.

If its of any use I am using a Samsung Galaxy SII.



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Hi - apologies that you've experienced this problem.

There appears to be a rare issue affecting some Samsung Galaxy SII users that causes the game to crash on closing and leads to the loss of save games.

We haven't yet been able to reproduce the issue in-house, but we're currently looking into it. It appears to be related to the operation of the close button in some way, but since it's incredibly rare (around 10 reports) it's proving very difficult to track down. If we can't work out what's causing it before we release the first update, we'll remove the Close button entirely.

If you could provide any of the following information, that would be extremely helpful:

- Which Android OS version are you using?

- Is the phone rooted or similar?

- Did the game prompt you to re-download any data the first time you restarted after crashing?

- Have you been running the phone connected to a PC at all? If so, what was the USB connection setting?

Again, we're very sorry that you've been affected by this issue and we're going to continue to do all we can to track it down and fix it.

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Thanks for the reply, its good to know it is being looked into.

In answer to your questions:

- I was using Android v2.3. Unfortunately I cannot be more specific than that, since I had the issue this morning I have received an upgraded to v4.0.3.

- No, the phone is not rooted.

- No, I did not receive a prompt to download data after the crash

- No, I have not run the game with the phone connected to a PC.

Hope this helps!

Keep up the good work


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