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In my Everton save in the year 2016 my star-midfielder Shinji Kagawa broke his foot during a match. I kept my eye on him to see how his stats changed during the injury. After 3 months i could see that his stats had dramaticly decreased and his training raport said: "Paul Hilton belives that Kagawa has shown worrying signs of a total collapse as a footballer over the last six months."

My question is how would my trainers have known this about Kagawa when he still was out injured? How can they (or I) know that his finishing has gone from a 13 to 11 when he hasnt been kicking a ball for 3 months? Or that his technique has gone from a 17 to a 16.

I think that a players techniqual attributes should stay the same way until the player was back from his injury, and than after a few trainings they could be adjusted.

What do you think?:thup::thdn:

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A decent suggestion. Could be used in conjunction with player attribute masking to only allow you real knowledge of players you're actually seeing play/train.

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