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Howto install club logo's on Android

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Warning - Requires advanced skills. This may Break your game if done wrong!

Not every club logo comes with the game on Android; but by following this tutorial then you can now install these new club logos that aren't shipped with the game. (It's for Android and hasn't been tested on iOS). Warning, this may break your game, and I won't be responsible if it does. You've been warned.

Stage 1 - Setting Up

Step 1: Locate the FMH data folder on your phone. If you have space it should be in /sdcard/fmh_data

Step 2: Take the logos you want to add into the game, then go into data/logos_android/. Find the country which the club belongs to and go into that folder. The new logos go in here.

Stage 2 - Updating the Game

Step 3: Open data/custom_icons.dat in a hex editor. If you're on Mac OS X then I recommend using MacFiend; but googling Hex Editor Windows should give you plenty of results otherwise.

Step 4: On one side of the screen we have the "Hexadecimal", which is an easy way of looking at binary. On the other side then the Hexadecimal has been turned into writing. Read through the writing until you find other clubs in the same country.

Step 5: Now, the file is split into different Countries, and each country is split into lines of 59 "bytes" each. Each 'line' ends with: FFFF01. If we look for one of those we want to insert the new 'line' after the 01.

Step 6: Use an online resource such as this to get the ascii code for the filename of the image we put in (e.g., arsenal.png). You should get an output like:


Remove every occurrence of ':', so it looks like:


Step 7: Next, add in as many 00's as it takes to make the total number of characters 112. At the end of the 00's put in FFFF01 to indicate the end of the chunk of data. This will make the example look like this:



Step 8: Save the file, and reload football manager. The new logos should now be there!


Does it work on iOS?

If you have access to the file system it might work, but I haven't tried it and obviously wouldn't recommend it. Marc would be a better person to ask about this.

Every other logo has been removed!

This is because you didn't put the line in the list properly. Each line has to be exactly 118 numbers and letters long otherwise the game can't find anything after it, and it won't work.

I'll try and help anyone, but remember that I only just worked it out myself. As I said, be careful because this can break your game if done wrong. Marc, if you don't like this thread, then just tell me and feel free to delete it and let me know if you want the one on vibe removed as well ;)

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I dont understand how to get ascii code for the image.

And other thing, the club I want to insert the logo doesn´t have a folder. The country is Portugal and there isn´t a folder for that.

I have to create it mannualy?

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Portugal is more problematic because there is no images for it yet. I'd have to check if it was possible first, it may not be. You need to get the ascii code for the image name, not the image; just put the image name into the converter I linked to.

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Oh, now I undrstand step 6. Thanks for help.

Maybe if I create a folder named "pt" in clubs it may work.

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I don't think so, because in the custom_icons.dat file the names are sorted by country, if the country is missing it may not be addable.

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Is there a way to add the champions league logo? or any other continental / international competitions?

I cant find any logos like that in the DAT file.


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