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[FM 12] The New Fury

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Having finally upgraded my hardware/pc I'm finally able to set off on a career. I don't really have any specific aims other than to work my way up from the most obscure place possible. Also please note in the leagues listed some have been added in gradually with the new add/remove feature. I hope my cpu forgives me for my urge for a large game world

Leagues Loaded (lowest in brackets)


Australia (District leagues)#

China (Jia League)

Guam (BGMSL II)#

Hong Kong (3rd Division)#

India (I-League 2)#

Indonesia (Liga Satu)

Iran (Second Division)

Japan (Regional First Divisions)#

Malaysia (Super League)

Qatar (Second Division)

Saudi Arabia (Second Division)

Singapore (NFL 3)#

South Korea (High School League)*

Thailand (Regional Second Divisions)#

UAE (1AB)#

Uzebekistan (Birchni Liga)#

Vietnam (V-League 1)#


Algeria (CNFA)#

Egypt (Second Division)#

Morocco (Botal 2)#

Nigeria (Division One)#

South Africa (NFD)

Tunisia (Ligue Professionnelle 2)#


Belgium (Derde Klasse)

England (Conference N/S)

Denmark (2.Division)

France (CFA)

Germany (Oberliga)#

Greece (Football League)

Israel (Liga Lemuit)

Italy (2 Divisione)

Netherlands (Jupiler League)

Northern Ireland (Championship 2)

Portugal (2 Divsao)

Romania (Liga II)

Russia (Pervj Division)

Scotland (Sixth Division)*

Spain (Terrca)#

Switzerland (Challenge League)

Turkey (2.Lig)

Ukraine (Persha Liha)

Wales (Corbett Premier)

North America

Anguilla (AFA League)#

Costa Rica (LINAFA)#

Mexico (Liga De Asceno)

Turk & Caicos (Provo Premier League)#

United States (National Academy)*


American Samoa (AFSA Soccer League)#

Cook Islands (Round Cup)#

Fiji (Sun/Weet-Bix Premier League)#

New Caledonia (Division Honneur)#

New Zealand (ASB Premiership)#

Papua New Guinea (Telikom NSL Cup)#

Samoa (National League)#

Solomon Islands (Telekom S-League)#

Tahiti (Super Ligue Mana)#

Tonga (Major League)#

Vanuatu (Premia Divesen)#

South America

Argentina (Nacional B)

Brazil (Serie C)

Chile (Primera División B)

Columbia (Categoría Primera B)

Peru (Torneo Descentralizado de Fútbol Profesional Peruano)

Uruguay (Segunda División)

# - .dbc/for real structure or expansion (in case of India, Hong Kong and Singapore and others)

* - Fantasy pyramid (information can be given on request)

Manager Profile

Manager Information


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After getting numerous job offers including some U23 national teams I've opted for sheer lunacy and I'm starting ultra low. I may or may not be questioning my sanity. Pack up the sun tan lotion as I'm off to the Caribbean.

Pedagouge FC (Turk And Caicos Islands - No logo could be found)


The Turks and Caicos Islands ( /ˈtɜrks/ and /ˈkeɪkəs/ or /ˈkeɪkoʊs/; abbreviated TCI) are a British Overseas Territory consisting of two groups of tropical islands in the West Indies, the larger Caicos Islands and the smaller Turks Islands, known for tourism and as an offshore financial centre.

The Turks and Caicos Islands lie southeast of Mayaguana in the Bahamas island chain and north of the island of Hispaniola. Cockburn Town, the capital since 1766, is situated on Grand Turk Island about 1,042 kilometres (647 mi) east-southeast of Miami in the United States. The islands have a total land area of 430 square kilometres (170 sq mi). The islands are geographically contiguous to the Bahamas, but are politically a separate entity.

The total population is about 45,000, of whom approximately 22,500 live on Providenciales in the Caicos Islands.

In August 2009, the United Kingdom suspended the Turks and Caicos' self-government after allegations of ministerial corruption. The prerogative of the ministerial government and the House of Assembly are vested in the islands' incumbent governor, Ric Todd, for a period of up to two years.

Further information

As for the club itself I can't find any information on them at all other than they are a new admission to the WIV Pro League which currently consists of 5 teams playing 3 rounds plus an end of season cup.

General information


I added this league as it's national team is joint bottom in the current FIFA ranking (Montserrat from the CONCACAF also are 205th but it has no domestic league. This ranking mirrors their woeful record which consists of a mere handful of wins. The country's best two players by a field mile are Gavin Glinton who plies his trade for Mikado Nam Định in Vietnam. His younger brother Duane is also the nation's other top player and has experience in the lower divisions of the US.

I've never managed this low before so should be all kinds of fun and full of numerous episodes of questioning my sanity.

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