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To do with transfers and contracts....

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They are simply messed up. I haven't complained with agents demanding 4-5 million on a 10 million transfer, 18 year olds refusing to sign a contract for less than 10k a week no matter how [snip] they are, but what just happened tops it all and leaves my mind boggled.

SO, its December of 2013. I'm playing as Manchester United. Stevan Jovetic is on my shortlist and I notice that Zaragoza put in a bid for him. Seeing as I could use some firepower up front, my scouts rate him highly, and I have money to spend, I decide to have a go. Zaragoza had a 36.5M plus clauses bid accepted so I bid 40M over 48 months. My offer is accepted and his agent demands 175k per week. I offer 110, 120, 130, and finally he agrees to 160k per week and 17.5k appearance and goal bonuses and nearly 8M in agent and sign on fees. Whatever, he is a good player, so money well spent. Fiorentina are first in Serie A and he is the top scorer, and he has the highest rating. He will fit right into my team :D

SO, you can imagine my surprise when a couple of days later, I find out Jovetic has decided to sign for Zaragoza and rejected a contract offer from my Manchester United. He states that he is "impressed by their league position". Zaragoza are 5th in La Liga. Anyways, I thought maybe the [snip] offered him more money than me, and he's{snip}saying that he like their league position. However, in January, I check up on him and see that he is only getting 87K per week with 8.75 goal and app bonus. That is 87,000. Against the 160,000 I offered. HUHWHAT???

SO, lets see here:

Manchester United achievements since start of the game-

Premier League Champions 2012, 2013

Champions League Winner 2012, 2013

CWC 2012, 2013

ESC 2012, 2013

FA Cup 2012, 2013

Zaragoza- 0

16th in 2012 La Liga

8th in 2013 La Liga

But of course Jovetic is so dearly impressed by their league position [5th], and not so much with mine [1st]. He left 1st place Fiorentina, and rejected 1st place Manchester United, to sign for 5th place Zaragoza. They should welcome him with a banner that reads " Welcome to the UEFA Cup...hopefully next year!! :D"

Is this what the transfer system has come to? Please sort it out SI. These problems have been in the series for as long as I've been playing (2006). If this isn't fixed I will NOT be purchasing FM13.

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Ahh you thing you've seen it all but you haven't. LOL this just got completely ridiculous on a whole new level. So its January 10th, Granada from La Liga keeps bugging me about my central defend Ivan Ivanov. He is valued at 5.25M. They have been bugging me for that past year or so, even after I told them he will not be sold. They make another big and simply out the frustration of having to constantly reject their bids, I decide to negotiate it.

This is what I asked for:

200M up front

200M over 24 monts

200M after 1 league app

50% fee of next sale

1k buy back LOL you get the picture

Thinking this will stop their attempts, but low-and-behold they came back with a 613,000,000 pound bid.:eek::eek::eek: HE DOESN'T EVEN START!!!!! Gill has accepted the offer but I suspect they don't have that much money. Utter nonsense, I have no idea whats going on. Someone inform me how to post a screen shot and I will to prove I haven't tampered with the game and this isn't a wind up. They seriously made a 613 million pound big for one of my players. I will LMFAO if I buy the player back for 1k hahha.

But seriously.... what in the heck is going on??:confused:

EDIT: I just checked, the buy back price is 400M. That still leaves me with 213M profit for nothing if I decide to bring back my player.

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I know but thats just insane. Since when are clubs offering 600M for players? Anyone else having any issues with the transfer market, e.g. inflated prices, players requesting insane amounts, unrealistic transfers? I know I'm not alone on this one.

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Definitely post in the bugs forum, though I swear I've seen someone with this bug before.

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