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The Full 90 Premiership Is Looking For New Players!

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TBN (The forums where the league is hosted): http://www.thebreakaway.net/forums/forum.php

Full 90 (The league sub-forum): http://www.thebreakaway.net/forums/forumdisplay.php/179-F90P-The-Full-90-Premiership

Full 90 Season 2 Sign-up Thread (if you want to see what you are creating as a player): http://www.thebreakaway.net/forums/showthread.php/66899-F90P-Season-2-Sign-Up-Thread

Full 90 Sample Matchday Presentation: http://www.thebreakaway.net/forums/showthread.php/67645-Full90-Matchday-7

Hey everyone. First off, I'd like to state that if this type of thread belongs somewhere else on the forums, I apologize. I don't post here a lot (mostly lurk and get my FM info when I need some advice), so I hope I haven't put this way off the map.

This thread is an invitation to FM lovers (and perhaps haters) alike to join us in our league - The Full 90 Premiership. We are currently in the midst of season 1, with season 2 sign-ups underway. Today we just had our first season 2 prospect games, but we only have 13 guys signed up. This is a low number as we are hoping to be able to expand the league from 4 teams to at least 5 next season, and the more players we get, the better.

Let me explain how the league works (I'll do my best to keep it short). Point form might be more appropriate.

- The league is made up of 4 clubs at the moment. Team teams were subject to a bidding process. All graphics/logos/jerseys/adboards are custom made, meaning we do not use real or pre-existing teams. The Full 90 basically operates as the worlds greatest and only fully global league.

- If you are interested in signing up for the league, you would have to become a member of the message boards they are hosted on (the links are provided at the top). Once you have made an account (similar to how you made one here on SI's site), you would fill out our player sign-up forum. From here you are given nearly full customization of almost every attribute and player characteristic for your created guy. The initial sign-up is long, and requires a bit of effort - but it's the only difficult thing you will have to do in this league. Once created, he is entered into the prospect database and placed on a prospect team.

- Prospect games are simmed alongside season 1 games. As our player numbers increase, so will the number of active prospect teams playing. Right now we have 2 teams, before season 1 we had as many as 4.

- The way your determine how "good" or "bad" your player can become is through activity within the leauge. This can take on the simple form of posting in the matchday threads, posting in your team thread, and just generally being active around the league. You can take it further however, by creating articles, player blogs, interviews with other players, graphics, etc. The possibilities are literally endless. The more you contribute, the better your player will be.

- Players are re-rated after each season based on their activity and contributions to the league. We have a rating system in place that determines your CA/PA, based on a set number of attribute points. This is constantly being revised and updated as we go along in order to provide the best product we can for our players.

- To get on a league team as a prospect, you are put into a "draft" where each club picks new players from the pool of prospects (very much like the NHL does). Once you are drafted, your team will often sign you to a contract. From there on out, you are a professional player in the F90, and all you have to do is enjoy the ride!

TL; DR Summary: What you do is sign-up over at the site, fill out the season 2 player sign-up forum, and be active around the league in order to ensure good ratings for your player. The more active you are/the more you contribute, the better your player will be!

Again, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place, and I'm sorry if this doesn't interest some of you. After experimenting with the league with FM2010, this new iteration is running very smoothly so far, and the players and myself are having a blast.

Again, please check out the links under the logo at the top of the post if you want a better idea of what our league is really like. We would love to see some new blood in our league, and the forums themselves are filled with people who love things like this. I promise you if you are an FM dork or a bit of a sim league dork like myself, you will enjoy this. I know a couple members here are members in our league, maybe they can vouch for me (I see Eighteen Rabbit's name around these parts).

Thank you for your time, I hope to see some new faces soon



Full 90 Commissioner

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This site is for football manager.... :confused:

The site the league is hosted on is for sim leagues. It's a Canadian site, so there is a lot of hockey talk, but it's a sim league haven if you are into those sorts of things. We have our own section for our league/fm.

I know it's a bit odd that we are hosting a soccer league at a primarily hockey based site, but we did try the league on it's own message boards - it didn't work (not enough members). TBN has a very large membership base and a lot of the guys are into the leagues like the F90.

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It's a sim league using the FM2012 engine and custom teams where all of the players are player created and everyone is encouraged to create stories and interviews for your players as the season progresses. As the season ends, players are given a chance to improve their player stats based on the degree of their contribution to the league.

Forum: F90P - The Full 90 Premiership

The Full 90 Premiership is home to the web's first fully realized Football Manager simulation universe. Driven and maintained by members of the community, the league offers an unique concept which allows for you to create and follow your player though a robust footballing career. Sign-up, get picked up by one of the league's squads, and watch your future unfold right in front of your eyes.

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