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Financial Fair Play in FM12

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Apologies if this has already been asked. I did do a search but couldn't really find a definitive answer so....

Are the Financial Fair Play rules feature in the Football Manager world? If so, what are your experience of them? If not, are there any plans to include them in a future version?

I only ask as it could potentially be a huge area of the game and give things an extra dimension leaving people with more to think about.

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Shame really as it could really add a different dimension to managers who take control of the super rich teams like Manchester City. At the moment it is easy as you can just buy pretty much anyone you fancy, but if you had to consider that from now your purchases are being monitored and could count against you later in the game then it would perhaps make people think a bit more. Like an extra level if you like. As announced rules I hope they are included in a future version.

Mind you, then you start getting onto the whole game v realism argument and where the borders between the two should be.

Plus it would obviously be harder to program than it seems.

I just think that for something that is being touted as trying to change the game, perhaps it should be featured?

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Have to say, i'm not looking forward to it. Oh for the days before transfer windows, 25 man squads and OTT regulations about how many kids trained in England you have to include. Much more fun in those days!

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