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FM 2013 - Player Press Conferences

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I can't believe I've only just had this idea!

I noticed after every England game, one of the players comes out and talks to the press about well they have/haven't played. Players usually talk before the games as well. I was thinking that this would be a good idea to bring into club football. You are asked by your clubs media spokesman (I'd imagine every club has one) as to which player you would like to be interviewed by the press before each game. Your Ass Man could give you indications as to which he feel would be appropriate. After the game you will again be asked to provide a player to speak to the media. Here you could choose the Man Of The Match (or highest rated player for that game), throw your promising youngster to the lions to gain media experience, your captain, vice-captain or point blank refuese any of your squad to attend (some managers such as Fergie have been known to do this). This would help you build up a relationship with the media and your players could help influence the morale of your squad (either good or bad). Ask yourself if you was managng Man City, would you let Ballotelli speak to the press after a narrow 2-1 defeat at the hands of United or would you trust your captain Kompany? I think this would be a nice little feature for future games. Any thoughts?

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Not a bad idea in itself but I don't feel the media side of things adds anything of value to the game so I personally would rather the game was developed in other areas.

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As it stands at the moment, I agree. The media side of the game offers very little. Rarely can it destroy or vastly improve morale but it does make small increases/decreases. I think the media side of the game needs a lot more work on it. The match engine is certainly the best it's been since FM started using 3-D and other than tweaking certain things here and there I can't think of too much else to improve.

I think the media issue can be improved in a number of ways.

1) Add players to attend press conferences with the manager or inconjunction with the manager

2) More questions in general

3) More questions about other clubs and other clubs players

4) More questions about off field issues such as money, player behaviour, player training (late, fighting with colleague etc...)

5) Build better relationships. The ability to ban certain journalists/news agencies from attendign press conferences or not speaking to them. This could lead to more negative stuff coming out in the press or perhaps even lies such as you've fallen out with star player. Perhaps you have a certain jouranlist who you prefer to give breaking news too helping to build a positive relationship to help your club in the public eye.

6) The ability to comment on club finances, training facilities, youth facilities and scouting options.

Of course as usual, this can all be turned off or left to your Ass Man to deal with for those that cannot be bothered. Whether people like it or not, media coverage of football is massive IRL and as such should be included in the game. It is an essential part of a managers job, therefore we should (or should I say SI should) stive to improve it dramatically from it's current state.

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It needs improvement one way or the other and if SI are going to look at this area then I'm all for your ideas.

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