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Russell Spooner

Terminating contracts FM12 Help !!

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You know when u click on certain dropdown menu's and the pop up box appears, asking if you would like to tick the box to not show the message again.

How do you undo that option? :confused:

I'm asking because i'm considering terminating some of the players contracts outright, but i can't see how much this is going to cost me now. Before i could click "release on a free" and it would say for example " Are you sure u wish to terminate the contract for 75k etc".

This is a right pain in the backside, previously i didn't care how much it was going to cost because i started my save as Man Utd, and they have an endless bankroll. Now though i have just started a save with Crewe and the finances are a bigger concern to me.

Any advice would be a real help. Thanks.

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Go to the preferences menu and tick the "reset disabled messages" option then confirm.

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