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A transfer issue, I don't think it belongs in the bugs forum though.

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Hi, I wanted to sign a player (Alvaro Vadillo to be specific) to my club, but he won't join.

This is weird because he appears on my player search list despite the unrealistic target filter.

Furthermore, I have praised his abilities in the media twice and he responded by saying it's an honor to him - he now has "pleased at Xxxx Xxxx's recent praise" in his information status.

And when I told the media I would do everything to sign him, he said that it would definitely be an option - but when I have a bid accepted I can't even start negotiating because his agent says he's not interested.

His agent does not dislike me, the player seems interested, my staff think he's a realistic option, so why can't I sign him then, what else could I do to persuade him?

Thanks for the answers, I'm sorry if this has already been discussed.

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It is possible that the agent/player are trying to use your interest to get him a better contract at his current club/interest from other clubs, and your assistant manager is believing them.

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This happens too? :D Didn't know that. So he's not an option at all, forget him then. Too bad, as I've had an offer of 2.5m over 48 months accepted by Betis, which has never happened before with this player. :/

EDIT: I get into the negotiation screen, but I can't select or offer any options, all of them are greyed out, accompanied by the red field with "not interested" on top.

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