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FM Fanzone - New FM Fansite Coming Soon!

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Now I know that there is a FM Fansite Sub forum where this probably should be posted, but if I’m honest I never knew it was there until earlier today and I have been on these forums for several years! If the Mods wish to move this thread then I will be happy for them to do so, we just wanted to get as many of you guys as possible interested in FM-Fanzone in some sort of way!


Upload images, share videos, tell us all about your FM Career and so much more!

What is FM Fanzone? Well for a start it’s not just your typical Football Manager Fansite. Yes it still has lots of awesome content, tons of downloads and a great community. However it does something different, it has a main focus, and that focus is you!

You see, we realised after years of playing Football Manager what the most important thing is, and it’s you, the Manager!

Ferguson, Mourinho and Wenger have all had their time, now it’s your turn!

Create your profile using your in game information and then instantly update others with your career progress and highlights. Tell us your story, by going in depth with detailed analysis or keep it brief and focus on that one thing that you love the most, playing Football Manager!

Share videos and screenshots, add friends, follow others on their path to glory, create challenges and get involved in the forums. FM Fanzone really does let you, the Manager be in complete control!

It’s all completely up to you!

FM-Fanzone is in its final stages of development and is coming very soon. That being said we don't want to spoil all the surprises that we have in store for you! So if you are interested in finding out more then head on over to FM-Fanzone and we will give you a sneak peek of whats to come!

Hope that you guys come and join us...


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