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Error remembering data when loading game

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Last night I did my Southend career for a period of time before saving it and going to bed. This morning I woke up, loaded it and there were several issues. My formation and tactics had been reset, which didn't really matter but more importantly, the progress made by my players in the last session had been reset. For example, last night Liam Dickinson had made real progress with a lot of his attributes increasing but this morning, he was back to how he used to be. Any ideas why guys?


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Hi - if you have set up a custom tactic, you'll need to save it manually for the game to remember it after you've exited and reloaded. There is a request in at the moment to autosave custom tactics as part of the save game, and we hope to introduce it at some point in the future.

With regard to the player attributes, they do fluctuate with form and not all of the attribute increase you saw last night may be down to training. It's possible that the player's form or confidence may have simply curved down a bit causing the attributes to trend back towards their 'normal' values as a result.

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I'd be very interested in having custom tactics autosaved with save games. It's very frustrating that I have to manually reapply my last-used tactics whenever I reload.

That said, it's useful to know that saving the tactic before saving the game will work - now I just have to remember to do it...

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