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Gary Doherty is DC who can play at Striker

Which I always found weird that he was ever played there, as when he played for us he was our worst defender in an attacking sense.....if that makes sense, it is early!

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None of the people you have mentioned are "higher class" footballers.

Paul Warhurst was an immense player.

From Wiki..

Sheffield Wednesday

Sheffield Wednesday came in for Warhurst in the summer of 1991, for £750,000. He began his career at the club as a solid defender, but midway through his second season, injuries to David Hirst and Mark Bright saw Warhurst employed as an emergency striker. In a phenomenal sequence, he scored 12 goals in as many games, and after four years as a defender, was called up to the England national team as a striker. Warhurst was injured, however, and missed an opportunity to win his first cap. His scoring ratio inevitably slowed down, and when Hirst returned to action, Warhurst fell out with manager Trevor Francis, who wanted the player to return to defensive duties. In the summer of 1993, Warhurst was transfer-listed and left the club, having scored 18 goals in 88 games for Wednesday.

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Pique is about as 'higher class' as you can get. Granted, he doesn't play up front on a regular basis, but he can.

Gallas did too for Arsenal. but strangely, Sagna's the one with a rating at striker - must have played there as a youth or something. also Peter Crouch is an unconvincing CB (or at least he was before 10.3), but I've seen the AI manager actually convert and play him there regularly! didn't do too badly either... and Klaus Toppmoller actually got sacked from HSV for, among other things, playing Sergej Barbarez (a support striker) at centre back.

I agree though, there's no real top player who is accomplished or higher at both CB and ST.

I actually came in here to post this, which is somewhat relevant :)

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No surprise he missed with a name like that...


Whining is generally a bad idea but two players getting sent off in one minute in a freaking Champions League match?


Probably the reason he won the "World Footballer of the year" and "World Player of the year" awards but isn't good enough for the national team of either Ivory Coast or Germany


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Well, I played him up front (target man IIRC)

His DC stat's just competent

Then why the ... ???


Crouch : getting in TOTW at DC when you actually play up-front and only have DC rating of 'competent' is CLASS

Oh yeah.. I always knew he can pull anything outta his pocket, but THIS??


Modric : only hat-trick in a game won 2-0 is a REAL HAT-TRICK!!

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This one looked certainly a bug but I decided to post here instead, as it's just a farewell game for my FM10 and I'll just get over it.


McDonald Mariga, co-owned by Inter and now with Inter reserve squad, somehow he managed to sneak back and smashed my DC's face on my training ground? Impressive!!

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