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New Update?? (Sorry if this has been answered!)

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Firstly, if this has already been discussed then I apologise, but I could not find anything.

I haven't played FM since early December due to work commitments, but am looking to get back into it again. However before I start a new game, I was wondering if a new update is on the horizon to take into account the January transfer updates (an official update from SI not an unoffical data update). In past years I believe such updates have been released mid February, so:

1. Is there to be an official update released this year?

2. Anyone have ideas when it will be released?

Thanks :)

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You searched but couldn't find anything? There's 2 thread on the first page of this forum about it....

But just to clarify nothing is confirmed yet. If and when then I assume SI will post and let you know :)

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