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I can't load my save game

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I was playing football manager when suddenly my iphone have no battery and it shut off.

When i on my iphone and tried to load the game, i just get stuck at the load page.

I Don't know To find in my iphone the save file.

I have iphone 4 5.0.2 fm12

Thenk you

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I'm afraid if the game terminated during a save due to a low battery then it is probable that the save game is incompleted and won't be repairable (for a comparison its like someone writing a book and having it taken away from them mid-sentence, chances are you won't be able to work out what the ending of the book would be).

If you often find you play until the battery depletes then please do a manual save occassionally to ensure that if you lose data through an interrupted automatic save you have a backup to hand.

(so you know for just this reason the next update will contain 'rolling' auto-saves so it'll automatically store a backup save for you)

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