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Mexican League

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I decided to start a new save today and as normal I've chosen the nation to start in by random. I've chosen Mexico. Can someone tell me how the domestic season works? I've read the rules and noticed there is an open and close season. What happens here? Do the points reset after each half? Are two trophies awarded?

I've also noticed it says the top 8 qualify for the quarter finals. I'm guessing they have a playoff situation here, again, does this happen twice? (open/close) Who would be considered champions? The league winners or playoff winners?

Can someone confirm the continental qualification rules? I understand they play in the NACL and Copa Lib.?

Thanks in advance.

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Primera División

The Primera División (First Division) is the highest level of Mexican football and consists of 18 clubs. Each calendar year is split into two short tournaments, the Apertura (Opening) and the Clausura (Closing). In each short tournament a club plays the other 17 clubs once. The home team switches, depending on the current short tournament.

A new champion is crowned for each short tournament through a playoff system consisting of eight teams. The top eight clubs qualify to the playoffs. The clubs are arranged before each round so that the highest seeded team remaining always plays the lowest seed remaining. The clubs play in a two-legged tie, with one match occurring at each club's home ground, and whichever club has the better aggregate score advances. If the two clubs are tied after both legs in the quarterfinals and semifinals, the higher seed advances automatically. In the finals, if the two clubs are tied after both legs two 15 minute halves of extra time are added. If the clubs are still tied after extra time the champion is determined by kicks from the penalty mark.

One club is relegated to the Liga de Ascenso each year (two short tournaments). To determine the club to be relegated, the ratio of points to games is kept for each team. The club that has the worst points to games ratio over the previous three years (six short tournaments) is relegated to the Liga de Ascenso.

[edit] International Competitions

The champions and runners-up of the Apertura and Clausura tournaments earn spots in the CONCACAF Champions League. Also the 4 best eligible clubs are invited to participate in the SuperLiga against the top four teams not already qualified for the Champions League of the US/Canadian Major League Soccer. In addition, clubs of the Primera División are inivited to participate in the CONMEBOL club tournaments, Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana, as long as they are not participating in the CONCACAF Champions League. Three clubs are invited to the Copa Libertadores: Starting the current season, Mexico 1 will be the first place in "Apertura," even if this team wins the playoffs. Mexico 2 and 3 will be the second and third best teams in the "Apertura," but those that participate in CONCACAF Champions League. The two highest placed eligible clubs in the Clausura tournament are invited to participate in the Copa Sudamericana.:thup:

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This is how the game works for intentional tournaments:

They get 4 spots for The Concacaf Champions league, the winner of the apertura and runner up get two spots and the other 2 are from the winner from Clausura and runner up. Now that I think about it Im intrigue of who qualifies if they have the same winner and runner up for both Apertura and Clausura. For the Copa Libartadores the Top 3 clubs from the Apertura Regular season standings qualify for the Libartadores. The Mexican league is alot of fun to manage since any of the teams can become Champions, which team are you managing? I haven't managed there on a while but I usually go with Cruz Azul.

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