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What Nationailty Dominates Your Squad?

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Crystal Palace:

2 x Brazilian

1 x Bulgarian

1 x Canadian

5 x English

2 x French

1 x German

1 x Guinea-Bissau

2 x Holland

1 x Iceland

1 x Italy

1 x Ivory Coast

3 x Portugal

That's not including a few other bit part players. Should probably start raiding Spain soon. The sad thing is most of the English players are backup at the moment and I never seem to get any decent English re-gens. :(

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In my Swansea team, a fair few seasons in I've got a fair few young Welsh players coming through, who are dominating a little. I tend to have a very small first team squad as I use youth players to fill up the team when I have injuries or suspensions.

9 Welsh (1 of those is Welsh/English)

1 American (Who is also Ghanian/English)

1 Spaniard

1 South African (Who is also a Dutchie)

1 Dutchie

4 English

1 Brazilian

1 Croatian

1 Austrian

My starting lineup from those players, when all fit consists of

1 Dutch

1 Austrain

1 American

2 English

5 Welsh

1 Brazilian

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Currently managing Lierse in the Belgian Pro League, coming off my first Manager of the Year award. At this point, there is only one Belgian on the senior squad. I've had great luck poaching young and talented players from Mexico.

5x Mexico

3x Brazil

2x Algeria

2x Portugal

2x Argentina

1x Angola

1x Belarus

1x Belgium

1x Czech Republic

1x Iraq

1x Guatamala

1x Finland

1x Scotland

1x Zimbabwe

1x Nigeria

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Playing club Brugge in Belgium. Season 2024/2025. Since best Belgians get poached by big European clubs, I have to focus on cheap talent. Most of my players come from Argentina, Italy and Brazil. I also have a German, French, Welsh, Croatian and Gabonese running around.

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right now, i don't have more than 1 player of the same nationality in my entire club except for Italian of course

my foreigners are Eriksen (danish), Lamela (argie), Son Heung-Min (korean), David Pizarro (chile), Julio Sergio (brazil), Rajkovic (serb), Nego (french), Branescu (romanian), Jose Angel (spanish). everyone else is Italian, even my regen youngsters

back in FM10 though i always wanted to build a Chile team though for AS Roma.... back then Vidal and Sanchez were still young and affordable. and Humberto Suazo was in his prime. and i would have Isla/Medel/Pizarro/Tello/Carmona/Valdivia of course. would've been a class team

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