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Question about game start

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Hi guys,

I´m looking to start a new game with the new data update and patch, and yesterday believe or not I had the game setup to start with several leagues loaded but couldnt decide on a what would be a good challenge to take on! Mainly i´m looking for something in Europe (whatever league) where it isn´t too easy to build success but also not too dificult (like LLM).

Any ideas from you guys and from your past experiences?


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I like to start a career in a fairly low division, Division 2 or 3, but when I was new to FM I would always start at the team I wanted to end up managing. Starting at a low level team gives you a certain appreciation for: good training facilities, big stadiums, a transfer budget of any size, players that actually WANT to play for your team, etc. So you will appreciate it more when you get to that level, as well as feeling that you are up to the challenge of managing a big club, because you will be used to working with lesser talents, basically!

I started with Verona, in Serie C1A, got them promoted, but the team had a bad run in Serie B and I took over anopther Serie B team that was also struggling, but with much more potential (Bologna). I got them promoted, even after the bad start, took on an international job on the side to gain experience handling higher quality players, and about 2 years later I was offered the Juventus job, been there ever since!

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