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Some info regarding "the update"

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As the number of questions on a daily basis is now going a bit nuts... here's some info for you.

SI don't ever publicise a possible launch date for their updates. The reason for this is that if they discover something that needs tweaking, changing or retesting, they will generally try to do that than ship an unfinished patch and have to update again. They're completists, what can i say...:) As a result, SI always say "it'll be done when it's done" which I appreciate can be frustrating, but they've always done it and I doubt they'll change now.

This year, it's highly likely that there will be a update. I'm not basing that on inside knowledge - I'm over 5000 miles away - just the fact that SI have always done one. I'd suggest that last years date (which was March 8th) would be a good guide but I'm pretty sure even I'd know if there was a update coming in the next two days. If I did know the target date, I wouldn't post it here for reasons noted above - so as it stands, all I can suggest is patience.

If you want advice about when / whether to start a new game or wait, my advice is - start. As far as I'm aware SI have never made an update that wasn't savegame compatible.

Posting and requesting won't make it arrive any faster - again, if it did, it'd probably have been out before the game was....

Hope this helps a little - I, or someone else, will update you all via here, Facebook or Twitter if there's any more news.



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