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I have a decent phone, HTC Desire S, and the game plays great on it now ( after a save game blip).

However, I am used to playing PC version so sit for a long time to play it and the battery dies. Playing for an hour took about 40% battery life. So, was thinking, how about a tablet ? Would I then get a full 4 hours or so of play before then charging overnight again ? Is it worth £70 to get a tablet purely for FMH , lol ?

Any experiances of FMH on tablet ?

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I've used both extensively during development - tablets do indeed generally have a far longer battery span, but exactly by how much depends on the individual device and especially its screen size imho.

I've an Acer A500 a Kindle Fire and a DELL Streak7 here and all three give decent battery life when playing FMH ..... your mileage may vary though obviously.

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