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Morning all...

I bought FM2012 today but tbh I can't get into it at all :(

I am thinking of bringing it to a shop like CEX tmrw morning and selling it.

But for some strange reason I thought that I read somewhere that once you install in on your PC/Laptop then you won't be able to use it on another PC/laptop hence CEX wouldn't buy it.

Am I correct or just plane wrong with what I'm thinking???

I been on the CEX website and they are selling FM2012 on there and offering to buy it for 16 quid so I must be wrong in my assumptions but I would be grateful if anyone on here can confirm that selling it to CEX would not be a problem???



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You can't sell FM12 as It ties to your steam account, unless they don't know that in which case feel free to scam them out of money for nothing ;) But they will probably know that

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that's why I'm confused that CEX is buying and selling FM2012 on their website :-/
just checked cex websites out

fm2012 has (S) by it which means they only but it(and so sell it) when its sealed even if its brand new but unsealed they wont buy it

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AFAICT the only way to sell an used copy of FM would be:

1) having bought the boxed DVD version

2) having activated it via a one-off Steam account tied to a specific, non-personal, e-mail account

Still, you'd sell some of your personal informations via the e-mail account, unless you registered it under a fake name, but that's hardly legal anyway...

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