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FHMi 2012 Ios player positions

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as I'm involved in the research I'm a bit sad to see that so many players can play on so many positions and even have more then one position as natural.

i made a check on a random player "James Dance" ( ID 5004051)

He have in FM2012

right midfielder as natural and right wing as Accomplished

but on the Ios version of 2012 he have:

right midfielder natural

right wing Accomplished

Central mid Accomplished

Attacking mid Accomplished

centre forward Accomplished

right forward Accomplished

left mid unconvincing

left wing unconvincing

left forward unconvincing

left back

right back

centre back awkward

I don't know the exact rating of his positions in the Db but clearly the Ios version don't use the same code/values for what should be shown in the game...

if needed i can take a Swedish player that I have in my DB and show the exact values entered in the DB.

please look at this. needs to be sorted for an update.

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a other example is James Keene in Elfsborg.

FM2012 shows him as

AC = Natural

In my DB he have

SC =20

AML =14

AMC =10

AMR= 15

ML =10

MC =5

MR= 10

the rest = 1

On the Ios version of 2012

he have

Centre Forward natural

Attacking mid Accomplished

right wing Accomplished

right forward Accomplished

left wing competent

left forward Competent

left mid unconvincing

Central mid unconvincing

right midfielder unconvincing

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Its not a bug per-se - its a design restriction because of the difference in platform between the games.

The reason for this is simply that FM PC has far more memory available to store the game database in so stores a seperate CHAR variable (8 bits) for each player position - FMH doesn't have as much memory available so instead stores a smaller set of positions and 'maps' them across to give the displayed positions for a player.

Thus anyone who has 'center' set in the FMH database can play in a central position for all roles (ie. defender, midfielder, striker) - its not ideal but in the main is reasonably sane for the majority of players.

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