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Marc Vaughan

Football Manager Handheld (Android) - 3.5 Update

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This thread will contain an active 'live' list of changes which will be present in the forthcoming second update for the Android app. There isn't a fixed date for the release of this update at present and it'll largely be determined by 'how QA goes' and what feedback we get on the game.

The first android update is now live. The second update will be released at a (presently) unspecified point in the future.

#3.5a - Second Android Update

Fix rare crash on starting with specific devices due to language setting

Allow warning if game started on non-supported resolution devices

Fix poor layout of physio reports when players are injured

Added no interest news when offering players to club

Improve movement of withdrawn strikers

Tweak defensive positioning against narrow formations

Exit button restored to start page

Stop players moaning for a new contract if they've only just joined club

Various match improvements based on community feedback

Tune contract requests at clubs with a sugar daddy

Tune effect of loans on players involved

Tune manager movement slightly

After the update is released we will obviously continue to monitor feedback and will be further supporting the game in the future, watch this space ;)

Hope this helps,


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