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Progress stalled due to lack of match experience

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I am wondering about this aspect as I get it for a number of my younger players. I understand that providing them with with first team experience will increase their attributes, but quite frankly most are not ready for first team matches.

Where possible I play them for cup matches, and continental. Also give them a run in the league when the opportunity presents. The question is how many matches a season, as the report suggests there could be a numerical value attached?

One particular player, at 18, I signed on a free and rated four star potential. That then dropped to about 3 star, but he has improved and is now a rotation player at 19 and has gone back up to 3.5 stars. As a central defender I think he gets a fair run, as I play Jagielka and Heitinga as my main pairing, with the young fella next, and have Distan as a backup.

His appearances


As you can see this season he has played a fair bit in non competitive matches, which would be friendlies and a few reserve matches. In terms of first team we have only played 8 and he has started in 3. So yeah, I figure he is being given the opportunity, and those opportunities are my doing, as unless my other two DC's are at 90% the Assistant won't give him a look.

So the two questions i suppose are, should he be playing more, and, am I placing too much importance on the training report?

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Match time has too much of a bearing on fulfilling potential imo. Look at Chamberlain at Arsenal, he barely played for 6 months, and it helped him improve more than ever before. It would also help if when they talked about needing first team football, they started getting some and/or accepting some loan offers.

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I believe it's been reported as a possible bug and is being looked into.

Yeah just ignore it and decide for yourself how the lads are developing. Your the intelligent one anyway not your coaches or assman.

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