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February – Marts 2029

Champions Cup Quarter Final

Aberystwyth 0 – 2 Paris Saint-Germain

We did not create much and did not deserve anything from this. The Frenchmen were a lot better and I knew it would be an uphill battle from here.

Paris Saint-Germain 1 – 0 Aberystwyth

We were a lot better this time, though we had a man sent off early in the game! We were creating clear cut chances in a difficult place and to keep Paris Saint-Germain on one goal was a great achievement. We are done for now in the Champions Cup.

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Season 2028/29


Christopher Pedersen was a wanted player and I was satisfied with us getting £1.700.000 for him. The other way went Adama Tounkara for the same fee. With 20 in Flair he should make some havoc on the wings. Hofmann did not play much of a role this year.

Welsh Premier League

We went through unbeaten and we did only concede 10 goals – satisfying.


It was a fantastic year in Europe, our best so far. It was sensational to end first in the group stage before getting knocked out in the quarter final.

Profiles of the season

Gej Harris – I did not give him as many games as in the past seasons but he was still my top scorer with 39 goals.

Dario Barisic – Fantastic debut season. Totally worth the £500.000.

Paul Owens – Getting better and better, glad to have him to at least 2033.

Eybor Gudjónsson – Extremely consistent on the right back. My fourth best performer.

Filip Sundgren – My best center back. Would be great if he would extend his contract but I have my doubts.


Prize money: £15.174.105

Balance: £32.120.513

Our finances are still fantastic.

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Unlucky on losing out against PSG, but still a good campaign.

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Unlucky in the champions league, but its all progress and money. A slow process.

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September - October 2029

Champions Cup Group E

Juventus 4 – 0 Aberystwyth

We could not handle Juventus’ Palermo at all. He tore us apart to give Juventus a very comfortable win and a bad start for us in the Champions Cup.

Aberystwyth 4 - 0 Basel

A very comfortable win. We were best and we got the three points I expected us to get against the weakest link of the group.

Aberystwyth 0 – 1 Olympique Lyonnais

I had hoped to get more out of this match and with a little bit more luck we would have got a point. Unfortunately, we were not sharp enough.

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Tough results against Juve & Lyon.

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November – December 2029

Champions Cup Group E

Olympique Lyonnais 0 - 2 Aberystwyth

With our 1-0 loss at home I did not expect anything from this match but with this result my players did me very proud. Lyon had many shots but not many of them were too dangerous and in the end my Harris was sharp as a knife. He scored two times to give us three very important points.

Aberystwyth 1 - 1 Juventus

A victory here could have been absolutely vital. It was a very even match but we just could not hold on to our 1-0 lead. With 10 minutes to go Juventus equalised from a set piece and what a shame that was! I was satisfied with my player’s performances but I could not help to be a little bit annoyed with Juventus’ late equaliser.

Basel 3 - 3 Aberystwyth

I was not satisfied with this result and the performance to come with it. Basel was best and we could have done more. In the end, how many points we got did not matter. We would end at the third place anyway and Juventus’ equaliser in Wales had truthfully proved very vital unfortunately.


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February 2030

EURO Cup 1st Knockout Round

Rosenborg 1 - 3 Aberystwyth

As in 2028 Rosenborg was our opponent in the first knockout round of the EURO Cup and we were once again dominant and Rosenborg should never be a threat. £4.200.000 signing José Luis Martín María was amongst our goal scorers.

Aberystwyth 3 – 0 Rosenborg

Another comfortable performance and there was never any danger that we would slip it away. My tower in my defence Srnic was man of the match and it is a shame that he has signed for the French side Lille. Our opponent in the next round is West Ham who ended sixth in England last season.

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