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This guy caught my attention... probably not a big hit with the ladies :D

Smallwood he may be (not too handsome either tbh!) but judging by the stats he is a tall, muscular young man with boundless stamina and millions in the bank!

But then again he lives on Teesside so you're probably right.

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I find it amusing when someone didn't do a clean job. :)

Yup, seem that before in a previous version, Mr (Dean?) Shanks. Only once though.

I found the fact that he left D Shanks on the screen when he scrubbed the rest off funnier too. :D

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so i offer a contract to a player, and as it usually defaults to what they want, i just offered straight away.

he comes back and says he wants to negotiate, and says the length of the contract stinks (those were the words)

i go to negotiate, and i see what he means.


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Nothing wrong with that.

Player is happy with these words because it means the opposition manager saw him as a real threat.

I thought the same thing, but the player is transfer-listed, and not needed by his club. The words by Hdioudad (my Assistant Manager) aren't quite positive either, though.

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