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[FM 12] I'm Losing Sleep, I'm Losing Friends

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Nations Loaded










Costa Rica








Hong Kong












Northern Ireland





Saudi Arabia



South Africa

South Korea







United States



With the add remove function this list is subject to change

Also loaded current international and top club players from each continents along with plays of several nationalities to help with international management.

This save has no real aim other than to start as low as possible and work my way up. Also aim to take a lowly national team as far as I can.

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Ever played the role of an amateur psychologist? I'm doing that right now. My first foray into managment is the kind of thing a professor could write a thesis done. About 3 airports and 20 odd hours later I've landed in Southeast Asia in the nation of

Timor Leste (East Timor)


at the club

Associação Desportiva Oecusse

Club information


I also applied for jobs with the national team but had no luck

As for the league itself it consists of 14 teams representing each of the provinces of East Timor (The capital region has two such teams). The team I've chosen represents the Oecusse region which is an exclave separated from the rest of Timor-Leste by Indonesia. Each team plays each other once from May to August and all games take place at the Municipal Stadium in the capital Dili. The winner qualifies for the AFC Presidents Cup, the continental competition for nations labeled as 'emerging'. The league began in 2010 and is sponsored by the company Digicel who have a deal to 2015. A kit deal also exists with Adidas until 2021.

This should be eh fun?

Further country information

National team information

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Good luck, I've played in an emerging asian nation before and I won the presidents cup, needless to say the next season I was entered for it again! I don't think you can ever get into the AFC Cup or champions league; with an emerging nation :(

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You can't sadly as the dynamic league rep seems to only work in relation to European leagues. It's something I hope is fixed in 2013 as it somewhat kills the longevity of managing in nations outside the nations who play the in the AFC champions league

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Associação Desportiva Oecusse 2011 Taca Digicel mid-season update

A mid season update after 7 games? Such are the perils of managing in such small nations.

Pre-season was nothing of note as I had only a month of it and could not arrange any friendlies so the time was spent buying players. I was extremely limited in who I could bring in (134 targets appear in my player search, says it all really) in. Even now my squad is not complete so I need to make do with players I could find and what I had already

Oecusse 1 - 0 Bobonero

Dili Leste 2 - 1 Oecusse

Dili Oeste 3 - 2 Oecusse

Manufahi 1 - 1 Oecusse

Oecusse 1 - 0 Liquica

Oecusse 1 -1 Aileu

Lautem 2 - 1 Oecusse

League Table

Disappointing. Hate to say it but I think I may need to concede the league. Even if I win all my games teams above me have games in hand and also I'd be relying on them to drop points.

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Wow! I'm surprised East Timor even has a league! Should be interesting.

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Associação Desportiva Oecusse 2011 Taca Digicel end of season update

Ocuesse 2 - 0 Baucau

Cova Lima 2 - 0 Oecusse

Viqueque 2 - 1 Oecusse

Oecusse 1 - 2 Manatuto

Ainaro 1 - 3 Oecusse

Ermera 0 - 2 Oecusse

League Table

As expected the league was out of reach. I could of pushed as high as second but inconsistency was my downfall all season. Beating the champions was some what of an achievement.

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Associação Desportiva Oecusse 2011 Taca Digicel Season Review

League - 6/14

Top half, nothing more, nothing less. With such a short season just one slip up can knock you down a few places and given my inconsistent form I never really was a serious threat to the title. Several games were lost on mistakes by my defenders (from what I can tell) so I'm sticking around I'll need to try and improve composure/concentration. The finish of 6th was about the predicted 13th but this is null and void as because there is no prior position history the predictions were alphabetical i.e. if you were last alphabetically you'd be predicted last. Due to this half the teams in the league axed there manager.


Given the hectic schedule I used the majority of my squad with only five of my squad playing every game. With no one getting above 7 for an avg rating no-one really stood out but I'd say my best players were the following (those of a nervous dispostion should look away due to these amazingly woeful stats, yes these are my BEST players)




Nahuel Pereria


From my current squad only two are in the national team those being Zeto and a young left back called Alfredo Leong who has played understudy to Zeto but has been decent when needed.


Job is listed as very secure so I'm more than safe


Nothing really of note, pretty stable, most of the money goes towards stadium maintenance (given that all teams share the one pitch you can imagine the kind of abuse it takes)

In all first season of average, not the worst nor the best. Season doesn't start again till April so I've got plenty of time to decide whether to move or give the league another crack. Should I stick around or jump ship after 5 months at helm?

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A decent first season to begin with. Are you getting other offers? Do you want to win the league at least once?

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I think I might be here for next season. I applied for about 12 jobs (English 5th level, Hong Kong 2nd level, Greece 2nd level, Algeria 1st and 2nd, Indonesia 1st and 2nd - also the closest nation to me, Uruguay 2nd level, Turkey 2nd level) and all were laughed off. On a plus note one of my players (Alfredo) is attracting interest from Turkey which is very surprising (it should be noted though he has played outside of East Timor in America, Australia and Portugal so I'd guess he's one of the more reputable players from East Timor).

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Having to abandon this sadly as I added many leagues with the add feature so my player count is currently out of control (as has been shown in other saves)

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