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Back to the Future: Alternate Reality America


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George McFly was a pushover, constantly mocked, and has a shoddy life, while Biff stole everything from him. All it took was some time traveling to reverse the course of time. And that is what I plan to do. Through the flux capacitor and the Football Editor 2012, I have traveled back in time and created another reality. In this history, Harvard doesn't build a stadium which prevents the kicking-game from taking off, US Congress temporarily bans American Football in the early 20th century due to deaths, the great Soccer War is averted and baseball team owners and industrial leaders take the hit on Black Friday and support soccer teams as well. In essence, the thousands if not tens of thousands of football clubs that have graced the many playing fields of America are left in tact and prosper in their regional leagues and a new history is written filled with the beautiful game being played by millions.

tl;dr Using several sources I am creating an American database taking an era in American sports where soccer was #2 behind baseball and continuing it to the present day where it became #1 in the 80's. This database will feature historical chronicled teams along with some imagination of the what-if variety. The teams will remain regional up until the 60's with the advent of the NASL, and later the 90's with MLS.

Right now I'm in the research and basic creation phase and I plan to have this database out by April 1st.


-Create as many known teams as possible, then create additional teams if need be (In Progress Currently in the 1880's)

-Create as many known competitions as possible, then create other competitions

-Create a history of the entire system and its development

-Create players, records, derbies, winners, stadiums, Awards and cities

-Organize clubs by reputation formula

-Sort Clubs into the leagues and competitions


-debug until clean

-Create more media

-Edit international history

Known Alternate history

As I have come to realize, had this alternate reality occurred, America would be a dominate force on the international stage. I plan on assessing this by pretending America was like England in the early 20th century where they refused to play in the World Cup and then I'll use the policy US's Olympic program, sent amateurs to play in the later events. I will however change the history post 1998. In 2002, America will make the finals where they lose to Brazil only because this


won't happen. 2006 and 2010 are seen let downs keeping with actual history, leading to present day.

Now some questions for you the reader (Please note this will change through time)

-Derbies: the oldest Derby in America is the Taunton Derby in 1857, yet I cannot go beyond 1900 in dates, is there any way to change that?

-History: if anyone has significant historical data in terms of American and Canada, please contact me. While the databases and books I am accessing are extremely valuable, they are only limited by the lack of records the nations kept of the game. If you happen to know of a book or a website I could use it would be greatly appreciated.

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Teams in Rep order

Fall River Marksmen

Bethlehem Steel F.C.

DC United

Los Angeles Galaxy

New York Cosmos

New York Red Bulls

Chicago Fire

Seattle Sounders FC

Houston Dynamo

Columbus Crew

Portland Timbers

Real Salt Lake

San Jose Earthquakes

Sporting Kansas City

New England Revolution

Football Club Dallas

Brooklyn Celtic

New Bedford Whalers

Philadelphia Union

Fall River Rovers

Fall River United

Colorado Rapids

CD Chivas USA

Central Breweries FC (Shamrocks)

Philadelphia German-Americans

Brooklyn Hispano

Kearny Scots

Philadelphia Nationals

Tampa Bay Rowdies

Richmond Kickers

Fort Lauderdale Strikers

Greek American Atlas Astoria

Rochester Rhinos


Brooklyn Hakoah

St. Louis Scullin Steel

Chicago Sparta

Kearney Clarks ONT

Dallas-Fort Worth Tornados

Chicago Sting

Charleston Battery

Orlando City Soccer Club

New York Apollo

Austin Aztex

AC St. Louis

Atlanta Chiefs

Hershey Wildcats

Baltimore Canton Soccer Club

Los Angeles Aztecs

St. Louis Kutis Soccer Club

Paterson True Blues


Fore River Shipbuilding Company Stars

Brooklyn Italians

New York Generals

Atlanta Silverbacks

West Hudson Athletic Club

Baltimore Bays

St. Louis Vesper Buick

Elizabeth Soccer Club

Harrisburg City Islanders

Carolina Dynamo

Wilmington Hammerheads

Chattanooga FC

Crystal Palace Baltimore

Boston Minutemen

Ajax Orlando

Los Angeles Wolves

Brooklyn Dry Dock United

Brooklyn Field Club

St. Louis Stars

Philadelphia Atoms

Kansas City Spurs

San Diego Sockers

Miami Fusion

Clark Athletic Association

St. Leo Football Club

Cleveland City Stars

Fall River East Ends

Centreville Athletic Club

Washington Diplomats

Brooklyn Knights

Charlotte Eagles

Pittsburgh Riverhounds

Arizona Sahuaros

Cincinnati Riverhawks

Boston Wonder Workers

Rochester Lancer

Ben Millers

El Paso Patriots

Newark Caledonians

Dallas Rockets

Dayton Dutch Lions

Hollywood United Football Club

Long Island Rough Riders

Miami Toros

Pawtucket Olympics

Fall River Olympics

Fort Lauderdale Sun

Mississippi Brilla Futbol Club

Michigan Bucks

Reading United Athletic Club

Carolina RailHawks

Brooklyn Wanderers

Cape Code Crusaders

New England Tea Men

Detroit Express

Houston Hurricanes

Tulsa Roughnecks

New York Giants Soccer Club

New York Nationals

Kearny Celtic

Dallas Mean Green

Diston Athletic Association

Narragansetts Football Club

Missouri Athletic Club

Soccer Club Eintracht

California Surf

Ukrainian Sports Club New York

New York Hungaria

New York Hota Soccer Club

San Fransico Seals

Minnesota Stars Football Club

Bavarians Soccer Club Milwaukee

Denver Dynamos

Memphis Rogues

German-Hungarian Soccer Club

Elizabeth Falcons

New York Skyliners

St. Louis Shamrocks

Worcester United

Atlanta Hyenas

Shawsheen Indians Football Club

Las Vegas Quicksilver

Portland Hibernians

Hoboken-Union United Football Club

Newark Tiffany Rovers

Kearney Rangers

Milwaukee Rampage


Paterson Silk Sox

Bellows Fall RS

Howard & Bullough Football Club


Team Hawaii

Memphis Express

Pawtucket Rangers

Pawtucket Free Wanderers

Fall River County St.

Fall River Lindsay St.

Newark Ukrainian Sitch

Fall River Chelsea Football Club

Deutscher Fussball Club Newark

Connecticut Bicentennials

Niagara Falls Rangers

Nashville Metros

Chicago Football Club

St. George United

The New York Athletic Club

Olneyville-Thornton United

San Antonio Scorpions

Boston Irish Football Club

Washington Darts

Trenton United

California Sunshine

New York Football Club

Des Moines Menace

Philadelphia Football Club

Detroit City Football Club

Chicago Englishmen

Chicago Irishmen

New York Shamrock Club

New York Thistles

Willamette Valley Firebirds

Panama City Pirates

Detroit Mustangs

Newark Almas

Indiana Invaders Football Club

Pumas FC

Boulder Nova (u23)

Rio Grande Valley Ocelots FC

Los Angeles Blues

Fredericksburg Gunners

Seacoast United Phantoms

Brooklyn Clover Hill Football Club

Myrtle Beach Seadawgs

Trenton Football Club

Ocean City Football Club

Chicago Railroad Athletic Association

Houston Rink Football Club

Chicago Northwesterns

Chicago Wanderers

Vermont Voltage

Jersey City-Wayne Athletic Club

Philadelphia Irish Nationalists

Kitsap Pumas

Washington Whips

Morris County Colonials

San Francisco Team

St. Louis Football Club

Washington Cavaliers

Denver Football Club

Jersey City Club

Los Angeles Heat

Philadelphia Spartans

Utah Blitz

Hartford Town Team

Reno Town Team

Los Angeles Heroe

Los Angeles Heroes

Colorado City Football Club

St. Louis Stars

Omaha Football Club

Providence Football Club

Waukesha Town Club

West Jordan Lower Branch Ward

Taunton Northside Main Streets

Philadelphia Fury

Ann Arbor Town Team

Nyack-Norwood Football Club

Iowa City Town Team

Philadelphia Field Club

Junior Lone Star FC

Boston Metros

Atlanta Express

Exeter Town Team

Atlanta Magic

Washington Mustangs

Los Angeles Misioneros

Galveston Team

Boston Astros

Miami Breakers

San Antonio Soccer Club

Detroit Cougars

Philadelphia Freedom

Butte Rink Football Club

Brainerd Football Club

Freeport Football Club

Buffalo Football Club

Baltimore Cottage Football Club

Wilmington Knights of the Red Branch

Atchison Team

Atlanta FC

Blau-Weiss Gottschee Soccer Club

Kansas City YMCA

New York Dauntless

Atlanta Blackhawks

New York Irish Nationalists

Cincinnati Benedicts

New Orleans St Joseph's Association

College Point Soccer Club

Pfaelzer Football Club

Swiss FC

South Germans

Prag FC


Schwaben Soccer Club


Kopling Soccer Club

East Los Angeles Cobras


Milwaukee First Ward

Charlottesville English Team

Istrian Soccer Club

Kollsman Soccer Club


Schlesier Soccer Club


Franze Sigel

Empire City Club

Inter-Guiliana Soccer Club

Arbiter Spiel Verien

Boise City Owyhees

Schenectady Soccer Club

New Britain Boys

San Diego Nomads

Springfield Team

Prager FC

Williamsburg Arcadians Football Club

Williamsburg Oxfords Football Club

Detroit Wheels

Detroit Arsenal

Elyria Town Team

New York Riversides

New York Westside Rovers

Lithuanian Athletic Club

Magyar Soccer Club

Blue Star Soccer Club

Pueblo Football Club

BW Gottschee

Ventura Team

Hellenic Soccer Club

American Czechoslovak

French Soccer Club

Middletown Town Team

New Bedford North Ends

Malden Football Club

Duluth Football Club

Nuova Italia SC

New Yor Latvian Soccer Club

Niagara Football Club

Burlington North Hill Football Club

Salem Town Team

Jefferson Football Club

Lawrence Football Club

Holyoke Team

Chester Town Team

Richmond Caledonians

Deutscher Soccer Club Brooklyn

Westfield Team

1st SC Vienna

Paterson Caledonian

Ashton Football Club

Worcester Emmett

Dover Firebrick Makers

Brooklynites Football Association

Hatikvoh Football Club

Marion Town FC

New York Inter

Indiana Town Team

Haledon Soccer Club

Wheeling Capital Club

St. Albans Town Team

Coventry Droege Foundry

Lincoln Rovers

Pali Blues

New York Pilgrims

San Francisco Bay Diablos

St. Paul Twin Stars

Logansport Northsides

Ansonia Football Club

Sandyville Fireclay Miners

Rushville Huskies

Dalmatinac SC

North Grafton Football Club

Wyoming Football Club

Huntingdon Football Club

Newark Germans

Braytonville Football Club

Las Vegas Blues & Whites

Gonzales Town Team

Antrim Football Club

Muskingum Farmers Club

Lockland Football Club

Deutsche Eiche

Concordia Soccer Club

East Liverpool Football Club

Wiener Sports Club (NY)

Hatian Stars

Bedford Team

Irvington Team

Denver Kickers

Border City Football Club

Houston Stars

SC Doxa

Giuliana Soccer Club

Independence Town Team

Walpole Football Club

Houston Alianza Internacional

Aledo Team

Malta ST

New York Caledonians

New York Croatia

Davenport Hibernians

Olympiacos Soccer Club

Arax AFA

Banatul Soccer Club

Sunset Park

San Antonio Thunder

GH Metros

Cincinnati City Team

Hempstead-Brooklyn Nassaus

New York Emmett Club

Hella Cyprus

Queens United

Sporting Club Gjøa

Homenetmen of New York

Danbury Caledonians

Tatran Soccer Club

New Orleans Football Club

Oakland Golden Gate Club

Germania Soccer Club

California Victory

Adriatic Soccer Club

Brooklyn Eagles

Yorkville Hungaria

St. Louis Athletic Club

Paraguay Brooklyn

Queens Bohemians

Vllaznimi Soccer Club

Syracuse First Ward Soccer Club


Providence Wanderers

Paterson Football Club

River Point Vale of Clyde Football Club

Swiss Football Club

South Worcester Football Club

Brooklyn International

Malsia Soccer Club

Mladost SC

South Providence Football Club

Newark Portuguese

West Jordan Middle Branch Ward

Taunton Southside Main Streets

Springfield Polo Football Club

New Brunswick Turnverein

Springfield Football Club


New York MacDonald


Rumija Soccer Club

German-American Athletic Club

San Antonio Pumas

Yugoslavia Soccer Club

Ridgewood Italians

Trenton Highlanders

Springfield Alphas

Liberty Soccer Club

Association Football Club Rapid

New York Gentlemen's FC

Lynn Football Club

Faith Soccer Club

College Point Red

LDK Kosova

Astoria Gaels

KFK Eagles

St. Matthew's Football Club

Krimean Turkish Soccer Club

Colorado Comets

Colorado Foxes

New Orleans Hibernians

Chicago Fire Premier

Fall River Old Roads

Turkish United

Fall River Main Streets

Trenton Delaware

New York Dinamo

Shamrock Soccer Club

Yonkers Soccer Club

Burlington South Hill Football Club

Chicopee Fall Ames

Chicopee Falls

Sunnyside Genclik

Serbia SC

Brooklyn Stars

Barnstonworth Rovers FC

Blackpool Soccer Club

Danish Athletic Club

Decatur Young Boys

New Orleans Bernards

Holy Cross Soccer Club

Cincinnati Comets

Galveston Football Club

St. Louis Hibernians

Koha Soccer Club

Gotham Football Club

Brooklyn Thunder FC

United Bulgaria

Little Three Manhattan


Newark Arcadians

Newark Canadian

Olympic Soccer Club

Richmond Hibernians

Olympiacos St. Louis

Viking Soccer Club

Bean Hill Rangers

Sportfriends Passaic

St. Louis Clan-NA-Gaels

St. Louis Emeralds



Stal Mielec Football Club

East St. Louis

Baltimore Rockets

Berkeley Football Club

New York Partizani Football Club

Chicago Inferno SC

Indiana Football Club

Paterson Thistles

Sporting Astoria

Soccer Club New York

Hartford North

Hartford South

Wheeling Team

Football Klub 81

Olneyville Olympics

Lonsdale FC

Baltimore Mt. Vernon Football Club

Frosinone Met Oval Football Club

Korona Bay Ridge Football Club

Zenit Football Club

Athletiko Football Club

Maltese Dolphins Football Club

Argo Silver

Club Espana

Denver Cougars

Logansport Ninth Streets

East Baltimore Football Club

MTA Rangers

Bronx United

West New York Soccer Club

Olean Clippers

Club Deportivo Iberia

Killsman Soccer Club

Albany Soccer Club


Bronx International Sporting Club

St. Dominic Soccer Club

Palmyra Unions

North Brookfield Polo Football Club

Bellows Falls

Bridgeport City Soccer Club

Irish Americans Athletic Club

Pawtucket Lorraines

New York City Albania

Jersey City Celtics

Ridgewood Soccer Club

Guyana Veterans

Stamford United

Nag's Head United

Fall River St. Patricks

Jersey City Liberties

Fall River Rangers

Fall River Tower Street Rangers

Fall River Tremonts

Lake Superior Union Jacks

Calabria New Rochelle

White Plains Soccer Club


Trenton Athletics

New Orleans Gunslingers

New Orleans Hunters

Newark Falcos

Nassau Steuben

Manhattan Center

Landsdowne Bhoys


Kansas City Brass

Oceanside United

St. Louis Jacksons

St. Louis Westerns

Minerva Soccer Club

Roma Soccer Club

Central Park Rangers Football Club

Solas Football Club

St. Barnabas

South Norwalk

Trenton Americans

FC Japan

Fiona's Football Club

Roosevelt Island International

Flamengo Soccer Club

Worcester Electrical Club


Manhattan Celtic

Magura Soccer Club


Wheeling Arion Society

South Providence Villas

Woodlawn Rovers

Fullerton Rangers

Providence Athletics

Paterson Rangers

McCormick's FC

Rockefeller Football Club

Chile Football Club

VIA Brazil

Sprinfield YMCA

Springfield Athletic Club

Hartford Soccer Club

Columbus Magic

Rushville Taters

Rochester Flash

Turkish Soccer Club

Syracuse Scorpions

North Adams Blackinton

St. Louis Mules

Eight Mile Creek Football Club

Scala Brazil

Newark Football Club

New York's Finest

Gotham Argo

Yonkers-Schwaben Soccer Club

St. Teresa's Football Club

Central Florida Lionhearts

Buffalo Blizzard


Sacramento Gold

Franklin Square Lions

Columbus Club

Salt Lake Sting

Tacoma Tide FC

Pennsylvania Stoners

VV Nieuw Amsterdam

Oakland Buccaneers

Turkish-American Soccer Club

Cincinnati Kings

Pawtucket Dexter Street Rovers

Pawtucket Laurel Hills

Pawtucket Leurys

Dallas Lightning

Columbia Athletic Club

Rock Church Football Club


Bedford Hills

Compton Hills


Trenton Independents Team

Trenton International Team

San Diego Flash


Jersey Falcons

Paterson Wilberforce

Trenton Eagle Potter Company

Trenton Knights of Labor*

San Diego Pumitas

Ludlow Lusitano

Fall River North Ends

Silver Lake


Oklahoma City Stampede

Fall River Bowenville

Fall River Flint

Austin Lonestars

Newark Soccer Club

Malden Polo Football Club

Fall River Barnaby Mills

Fall River Canonicuts

Fall River Mechanics

Fall River Merry Boys

Fall River Osbornes

Fall River Parks

Mt. Kisco Soccer Club

Indiana Blast

Jersey City Soccer Club

Fall River Allarounds

Fall River Harrisons

Fall River McLaughlins

Fall River Pilgrims

Fall River Pleasant Street Rovers

Fall River Pleasant Views

Fall River Shrove Wanderers

Fall River Wamsuttas

Oak Grove Gramblers

Trenton Grocut Football Club

Trenton Harmony Football Club

Trenton Mart Football Club

Union County Soccer Club

San Diego Gauchos

Greenport United

Las Vegas Strikers

Galveston Sinclair Polo Football Club

Sockers FC Chicago

Belmont Soccer Club

Phoenix Monsoon

Oklahoma City Warriors

Spring Valley SC

Georgia Generals

Rhode Island Oceaneers

West Fitchburg

Albuquerque Outlaws

Columbus Xoggs

Baltimorans Football Club

Atlantic City Diablos

Baltimore Young Americans

Sharps Rifilemen Football Club

Amarillo Challengers

Bayonne Jersey F.C.

San Diego United

Ashton Rovers

Ashton Hornets

Lubbock Tornado

Kingston Soccer Club

San Diego Boca FC

Gary Tigers

Wheeling Island Club

Union Lancers

Clarkstown Soccer Club

Queen City FC

River Point Clydes

Tulsa Renegades

Tucson Amigos

Saylesville Football Club

Arkansas Diamonds

FC Indiana

Indianapolis Braves FC

Anaheim Splash

Saylesville Glenirons

Wichita Blue

Kearny Arlington

Logansport Clippers

New Jersey Eagles

New Bedford Celtics

Bayonne Babcock & Wilcox

Albany Admirals

West New York Burns Club

Jersey Shore Boca

Olean Excelsiors

FC Buffalo

Silver Lake Arizona

Silver Lake Madrid

St. Albans Clerks

East Bay Red Riders

Taunton City Football Club

Bradenton Academics (U17)

Springfield Americans

Dayton Dynamo

Hoboken Football Club 1912

Chattanooga Express

St. Louis Knights

Kearny Athletic Club

Kearny Stars

Bridgeport Hungaria

Austin Lightning

Lexington Bandits

Hawaii Tsunami

St. Louis Knights

Virginia Beach Mariners

Hudson Valley

Mobile Revelers

Polonia Soccer Club

Jersey City Football Club

FC JAX Destroyers

Raleigh Flyers

Kearny Americans

West Michigan Edge

West Michigan Edge

Westchester United

Staten Island Vipers

Fresno Fuego

River City Rovers

Inland Empire Panteras

Tucson Fireballs

Colorado Springs Stampede

Los Angeles Salsa

New York Freedom

San Gabriel Valley Highlanders

Twin Cities Phoenix

Rockford Raptors

Spokane Shadow

Bergen Kickers

Kearny Federal Ship Athletic Association Soccer Club

Cascade Surge

Omaha Flames

Wichita Falls Fever

Holyoke Falcos

New Orleans Jesters

Stanislaus County Cruisers

Eau Claire Aris FC

Columbiana FC

St. Louis Lawyers

Charm City FC

New City

Permian Basin Shooting Stars

Alley Boys Football Club

Northen Nevada Aces

Bakersfield Brigade

Sacramento Knights

Knoxville Force

Real Santa Barbara

Laredo Heat

Connecticut Wolves

St. Louis Strikers

St. Louis Strikers

San Francisco Stompers FC

Delaware Wizards

Grand Rapids Alliance

Madison 56ers

Salinas Valley Samba

Fort Wayne Fever

Palo Alto Firebirds

Sayles Football Club

Sioux Falls Spitfire

Richmond Futures

Augusta Fireball United

Kalamazoo Kingdom

Jersey Express S.C.

California Gold

Boston Victory S.C.

Syracuse Salty Dogs FC

St. Louis Lions

Fairfield United

Everett Bigfoot

Harrison Football Club

Baton Rouge Capitals

Cary Clarets

Santa Cruz Surf

Boston Bulldogs

Maryland Bays

Shasta Scorchers

Chico Rooks

Lafayette Swamp Cats

Springfield Demize

Spokane Spiders

Yakima Reds

Sioux City Breeze

FC Tulsa

Lancaster Rattlers

Rocket City United

Orangetown Athletic Club

Long Island United

Roanoke Wrath

Portland Phoenix

New Hampshire Mountaineers

Jersey Dragons

Fort Lauderdale Schulz Academy

AFC Cleveland

New Jersey Stallions

Northern Arizona Prospectors

Rio Grande Valley Bravos Football Club

Palm Beach Pumas

New Jersey Rangers

Montclair Standard Falcons

Worcester Hydra

United Rocklanders

Southern California Fusion

Greenville Lions

Chesapeake Dragons

Santa Barbara Sharks

Ventura County Fusion

New City Pueblo

Delaware Dynasty

North Jersey Imperials

Nevada Wonders

Southern California Seahorses

Rochester Thunder

Northern Virginia Royals

Idaho Wolves

Real Shore Football Club

West Virginia Chaos

Real Maryland Football Club

Erie Admirals Soccer Club

Real Colorado Foxes

Thunder Soccer Club

Ogden Outlaws

Long Island Academy

Western Mass Pioneers

Lancaster Inferno

Central Jersey Riptide

Lido USA Soccer Club

Mass United FC

Wisconsin Rebels

Saturn Field Club

Texas Dutch Lions

New Haven Italians

New Haven Portuguese

Southern Oregon Fuego

SC Nutmeggers

Connecticut FC Azul

Rhode Island Reds F.C.

Ocala Stampede

Galveston Pirate SC

Waterbury Portuguese

Innocents Soccer Club

AC Crusaders

FC Hasental

Maine Sting

Central Jersey Spartans

Greater Binghamton Futbol Club

Quad City Eagles

Hamden Conte Soccer Club

New Haven Cosmos

Hartford Cavaliers

Wallingford New Haven United

New Haven Americans

Orange Soccer Club

Waterbury Soccer Club

Fredericksburg Hotspur

Milford Tuesday

Fairfield Celtic

West Haven

Cheshire Soccer Club

Johnny Doyle Football Club

Riverside Football Club

Eastern Football Club

Hellenic Strikers

Stamford Jaws

Stamford Jars

St. Basil's Lions


Olympia Soccer Club

Mississippi Storm

Wallingford Bolios Soccer Club

Orange 3 Brothers

Fairfield InterSporting

Ponte Landolfo

Wall Street

Wolfe Tones Sports Club

Gartner Group

Hamden United

Myrtle Beach FC

Waterury Albanians

Wallingford Aniellos

Wallingford Portuguese

Pocono Snow

United Indoor

American Intenational

Club Peru

Vesubio Football Club

Thunder Football Club

Black Eagles

Connecticut Internationals

White Eagles Soccer Club

Knights of Haller Post

Clinton Soccer Club

West Haven Savin Rockers

Bridgeport Friday Knights

Glastonbury Soccer Club

General United

Ukrainian Lions Football Club

Equador Sports Club

Greenwich Rhinos

Red Star Stamford

Guilford Soccer Club

Waterbury Cabo Verde

Baltimore Bohemians

Wallingford Achilles

Polonia Stamford

New Canaan United

FC Vandalay

Connteticutt United

Greenwich Arsenal

Norwalk International

Sporting Football Club

Temple Football Club

World Class Soccer

Warriors Football Club

North Branford

Madison Thistle

Cheshire Azzuri

Celtic Old Boys Soccer Club

Madison AFC

Guilford Jaguars

Greenwich Pumas

Middletown Soccer Club

Norwalk Napoli


United Nations Football Club

Sol de America

Stamford Football Club

FC Conneticutt



Hamden Hawks

Bristol Italians

Yale International of Cheshire

Riverside Pincharratas

Wallingford Trout Brook

Mansfield Soccer Club

Windsor United

Danbury United

Derby New Old Boys

Stratford United

Lubi Brookfield

Norwalk Mariners

West Haven Peru

Newington Portugues

Colchester Soccer Club

Trumbull United

Derby Marios

Newtown Salty Dogs

Ridgefield Kicks

Bloomfield United

Waterford Soccer Club

Naugatuck River Rats

Westpost Football Club

Litchfield County Blues

Vasco da Gama CC

Terryville Soccer Club

Woodbridge Elite

Buxmont Torch

South Germans II

Swiss FC II

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Setup for the pyramid


Major League Soccer

North American Soccer League

United Soccer League

United Soccer League East-United Soccer League West

New England Soccer League-Metropolis League-Capital League-Sun Coast League-Ohio Valley League-Windy Metro League-Upper Lakes League-League of the Missouri Valley--Cascadia League-Rockies League-Desert League-Lone Star League-League of the Plains-Baja League-Hollywood League-Bay League-Pacific League

Fall River League

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I haven't perused this site myself, but the guy who runs it is Canada's foremost historian of soccer in Canada: http://www.canadiansoccerhistory.com/

I have seen Mr. Jose's site, and I know he has a book out there somewhere and I plan to get my hands on it. Sadly his site isn't as detailed as http://homepages.sover.net/~spectrum/ and several of Mr. Allaway's texts

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Yeah. I don't know how much is available easily, unfortunately. I wanted to add some historical Canadian clubs to my database, but I kept things pretty rudimentary... wikipedia was a decent source for club names, but beyond that, not much else.

Are you creating your database in the normal editor? If so, are you planning on creating a Canadian cup? You might run into problems qualifying a Canadian team for the Champions League.

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Nice work. it seems you have lot of work to do.

I also was doing a USA pyramid system league, but life got in the way. But I will do as well research to make detail as possible as well.

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Added more teams, 162 new teams, with school it takes a while, but I've developed a formula to help create reputations, attendance, and max attendance

It also looks like there will be state leagues, and potentially city leagues (NYC, Fall River, St. Louis)

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This is fascinating.

One little request though. Could you upload two versions of this when it's done? One with USA becoming a better NT (and 2002 finalist) and one without changing anything with the national team etc? Assuming of course that it'd be your last step before launching the complete version, I don't see it as a huge request :)

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Will these teams replace the original MLS Teams?

No, MLS teams will remain and the structure will be based around the idea that soccer was very regional, attempted to nationalize in the 70's, and nationalized again in 1996. Certain teams like Fall River Marksmen and Bethlehem Steel FC will be top flight, but most modern clubs will be higher up.

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Wow this looks incredible. How will it affect the mosern day U.S. national team though. will all the real players like donovan etc be there. You'd think that if "Soccer" had been the most popular sport in America for the last 100 years then players like Donovan would probably not be able to get into the National Side and many of the best players in the world would be American and the MLS would probably be the strongest league in the world.

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A few teams I didn't see:

CD Mexico/El Farolito, 1993 US Open Cup winners, merged with SF Bay Diablos in 1994 & 95. You got the Diablos...good work...i was the GK.

San Francisco Greek Americans, US Open Cup winners

San Jose Oaks, US Open Cup winners

San Francisco Scots, the oldest, continuous Soccer Club in the USA until they folded in 2007

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If anyone is interested, I am attempting this myself on FM 12. I'm not using as many teams njndrirish has listed, just the major ones and those I could find wiki pages for. It'll be at least 5 tiers- an American Premier League (16 teams), an American National League (20 teams), North, East, South, and West conferences (about 15 teams apiece), then regional divisions and league under that. Right now I have listed all the teams I want to use and am sorting them into their present day divisions. From there I'll have to start creating individual team and division histories. And then I'll crack open the editor to start the grueling process of reediting everything in the US database. Again if anyone is interested, I'll keep posting.

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