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Don't know if anyone else has noticed this but Beckham seems to have taken up a new career in retail


That's LA Galaxy's home stadia, but I see what you mean, Giacomo Kinnear. ^_^

All well and good you blotting out the name - but you left it on the breadcrumbs. ^_^

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LOL for the 2nd game in a row i finished with one less player and no strikers since both of my strikers got injured.

every striker i have under contract is injured and i've got a cl game coming up. have no idea whom i'm gonna put up front. i don't even have any strikers who have just light injuries...

thank god i signed that young dr and that young dl so i have someone to use as fullbacks :D

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This isn't funny screenshots based but i thought this would be more relevant than making a whole new thread.

Can anyone give me the link for the funny player names thread, i read it a while ago and it was hilarious, i've searched for ages but can't find it!

Any help would be appreciated.


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Na, the ref blew the whistle because that other player is offside.

Newcastle's major transfer spending spree.... In the Championship.


Is this a goal or did the ref almost screw me out of a victory?


The warmest Christmas ever?


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Wow, the 666 and the April Fools day screenshots are brilliant.

The funniest thing to happen on my FM recently is when William Gallas told me he dislikes William Gallas and wants to leave the team because of it.

Actually, it wasn't that funny because he was my captain at the time...

gallas is a funny character.

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The funny part isn't the score (although Genoa were absolutely awful against me, I think the game finished 6-0), but the fact that I'm apparently in a 10-on-3 counter-attacking situation...

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You have to be determined to keep going at 50 years old. I bought him of course :D and now my central defense has a combined age of 86. He's alright now we bought him a turbo charged mobility scooter (explains the reasonable pace, he also drives over opposition players), but he does tend to get cranky if he has to play an evening match since Wallgren's bedtime is at 8:30pm. The reason he's got a high stamina stat is because he gets coffee injected straight into his veins every 5 minutes.

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