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SO in the first leg i win 6-3....

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im pretty confident going into the second leg in the champions league semi final that i will be going through...

my team had other ideas


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so i think ok lets make some changes at 3-0 down just because they were ******* me off....

so i replace the guy whos on 5.4 and his replacement decides to get sent off 4 mins into his game!!!!


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im scared to continue the match :(

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Not one to shout conspiracy but its amazing how common it can be for the AI to get the exact result needed to turn around a heavy first leg defeat. Its happened to me more than once. I won a Carling Cup semi first leg 6-2 and then my team decided to collapse in the 2nd leg and I lost 5-1.

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i know what you mean but i just thought it was a bit ridiculous for them to get 3 goals and a sending off for me all within 25 mins of the start of the match. and this is the best team in the world!!! its full of argentine superstars who i will be leading to world cup glory in june and i thought champions league would be the best way to set that all up....

how wrong was i, but at least i won the spanish league for the 6th time in a row lol

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