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3d match balls

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i have used 3d match balls for the first time i put the yellow premier league ball in the ball folder just so i can noitce the colour to show it works now i have copied the white premier league ball plus the ball shader so now i have ball_shader and ball_shader 2 is it right to have 2 ball_shaders in the folder or do i just copy the balls i want and keep just 1 ball_shader file in the folder?? and will the game automatically choose the right time to use the yellow ball and white ball during weather seasons? i am about to put the fa cup and carling cup balls in the ball folder too i will take a screen shot and post it up here to see if contents in the folder are ok


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Unless its changed for FM12 you can only use one ball at a time in your game, that is the game will not switch between them wether its a league game, europe, or a cup match unfortunately.

And the only way the game will switch "colours" is if you've set a winter ball period (i.e. beginning date and end date) and chosen the colour you want it to be during that period, and that can only be done in your editor under 'competitions'. If you don't set a winter ball period in your editor, the orange/yellow ball will only be used on snow-covered pitches. If you set a winter ball period, the orange/yellow ball will be used for all matches, no matter the weather, during that period.

Personally I think these authentic balls are pointless imho and often make it harder to see the ball in play when they're covered in black or dark-coloured logos etc due to the small size of them. Only when the 3D graphics improve and a zoom in / out option is added to each camera angle will you see the benefit of having authentic looking balls in the game.

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