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Some observations/bugs (iPhone 3GS version)

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1- Couple of years in and man utd let cleverley go on a free transfer, no one was interested in signing him.. Bit weird.. So I as a top championship team have a go but he didnt believe i couldn't meet his demands. So why on earth did he sign for Wycombe in league 2 on about a 10th of what I was offering? Then 3monthe later I buy him from Wycombe and he signs gladly.. :S

2- the fixture generator can sometimes be a bit unrealistic. In my first season I was only ever playing teams right after they had played Sunderland.. And just recently arsenal and man city played each other in back to back premiership matches, these weren't cup fixtures..

Also whilst there seems to be an option to not have your assistant set up friendlies there is no way to do it yourself.. They are always just there at the start of the season with no way to rearrange?

3- During matches, in the top down highlights viewer it is often just none sense. Getting fowled in the box but only getting free kicks.. Often the players are all bunched in the middle whilst one or two others play out what the commentary is saying.. and in clear goal scoring opportunities players will then pass it back 20yards to someone outside the area.

The commentary just before a goal is scored could also use some variation as if I see the text 'he's lost his marker' it is 100% always a goal straight after

Hope this helps make a great game better.

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Thanks for the feedback!

1. We're aware of an occasional issue where a free agent will sign for a totally inappropriate AI club, this is under review at the moment and something we're definitely looking to fix.

2. This is something we'll have a look into, presumably the reason for the back-to-back premiership matches was that one of them was rearranged due to a fixture clash? Regarding friendlies, the option that currently exists is for your assistant to take care of actually managing the friendly matches - we already have a feature request in for the user to be able to arrange/cancel them and it's something we hopefully might see in the future.

3. We're aware of some glitches in the 2D and we're definitely looking to iron as many of them out as possible. The bunched players is one in particular that bugs me!

Again, thanks - and good to hear that you're otherwise enjoying the game! :D

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